The following are fan fiction stories based on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, written by S.L. Snyder.

Updated March 25, 2005

I'm sorry, but I will no longer be adding stories to this site. Between a writer's block and not enough time, I have not written any stories. Thanks for your interest and enjoyment of these stories. My yahoo email account is also no longer active.
My Stories
Year Story Summary
Sept 1869 Saving Michaela Michaela doesnít return from house calls and Sully goes in search
March 1871 Back Home Continuation of TVís DEAD OR ALIVE; Sully tells Michaela about the trip amid romance
June 1871 After the Baby Sully and Michaela express their love and spend time with baby Katie
Aug 1872 Alone Together Michaela spends time alone with Sully at the cave, while he is in hiding
Aug 1872 Father and Son Brian spends a few days at the cave with Sully, discussing the birds and the bees
Sept 1872 An Accident Hank shoots Daniel, as does an outlaw
Feb 1873 Spirits Approve Cloud Dancing and Dorothy at his teepee
May 1873 Vacation Sully and Michaela vacation in Denver
May 1873 Love in the Morning Michaela and Sully spend the early hours of the day cuddled together
May 1873 Rescue Prestonís bank is robbed and Teresa and Brian are taken hostage
June 1873 Old and New Love New love for Matthew, and loving happiness for Michaela and Sully, Colleen and Andrew
June 1873 Reverend and the Lady Reverend Johnson falls in love
July 1873 The Peak Sully, Michaela and Brian guide friends of Welland Smith up Pikeís Peak
July 1873 The Deputy Daniel appoints a surprising deputy
July 1873 Seeds of Love Young love for Brian and Sarah
Aug 1873 Yellowstone Sully and Michaela go to the park for Welland Smith
Aug 1873 Wilderness Sully and Brianís business and a favorite valley is named
Aug 1873 Love in Bloom Matthew takes a bride
Sept 1873 The Alcove A surprise for Michaela
Sept 1873 Goodbye, Ethan Another encounter with Ethan Cooper
Sept 1873 Population Explosion Pregnant ladies all around while Colleen and Andrew take a trip to Denver and a new engagement
Sept 1873 Recovery Sully is stabbed
Sept 1873 Mr. & Mrs. Edwards A new name for a favorite couple as a baby is born
Oct 1873 The Right Choice David returns
Oct 1873 Days of Life and Love A wedding, a lawyer and a new resident
Nov-Dec 1873 Comings and Goings Brian is shot while Matthew, Amanda, Colleen and Andrew travel to San Francisco
Jan 1874 Binding Love A picnic in Wilderness Valley
Feb-Mar 1874 Essence of Love Another baby joins the community and Michaela's time grows near.
March-April 1874 Life Cycles The new Sully finally arrives!
May 1874 Views New love, Michaela goes back to work and Sully goes on a trip.
June 1874 A Trip of Love An engagement, a new pregnancy, Sully and Michaela take a trip.
June 1874 Loss And Recovery Some tragedies and Brian does some more guiding.
July1874 Pleasant Days, Pleasant Nights A Wedding and new prospects.
August 1874 Changes Changes take place and love is expressed.
September 1874 Love Is Colleen goes to Denver; another baby coming and some happy moments..
October 1874 Reason To Celebrate A wedding, a new business and a happy announcement.
November 1874 Preparations Preparations for another wedding and Thanksgiving..
December 1874 Itís Christmas Shopping in Denver, Elizabeth comes for Christmas and New Yearís Eve.
January 1875 Future Promises Brian and Sarah return home and the hospital breaks ground.
February 1875 Plans And Stories Matthew brings a story home from Denver and plans are made for a blizzard.
March 1875 New Beginnings The hospital opens, the town has new arrivals and Sarah gets job.
April 1875 The Waltz Sully and Michaela take a trip and more.
May 1875 Promise Katieís birthday and an accident.
June 1875 Friends And Lovers Just daily life..
July 1875 Touch of Family Family happenings and visitors arrive.
August 1875 Waiting Waiting for the baby and the Bings enlarge their family.
September 1875 The Gift of Life The baby arrives.
October 1875 Different Loves Changes in doctors, Brian and Sarah talk of the future.

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