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Excerpt from Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy, page 31, by Allain Atienza

Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

By Allain Atienza

Page 31

Where the road met Osa’s farm Theodora took her leave of Beowulf’s company.

“There’s no time to waste,” she told them when they protested, “The killer may strike at the next full moon, and I haven’t yet found Grendel. Beowulf, you go on to Hrothgar and let him know you’ve arrived. We’ll meet with you at Heorot soon. He’s an ass so-“

“He’s a king isn’t he?” Beowulf said.

“As I was saying,” Theodora continued, “he’s a supreme ass, so I guess you’ll have to out-pompous him, or flatter him- he’ll respond to either.”

“Heh, don’t worry. I know how to deal with a king.”

“And please, if Hrothgar asks, you heard of his troubles and came on your own accord. I met you on the beach, but didn’t ask for you to come.”

Beowulf shook his head in amusement. “Still playing the mysterious Sigilind eh? Well, no need to worry mist girl, your secret is ever safe with us. Good luck Zorikh, drive her crazy!”

“Doing my best,” Zorikh joked back as he followed Theodora and watched the twelve warriors march away. “He’s a great guy! This is so cool! I actually met Beowulf and I can honestly say that he’s a great guy!”

“Hmmm. Don’t you let him charm you,” Theodora said, “he’s a great big boy. But I suppose you all are.”

They stopped at the farm briefly to let Osa and Guthild know that the wood was their next stop. Guthild practically forced a pair of cloaks upon them, and then they were off. Theodora explained to Zorikh that there was a fen within the wood, where the boggy ground would make it difficult for horsemen to search the area. She was certain that this was the closest place that Grendel could hide.

They reached the wood and hiked for a quarter of an hour, following a descending game trail until the ground turned soft and moist. The trees began to thin out and soon the few trunks around them grew out of shallow water. Before them lay the fen. Heedless of the sucking mud, Theodora plodded on until she reached a fallen tree. Climbing onto the slippery, moss covered trunk, she studied the hem of Guthild’s dress with distaste. “I’ll never hear the end of this,” she sighed. "Well, we might as well start. Grendel!” Zorikh looked about nervously, wondering if the creature would come even if he heard her. “Grendel!” she called again, “It’s Theodora! I know you’re innocent! Come out and meet me, something worse than Hrothgar’s warriors hunt you, and I’m here to see that you aren’t harmed!”

A familiar mocking voice called out from behind them.

“Something more wicked than Danes and thanes huh? I wonder who that prick could be?”

It was Jimothy Digo.

Zorikh turned as quickly as he could in the muck while Theodora, who had jerked suddenly on the moss, splashed into the shallow water. Digo stood at the tree line with three leering warriors. They were locals, or at least they seemed like it to Zorikh, although their clothing was trimmed in a different style. All four men carried tall spears.

“Well it looks like the little girl scouts figured out what I was up to.” Digo sneered. “You guys are friggin’ geniuses! Savants! Look at the big brain on Haze!”

“Whatever you’re up to Digo, you’re an obnoxious turd,” Theodora said sweetly as she tried to squeeze water from her dress. “I guess you expected something more defiant, but I thought it best to stick to what I know.”

Digo nodded, still sneering. “Oh well, enough with the flirting,” he said and turned to his henchmen. “Hey guys, do what you want to the girl, as long as you kill them both. Look, I got her muddy for you.”

The three spearmen stalked forward, making their careful way through the mud. One drew his spear back to cast it at Zorikh’s chest. “Zorikh! Watch out!” Theodora shouted.

Then a scream rent the fen as Digo was hauled from his feet and sailed through the air, landing in front of his men. The warriors turned and gasped in surprise and fear. Standing where they had been was a gigantic shaggy shape, its head and face covered by wild, coarse black hair. It gave a blood-curdling bellow and loped towards the three warriors. A spear sped from a man’s hand and into the monster’s chest. In the next second, the weapon splashed uselessly into the water and the beast was among them, tossing them about and slamming them into the mud. A sword was suddenly in someone’s hand and it chopped heavily into a shaggy flank. Again it was drawn back but the second blow never came, for Zorikh tackled the swordsman and wrestled him in the mud. Theodora had climbed onto Digo’s chest and flailed at his face. Zorikh was vaguely aware of a hunting horn somewhere in the distance but he didn’t care at the moment- he’d somehow gotten possession of his man’s sword and was trying to get a good blow in. Suddenly he was pulled from his opponent, his arms pinned to his sides, Theodora’s face beside his. He felt a shaggy body behind him.

“Try to relax,” she gasped at him as the world around them lurched. Zorikh realized dimly that the monster was carrying them. “Zorikh Lequidre, meet Grendel.”

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