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Excerpt from Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy, page 3, by Allain Atienza

Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

By Allain Atienza

Page 3

Zorikh froze as the Face waited and watched him from the television screen. He was certain that the Face had just called his name. Holding himself uncomfortably still, Zorikh held his breath and stared at the tube as if it were suddenly a pack of safari park baboons sitting on the hood of a ragtop auto.

"Oh do breathe Mr. Lequidre," the Face admonished him, "We'll send a representative, of course, to you and Ms Flores and fill you in and get you up to snuff. Your contact's name should be rolling across your" Less than a second later, in white four-inch-high block letters, the name Theodora Hayes scrolled from right to left at the bottom of Zorikh's TV screen. Instinctively, Zorikh reached for the absent remote to comfort himself. "There you have it." the Face continued. "Your contacts should be calling you soon enough. Good luck and welcome aboard. Do let's hope you like us eh?" Old Toecutter's lips curled slightly at the edges. Zorikh recognized this as a smile. "Well then," Face continued with finality, "the rest is for our more veteran associates, so do forgive me..." sudden static filled the screen, followed briefly by colorful images of an old show by the Krofts.

"H.R. Puffenstuff..." Zorikh murmured, still stunned by the night's events. The subway doors of his reaon slid open and the questions poured in and took all the seats. Who was the Face? How could the Face see him? Did he really speak to him through the TV? Whom else was the Face speaking to? What the heck was going on? What the hell is H.R. Puffenstuff anyway, a dragon or a dinosaur? A mutant? What kind of mess did he land himself into this time. "The messy kind..." Zorikh answered himself. "Mom told me TV would rot my brain."

Then the phone rang.

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