This is the first love story series for Team Rocket's Jessie and James, I ever wrote. It begins with tragedy and goes on from there.

If Only (from another person's webpage, it's explained why below)

Hanging On - Chapter 2

Who's that Cute Doctor? - Chapter 3

A Change for the Bitter - Chapter 4

Just Like Old Times, Sorta - Chapter 5

Butch and Cassidy Catastrophe - Chapter 6

Salon Rocket Reopened - Chapter 7

Malicious Medical - Chapter 8

Tied Down - Chapter 9

After Hours - Chapter 10

Fashion Flare - Chapter 11

Mystery Date - Chapter 12

Freaked - Chapter 13

About this series
I was inspired to write this series after reading "If Only". My story continues right from where that story leaves off. To read "If Only" click here or on the link above.  Once you have read it, please enjoy reading my series.

This series I wrote at the same time as my first.  The two series are not connected in any way, it's just that I had different ideas on how Jessie and James finally got together. This one is a little happier than the other series.

New Member, New Feelings - Chapter 1

Misty's Makeover - Chapter 2

Planning Perfection - Chapter 3

Worth the Wait - Chapter 4

Blast! - Chapter 5

Girl's Night Out - Chapter 6

Not So Cold Feet - Chapter 7

Together Again - Chapter 8

Sun Fun - Chapter 9

Blasting Off Again - Chapter 10

Holiday Honeys - Chapter 11

Miserable Mistake - Chapter 12

Not So Rude Awakening - Chapter 13

About this series
I wrote this series after reading "Farewell Ash". I liked the beginning but was not satisfied with the rest, so I wrote my own version. It is totally original except for the highlighted paragraph I borrowed from "Farewell Ash". To read that story click here. Thank you and enjoy!

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