Excerpt from Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

By Allain Atienza

Page 51

Zorikh lurched towards the fray, cradling his arm and gasping with pain at each step, stopping just beyond the ring of hacking, stabbing warriors, not sure what to do with only one arm and no weapon. He picked up a broken spear haft and dove in. He had once stopped a dog from attacking a friend with a rolled-up magazine (Fangoria-The Special FX edition) and now his deeper instincts took over.

“Bad! No! Bad!” he heard his voice yell as he swatted at the thing’s soft nose. “Bad! Bad! Bad!” The creature squealed in pain.

A huge fist came up from below the monster and landed another blow on the snout. It roared and tried to rise, but the fist held it by the throat. Grendel’s other fist lashed up and scored a harder blow. The swine-thing’s mouth gaped in anger and frustration, bellowing and roaring so loudly that Zorikh clenched his teeth against the sound.

Still grappling with the beast, Grendel regained his footing and dug both arms about the thick, bristled throat. Slowly, inch by inch, Grendel worked his way behind the monster and pulled its bulk towards him, arching its great trunk backwards. Zorikh, struggling to remain on his feet, saw a leaf-bladed spearpoint press up against the great black breast, hover there for an instant, then drive into the flesh.

Suddenly the creature’s cries rose to an ear splitting shriek as it was jerked backwards, the spear protruding from it. Beowulf clung to the end of the haft, bloody and bruised, savagely driving the spear in deeper every time the monster rocked forward. Wyglaf saw what his captain was doing, and joined him at the end of the spear, as did Herrig and another warrior.

With his arms still clamped around the creature’s throat, Grendel drove forward, pushing the great black beast onto the spear as Beowulf and his warriors shoved from the other end. The monster convulsed, then collapsed into a dark shuddering heap. A wet rasping came from deep within it.

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