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Excerpt from Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy, page 21, by Allain Atienza

Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

By Allain Atienza

Page 21


The inside of the farmhouse was smoky but cozy. It was a one room affair, with straw beds for the family of three, a simple table and a hearth that sent sooty smoke to linger in the air before being wafted away by stray breezes from the two windows. Zorikh had seen more houses further afield, and assumed that these were the abodes of the other farmers. Osa's wife, Guthild, was a small woman, delicately built, her elfin face framed by sandy brown braids. She greeted them both warmly and laughed loudly when she laid eyes on Theodora.

"Sigilind! Why get in here woman!" She was already sizing up Zorikh as she hugged Theodora fiercely. "Aha! And you've brought company back from the mist! Hello and welcome Siglind's friend from the mist!"

Osa moved to rescue Theodora from Guthild's embrace. "This is Zorikh, Sigilind's companion who's been to Gaul and Hunland and probably Rome as well!"

"Thank you good lady, for your welcome," Zorikh felt that he was getting better at this, "it's my honor to be under your roof."

Guthild served them a thick porridge in wooden bowls, which Zorikh thought satisfying but rather bland. What he did find interesting, however, was a sword displayed on one of the walls; with a wide, fullered blade, silver-worked hilt and pommel and a handle of bone. It was one of the most beautiful things that Zorikh had ever laid eyes on. Osa swelled at Zorikh's compliments. He had slain a Frisian raider five years ago and took the man's arms and weapons. As Osa told the story, Frithel nodded sagely and exclaimed during each pause that there was no finer warrior than his father.

"A foolish thing to do." Guthild scolded, though her eyes passed over her husband with admiration. "To attempt to split a swordsman's skull with a hayfork."

"So I stuck him instead!" Osa laughed, poking repeatedly with his spoon and wiping porridge from his beard. "And then I split his skull!"

Breakfast continued with the same good natured talk. After a few moments, Osa and Frithel left them to finish their morning work. Osa stubbornly refused any help from Zorikh, bidding him instead to finish his breakfast and enjoy Jutish hospitality. Theodora spoke with Guthild about her son, the farm, the state of Hrothgar's realm and of the Saxon settlements in general.

"After Mount Badon, both sides have kept mostly to themselves." Guthild told them. "Cerdic is still giving them trouble though, and the Butcher is still rampaging on our frontier. We slew Geraint of Dumnonia at Longborth a few years back, but the Butcher was there as well, and chased our fyrd all the way to the wagons. Things have been mostly silent for a few seasons now. Our chiefs have decided to wait and watch the Romans fight each other for a while."

They paused for a moment, allowing Zorikh to ask, "Excuse me ladies, who's this Butcher?"

Guthild pursed her lips with distaste. "Arthwyr Artorius, the Comes Brittaniarum. Artorius the Butcher, who's idea of warfare is to fall upon farmsteads and villages, kill off anyone he finds there and sell off the children overseas. His companions are no worse, fighting from horseback like Huns. I heard he's recruited Huns as well, he'd rather give this isle to those beasts than let us be."

Theodora laid an arm on Guthild to comfort her. "Guthild lost three brothers under Cerdic at Mount Badon. Survivors told us that Artur took their fyrd prisoner, then crucified them as a warning to all settlers."

"Holy dances-with-wolves." Zorikh sighed. He definitely didn't need to hear any of this. He was left with a mental picture of Richard Harris with too much eye makeup saying in his tortured voice, "Should we crucify them Jenny?"

Guthild excused herself to fetch more wood from the pile. Theodora stared at Zorikh, trying to read his thoughts. "It's war Zorikh. Cerdic and Aelle have done things just as savage. Don't let Guthild shatter anything for you."

"Oh, it's really no big deal, I guess. I wasn't much of an Arthurian buff to begin with. But I've got friends that would be pretty upset. Yep."

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