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Excerpt from Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy, page 28, by Allain Atienza

Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

By Allain Atienza

Page 28


Zorikh found the dinner of stewed rabbit with herbs and fresh spring greens to be one of the most delicious meals he'd ever tasted, which made him wonder if this were really the case, or was it a symptom of meeting legendary figures or perhaps the side effect of wondering if one's death involved being ripped apart? "This is one of the most delicious meals I've ever tasted," he said.

"Thank you Zorikh," Guthild said, "at least some folk still appreciate a well-cooked meal." She eyed her husband, who wolfed down his supper.

"Guthild, my heart," Osa said, wiping his beard, "I never miss a day when I thank the gods that my wife is the finest cook in the world. I only wish there were more in the pot."

"You know there is." Guthild said in mock exasperation. Osa rose to help himself to seconds.

'Ah," he said, "and so there is! That's because I have such a fine hunter for a son!"

Holy crap, Zorikh thought, he must be the best dad in the world- they're like the Dark Age Brady Bunch.

"Let's not forget Sigilind for bringing Hrothgar's wine," Guthild said, nodding to Theodora.

Yep, he thought, the Brady Bunch, and I'm probably Alice.

"What did you think of Heorot, Zorikh? And the king for that matter?" Osa said curiously.

"Oh, it was great! It's just such an amazing place, and all I've seen is the atrium and the great hall. And those thanes must be the toughest looking bunch of hombres I've ever seen."

It was Guthild who answered him. "Yes, they're a grim company. They were born to killing, those lot. Never ate an honestly gained meal in their lives, I'll wager."

"I imagine they think of themselves as protectors of this land." said Zorikh.

Osa shrugged at this. "And they are, I don't begrudge them that. Hrothgar is a fine warlord, and an example to his men, I reckon. Yet in the few battles I've seen, I've noticed that they always seem to protect us from folks who are just like them." He chuckled at this. "And the men of the fyrd are found on the shield wall as well."

Guthild said, "And the first to meet raiders from the sea. It was hours after Osa took that sword before Heorot's sword-thanes rode to hunt down the remaining Frisians."

This made Osa grin more. "My dear heart! She has never appreciated men who fight for a living. Well, it's my good fortune that she'd take a simple farmer over a noble warrior." He reached out to squeeze Guthild's hand.

Theodora blessed them with her splendid laugh. "Lucky for you indeed Osa, for if you were one of Hrothgar's hearth companions, she'd come to the mead hall and drag you home by your ears if you tarried too late!"

Evening continued pleasantly, and talk eventually turned to the troubles at Heorot. "I mean to find Grendel myself," Theodora said, "and if I can, stop the slayings at Hrothgar's hall. Osa, where is it easiest to approach by sea?"

Osa thought on this for a moment, then said, "Any place between the marsh and the white cliffs. I know it's a long stretch of land, but the tall hill east of the marshes is a perfect lookout point. You'd be able to see where any ship lands."

"I'll go at sunrise." Theodora said. "If you wish to sleep in Zorikh, I'd understand. It's been quite a day."

Zorikh hastily swallowed a mouthful of stew. "Heck no," he said, "I've never seen a longboat before and I'm not about to miss it!"

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