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Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

by Allain Atienza

Chapter 37

The dawn mist still clung to his beard as he closed the door behind him, but Zorikh didn’t mind. He felt grand in fact, with his new sword hanging at his side within a fine new sheath of tooled leather, and a bright red cloak trimmed with fur, also made by Grendel a few years back.

Fara was waiting near Grendel’s hill. “I will go with you partway,” she said simply, “unless you have objections.”

“Oh not at all. I could use the company.” Indeed, Zorikh was pleased for Fara’s company. He had spoken to her quite a bit the night before, and once he had gotten accustomed to her way of meeting his eyes sideways, and her stray comments about the behavior of waterfowl, he found her fascinating. They chatted as they walked. Fara spoke of her travels north past the wall that Hadrian had built and south across the channel. Zorikh told her of the Atlantic’s vastness, and of the way to North America.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Iceland, then Greenland, going west,” he said as he counted the places off on his fingers. “Then a long hop to Canada. Why? Are you gonna try it?”

The White Lady frowned, as if trying to see the distances that Zorikh had described. “Perhaps,” she said, peering westward. “It would be interesting to see the other side of the sea.”

The sun had begun to clear the treetops. Zorikh watched his long shadow striding next to Fara’s shorter one, felt the sun warming the side of his face and turned slightly to see the mother of Grendel glow in the dawn light. It was spooky how beautiful she was.

Who could’ve guessed that Grendel’s mother would turn out to be a babe named Fara?

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