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Tuesday, Augest 30, 2005

Busy days over. I didnt go to School so i had problems dealing w my report. Thanks to Aaron, he helped me alot. =) on the assignment date due, i woke up at 11.15AM!! I needed to hand it in by noon, and school's like so far!! Again, thanks to Chris, he sent me to school, thus i managed to hand in on time. Sigh, have been relying on my friends regarding school.. Its like they're the one "Studyin" for me!
Went to the City this evening for a stroll, window shopping and stuffs. I realised how pretty the clothes have gotten. Time for SHOPPING SPREE! Going shopping tml!! YEAH!! hehe.. Hopefuly i'll be able to go Supre. Got to get my Gown and shoes and accessories. =)) Adrian went back to Singapore last week and will be back tomorrow!! He went over to my place to get my clothes from my mummy. Thanks Adrian! i owe him one. and The 4400 is a damn good show.. cant wait for the next episode!! =) *hugs
Wedding Crashers is a lame movie. but some parts are really hilarious. worth a watch though.. =)

Love me ... * 7:30 PM

Sunday, Augest 28, 2005

My weekend is over. =( Havent been doing anything productive. but what the hell.. i will not be studying anymore.. its so monotonous.. and i cant concentrate.. so why waste the money right? was a bad day yesterday. argued with my mom. well, it wasn't my fault. She pissed me off by sayin things she shouldnt say. She tried callin me many times to apologise but i just wont listen. And i did something silly. sigh, which i regret a lil'. Caused someone to be very upset w himself. so sweet. =) heh. but yeah, its over.
The world is full of assholes. sometimes, i just dont wanna live anymore.
Ball is coming soon.. I don't want to go. But i think its gonna be quite fun. You know how i can dress up myself.. and have nice food and have many pics taken.. keke. so now i got to go buy my gown. Med ball is also coming.. sounds fun too.. hehe..
going back to Singapore soon.. wonder if i should pack everything or just throw them away. but i'm gonna miss Perth. shit. still contradicting myself!!
Anyway, i have bubbletea cravings now!! Someone hasn't gotten me tht for the past 4 days!! have been eating reallie little these few days.. eat out at Macs and chinese for Supper. Fat Fat. but i dun give a dman man.. if i go on a "Diet", i'll be like a typical singaporean girl. I'm not goin to do that! Thining of which , ive beenonly eatin 1 meal a day.. cos i simply wake up at that appropriate time. =) went to the beautiful cottesloe beach yesterday. Lying on the sand, readin my Cosmo, how cool can that be? heh. wish i could go to the beach like at least once a week on a sunny day! lalala/

Love me ... * 5:09 PM

Tuesday, Augest 23, 2005

SIGH! i'm still coughing.. But its not like the normal kinda cough! i just dont know! i drink sooo much water. Doesn't seem to work! bleah.. Well.. Didn't do much over the week end.. Went Tiamo w Fabian just now.. Ordered like so much dessert. had a big sluce of mudcake which i didn't finish! Drank my all time fave hot chocolate!! Drank a lil' midori Slice. i have no idea whats tht but the after taste is good!
Didn't have lunch and dinner these 2 days.. Just had no appetite to eat.. But did have some snacks here and there.. Yesterday went tiamo for coffee w Aaren, my long time fave boy! haha. he's a good friend lah. Chatted.. played some card games which he lost all the time! we almost played strip poker! haha. he would have been naked by then.. =p
Currently watching The PRetender. Not a bad show! ALso waiting patiently for 4400's next epi! And i love so many new songs!! chinese and english! Music reallie ROCK MA WORLD! i cant imagine a world without music.. tsk tsk..
Oh, SHiwei is sick! he's down w something like Chicken Pox! hehe.. Tht explains why i havent seen or heard him alot recently.. hehe.. Hope he gets well soon!
i'm thinking of going back to Singapore for 2 weeks in Sept. I dont wanna stay in aust during sept. brings back Memories.. =( okies, got to go do my thang.. tata!

Love me ... * 11:31 PM

Saturday, Augest 20, 2005

I ALMOST died this morning. I woke up at 8 plus, went to the toilet, Laze on my bed, and i started coughing. And i coughed and ocughed till 10 plus NONSTOP. by the time i stopped coughing, My Chest, Stomach and throat were so bloody painful. i was gasping for breath. Oh well, my whole day is gone.. It is cold but sunny outside.. Last night it was freezing man, 3 degrees!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIWEI!! last night a big group of us went to Mustang Bar to celebrate his Birthday. He got so pissed. hehe. Music was good as usual.. Had a small birthday dedication made to shiwei. Was great. but last night i was so tired and i don't know why! after that went to chinatown to have food.. yummy.. hehe..
yesterday afternoon, a group of us went to Burswood to hit some balls. I decided to take up Golf lessons! its such a frustrating game! but it feels sooo good whenever you manage to hit a good ball. haha.. We played for alomost 3 hours!! No wonder i was so tired.. Anyway, have 2 assignments to complete!!! tata..

Love me ... * 9:12 PM

Wednesday, Augest 17, 2005

I'm down w the flu and cough again. its terrible man. i havent gone to school this whole week! I've been drinking alot alot of water till i PEE almost every 10 mins. I finished watching LOST. its a good movie but the ending is stupid.. Now waiting for the 2nd season to come out! and i just watched the Island with Adam and Chinaman.. Went Broadway w shiwei just now to takeaway dinner for myself and the others.
i miss cooking. i miss having a kitchen all to myself. Remember the nights i'll make a cup of chocolate drink. and i miss buying groceries. i miss the times where i have to think of what to cook for dinner, sometimes even arguing with konggie over who's gonna do the cooking.. sigh

Love me ... * 9:12 PM

Sunday, Augest 14, 2005

My throat hurts like hell! clubbing was great for me! hehe. i drank alot alot! and yet i was just super high. Terrible Headache. anyway the music was reallie good last night! i guess everyone had fun! Took photos too! Woke up and felt so sick. cooked noodles for lunch.. then konggie came ova to my place.. chit chat for a while.. then he left for the golf course. Then went to the supermarket with chris. Got myself some tibits! Oh well.. It's monday tomorrow. weekend passes so fast. but it was a fun week! looking forwARd for another good week. hehe. miss you guys. hugs

Love me ... * 10:05 PM

Saturday, Augest 13, 2005

It was fun playing VOlleyball today w friends in the rain for almost 2 hours! Erm, and shiwei was wearing white shorts, when they were wet, it was soo see thru! haha.
Was supposed to go Dim-sum with canning college friends but i was not feeling well this morning. I need rest. This morning i woke up at 8.30 AM where i slept only about 4-5 AM. 3 hours of sleep! i'm oh so deprived of sleep. ANyway, I'e finished Desperate Housewives. good show. Very very interesting. Next show i'm gonna catch is Lost!
Just some pics taken at Mambo which was was reallie a great night.

Love me ... * 10:05 PM

Thursday, Augest 11, 2005

Prep myself for Mambo later tonight! Time to get out there to enjoy myself. And i reallie do love the music played at mambo. And can't wait to see the pple doing all the actions! esp guys. hehe. Well, i uploaded the pics taken last night at KTV. Adam, Isaac and I were reallie crazy taking lotsa photos man. it was soo fun!! We came back to college about 2AM! and When we came back the other guys still went to play Mahjong till 6am in the morning. ridiculous man. And yes, they didnt go to school at all today. well, needless to say, i didn't go to School as well.. hehe..
This coming saturday most of us are goin to metro city. clubbing so much is so bad..
Hmm.. i just started to watch desperate Housewives today! yah i noe its a pretty old serial but well.. i didn't have the time to watch! now i'm pretty free and im always my room. After desperate Housewives, i'm gonna watch lost. Trying to finish watching 4 seasons of Family Guy. Been watching it for the past 2 weeks and i'm not finished w it yet!! Its a pretty hilarious show man. wonder whats happpening tomorrow.. sleep whole day again? heh.

Love me ... * 10:05 PM

Tuesday, Augest 09, 2005

Happy National Day! ha, i sound patriotic. but actually i dont give a damn about it. Firstly, I do not know why do people loves stopping by and giving horrible remarks about me. (which doesnt bother me at all.) Reminds me of the time where i found a blog which someone created and posed as me. how sweet. And the Friendster profiles. tsk tsk. People are just so in love w me ya. coolz.
Anyway, played some volleyball in the evening before heading down to Tavern for the national day "party". how boring. oh but the hokkien mee was great! drank some beer as well.. then went to broadway with Chris to find the engineers who were having their dinner. then came back and stare at my computer. dreamin and thinkin'.. i love Andrea Bocelli. his songs are so nice and soothing.

Love me ... * 9:05 PM

Sunday, Augest 07, 2005

Bleah, just had a Smoke with Shiwei. There's this drinking Toga party going on right now. the Drunkards are so noisy! oh well. it was great fun at Ice-skating! Nothing spectacular, just a normal ice-ring. Fell down a couple of times! Have a blue-black on my knee cap! =( Isaac doesn't know how to ice-skate! haha. After skating, 10 of us went northbridge to eat supper. So full!! oh and i saw this cute doggie outside the restaurant. it was shivering! =((
Went northbridge in the afternoon to have my lunch w Chris. The rest of them were sleeping after a long night of gaming and Mahjong~ heh. So Chris and I Watched Taxi and Cube Zero. CubeZero was a Pretty gruesome show. Suppose to go golf this morning, but i couldnt wake up. heh. Got 2 test on monday. =( Sigh. Havent been sleeping well.. So much is happening.. *SobZ

Love me ... * 1:18 AM

Saturday, Augest 06, 2005

Hmm.. never update my life for a week! well.. Lets see, I just came back from northbridge with Adam, Isaac, Adrian and Chris. Then went over to Trinity and had a chat w Aaren and Louis.
Wednesday: Went City for window-shopping. Had dinner at northbridge w the guys. Bought lots of maggi-mee back! On thursday, i went Fishing with Chris, Tony and his friend. I caught a lot of Pufferfish!! hehe. They're pretty cute ya! =))
these few days, i watched a number of movies too. heh. Well, tomorrow i'm gonna play golf! then at night, we're going Ice-skating! =)) fun fun..

Love me ... * 12:16 AM

Monday, Augest 01, 2005

Gladly, I'm recovering. =) got class at 4 later. Sigh.. Gonna end at 6pm. So late.. Think i'm gonna disect some heart today. so boring.
Saturday: Louis and Chris celebrated their birthday together. We had dinner at northbridge. It was the longest Dinner ever. We waited for more than an hour for a table for 14 people. =/ AFter eating, My friends and I went Paramount to club! Took pictures!! Came back quite early that night.. hehe..
Sunday: I woke up about 1pm. Then lie on the bed and rest, surf the net and stuffs, then went over to Adam's room to watch Spirited away. was a nice movie.. =)) then the engineers and I went to Tony's house warming party. We ate and watch 3 movies in a row! Played Dai-dee too. heh. yeah then came back, Went to Fabian's room to chit chat. Fabian's a new guy in college, so just went to chat chat with him and had a couple of beer as well.
Today's a hot day! had small lunch, then went out to the lawn to study and chat a lil' with Fabian. well.. i gtg for class now! tata.

Love me ... * 3:14 PM

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