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What is the Dog Pack ?

The Dog Pack is the Pettus Family Animals, both past and present. The Pack, in my opinion, has always been made up of the best breed of dog to have, The Mixed Breed. You will find here, pages for all the animals in our family, those who are with us, and those who are waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge.

The Pack will try to enlighten people about how to take care of their pets. You will see and read about things that, to which no animal should be subjected. They will also try to include links to doggie and kitty sites and helpful information concerning animal health and wellbeing. They will also talk about how important it is to have non-breeding animals spayed or neutered. That is the only way to stop the millions of unwanted animals from being destroyed at animal shelters across this country every year.

It's a cruel world in which most our four legged friends have to live. We as humans have a responsiblity to take care of, love, and protect our furfriends. It's the sad fact that it is a responsiblity many people do not understand or chose to ignore. The losers in these cases are always the ones who cannot help themselves, and it is always us, who let them down.

The following will let you read about the pack animals seperately or a Memorial for the Old Pack as a group. Until Brandy left us for Rainbow Bridge, on 10-1-98, Brandy and Max shared the important role of tying together the Old and the New Packs.

The Old Pack, Is Together Again!!!!!