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SirMarian's "Fact and Fiction"
Fact: Marian Gaborik scored a goal against his two pals' teams, Marian Hossa and Marcel Hossa
Fiction: Marian and Marcel Hossa scored 1 or more points combined against Marian Gaborik and the Wild over the same two games.
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SirMarian was first published in January, 2001.
Quote(s) of the Times:*
Waitress: Spring Training starts on the 1st, how do you think the Twins will do this year? (while pouring a cup of coffee)
Patron: It doesn't look too good. (while reading the roster and shaking his hand)

-A conversation at Mickey's Dining Car in St. Paul, February 27th, 2003.

VERSION 4.0 to appear - November 2003
November 1st - Gaborik ended his holdout by using the words of the Original Mighty Ducks' Adam Banks, "I just want to play hockey."  Gaborik ditched his sh@tty agent for a brand new one on Thursday and promptly signed a deal that could relist the Wild's hopes.  He will be back playing with Pierre-Marc, Pascal, and everyone else.  He heeded SirMarian's warning by signing two weeks before his stated deadline.  "I like the website, www.sirmarian.cjb.net, when I read that they threatened to shut it down if I didn't sign, I said to myself, 'f@ck that,' it's one of the best sites on the inter-web, or whatever the hell that thing is called," Gaborik said to the associated press.  He'll hopefully debut tonight against Washington.
February 17, 2004
Gaborik scores on Martin Brodeur, thrice.  That goal off of the faceoff was pretty cool.  Is this a pre-cursor to one of the greatest offensive comebacks in NHL history?  Yes, according to all hockey experts.  "He's going to score like 30 goals the rest of the season, it's gonna be freakin crazy," an anonymous hockey afficionado said.  We'll see as the website for SirMarian remains open and willing for updates.  After the game Gaborik said, "I really hate A-Rod and all Yankees.  Where will Aaron Boone play?  He is my favorite yankee...gosh Aaron Boone and the Yankees is such a tremendous tradition."  He added, "I hope the Twins freakin' destroy those bastards this season."  Lemaire and his staff nodded in agreement.

January 13, 2004

Gosh Gaborik is just an awful awful hockey player.  He did have two assists in the Wild's 7 goal eruption against Chicago, but those were his only points in the last 8 games.  He is officially average in terms of goals, assists, and points.  What a horrific drop off from last year.  Unacceptable.  The webpage will remain open and will be updated when he finally does something exciting, we are so freakin' tired of watching him get breakaways and get stuffed EVERY single time.  Geez man, it is time to improve.

Apologies for the lack of updating lately!  We have some staffing issues here at SirMarian.  Marian Gaborik sportswriters local 112 (St. Paul, MN) has decided strike against management.  Check back as soon as Gaborik is worthy of being written about.  Guaranteed update in the new year.  Too bad he missed training camp because of money huh?  He freakin' sucks now.  We have stuck behind during tough times before but this is his own fault (for holding out).  He is going to have to do something amazing for us to get back on our good side.  For now we will sit back and listen to The Beatles and dream of years gone by (2002-2003).

Marian Weekly Recap (Nov. 24 - Nov. 30 2003)
Gaborik collected an assist for his only point this week agaisnt hated rivals Dallas.  The Wild are struggling mightily right now.  After a closed door meeting after the loss to San Jose, the Wild are searching for answers.  The Wild got a result against Anaheim with a tie, but it should have been a victory as JS Giguere stopped Gaborik on the breakaway.  This is the area where we would really like to see him improve.  We suggest he listens to 'Spoon Man' by Soundgarden more often for inspiration!  Apologies for the lack of updates.  SirMarian management has been on the road to NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Back to work Monday!

Marian Weekly Recap (Nov. 17 - Nov. 23 2003)
Marian had a great game against Pittsbhurgh by collecting two points but was held under sontrol by the Philadelphia and Detroit defenses.  His goal came on a penalty shot, which he was able to put away.  Gaborik still stuggles on breakaway situations in live games though.

Marian Weekly Recap (Nov. 10 - Nov. 16 2003)
Gaborik has kind of a lousy week as we only scored one point in three games played.  It was a very important assist that helped the Wild to a tie against Detroit.  Looks like that Novemeber spark we are looking for has yet to ignite.

Marian Weekly Recap (Nov. 3 - Nov. 9 2003)

Gaborik returned to the ice for the 2003-2004 season and helped his mates to a 4-4 tie against Colorado on Wednesday and a smooth 3-0 win against the Flames of Calgary.  The Wild ran into a bump in the road with a stunning comeback loss against Vancouver on Saturday.  He tallied his first goal of the season against Vancouver, which will symbollically act as a spark to another 'on-fire' November that we are getting accustomed to in MN.  The Vancouver game was on Hockey Night in Canada, and Gaborik explained to the Canadian public that no animosity existed between him and the Wild organization, either at the personal or professional level regarding his holdout.  You have to admit it is pretty stupid that he missed all those games for basically no reason.  The new hope here at SirMarian is to update this review log on Sunday nights.  We'll see...
SirMarian is on hiatus.  It appears that the NHL season will not be renewed.  Gaborik will probably play in Europe.  We may or may not update again.  Thanks to all loyal readers and hopefully you will hear from us again in the near future.  -June 20, 04