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Boris May Think He's the Only One Who can Write Editorials...
But he's wrong in doing so.
If you'll check out the editorials section, you'll see that I've gone through the painstaking labor of not only writing my own article, but also did my bestest to put it up without horribly mangling the site. I think I did a fairly decent job. At any and enjoy.
~Cap'n Smite

On Any Other Week, This Would Seem Odd.
And a site redesign becomes more of a reality.
Following the trend set by hylien earlier this week, Mizar66 has rejoined the team. You may remember him from such site designs as, well, this one. But wait, you say. Wasn't he killed in that horrifying HMS Devonshire incident? Well, yeah. But did you ever see Ghostbusters 2? Remember the scene where the Titanic docks in New York City? Well, this is kind of like that, except with the massive stupidity of the whole thing and the historical inaccuracies. Either way, we happily welcome Mizar66 back to the site.
~Oni Locke

Unsuspecting Consumer: AAAAHHH!!! The dead live!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! *runs away*

A new challenger approaches!
Get ready to LOCKE and load.
In an odd twist of creativity Oni Locke has joined the staff of Nintendorks ~Lite~. It's okay. I didn't see it coming either.

With his contributions to the site I foresee more content and probably better writing. Good luck, Oni Locke. Here's hoping you don't die a horrible death like so many other former staffers seem to have in the past.

Oni Locke: You know, that locke and load comment alone should get you killed, but since you're now my boss, I doubt I should attempt to carry that out. Dang.

Sesame Street's the Count said to be responsible.
hylien007, former staffer at Nintendorks ~Lite~, was killed earlier this year by Sesame Street's Grover. It was a horrible ordeal that the remaining staff members took some time to get over. However, Hilly is going to resume his staff duties at Lite. I'm still baffled at how he can do this, but apparently the Count has made him a vampire. I was unaware that the dead could become vampires, but apparently it is true.

When I first heard the news I originally contimplated killing the Count to free Hilly from his horrible curse, but he would just be dead again. As far as I'm concerned an undead staffer is better than no staffer at all. Even if he does have a compulsive disorder where he has to count everything. Welcome back, Hilly. Just don't kill us or anything.

hylien007: Vampires don't kill, you fool. They just turn others into vampires. Which I may or may not do to the staff. I haven't decided yet. And you should capitalize the first letter of my name when you're typing in all caps.

Cap'n Smite nearly dies.
Sadly, Nintendorks is down. No problem has been mentioned, but the fact remains that it is down and that I'm rather redundant. As a result of my redundancy I have actually applied and been hired to review DVDs at Stonecrick as was Goober. This will not diminish the existance of this site in anyway. It's just to let you know that if we're a bit slow in updating the UDRCs it's because I'm busy with school, other areas of this site, or stonecrick. Plus Goober never did much anyway . . . always updated the UDRCs when he was supposed to, but seeing as how he never did much else except create the games section with faulty sidebars his existance may prove to be even less prevalent, but we shall see. Oh and Cap'n Smite is just evil so I don't know what's up with him. At any rate, if you want to be a staffer this would probably be the best time to tickle my funny bone because seeing as how I'm the dictator of the site in a way I could probably hire you.

Cap'n Smite: Yes, I'm a fox!!!

Umbrella Corporation recalls memory enhancing products.
Evil really has no brains.
After months of speculation the American release of Resident Evil for the Nintendo GameCube has been reported to not be containing a free memory card 59. This is a bit annoying, but seeing as how the new Nintendo memory card will be coming out soon it's not too big of a deal anyway.

Boris Stoke speaks his mind!
World is thrown into an uproar.
In case you haven't noticed, I have written an editorial. This means that this site now has a somewhat less meaningless purpose for the editorials section. Now go find it.

Site receives a Polish makeover!
Site slightly tweaked.
In case you didn't notice, there is a new games section which is really just a compilation of the previews and reviews section. Goober was kind enough to just make everything easier to navigate. Now if only he'd fix the stupid sidebars in there.

New Weekly Gaming Challenge!!
Readers shocked by staff's ability to actually do something.
You read correctly! We here at Nintendorks ~Lite~ (read: Goober and myself) have come up with a nifty new idea. Once a week, we will post a new challenge for all of you to either a) complete or b) totally blow out of the water with your own accomplishments. This week, we're looking for the best of the best scores in Pikmin's Challenge Mode; specifically "The Crash Site". Now, here's what you've gotta do:

1) Play the game till your eyes turn blue, then get your ass online to let us know how you did (unless you do step 2...).
2) If at all possible, take a screenshot of your score.
3) E-mail (preferrably in jpeg format) the picture to In the Subject line, be sure to write "Weekly Gaming Challenge" or something to that extent. Also include in the message what your score is in case we're unable to make it out from the picture.
4) Wait until we announce a winner next week, along with the next challenge!

As for what the winner will get....well, that hasn't really been figured out yet. We just kinda came up with the idea and added it on the spur of the moment. But if there's enough response, maybe the winner will get a dollar or some free internet porn or something. Of course, the only way to find out for sure is to enter!!!
-Cap'n Smite

NOTE: The duration of the current challenge will be extended until we receive more entries.

Goober: Of course if you cant take a pic, just tell it to us by way of email anyways then will ya? We are all gamers and play the same thing, so we trust you not to cheat on this and we will know when a score is questionable. Do whatever you like, just play by the rules of the game pretty much. Have fun, and good luck. Oh, and if you DO get some crazy super score, maybe include an explanation to how you did it, just so we know you didnt cheat or anything. That applies to all future challenges.
PMBorisStoke: It's about time I see something get done with this site that I'm not involved in the process of bringing about.

"Last Unofficial Vibe Ever" goes up!
And the whole damned site nearly breaks!

Access said Vibe here if you feel like it, or check the sidebar.

Not that anyone even CARES about this sort of thing anymore, but what is most likely the last ever Unofficial Vibe has just gone up. Hope it works for you, since I was having some problems with it earlier. If it doesnt work right, tell us in the UDRC's because we are trying to keep those going! I really blame it on whoever started this site and what seems to be their lack of knowledge pertaining to how page layouts as well as backends work for websites. So pretty much I had to go in by hand and try and figure this bitch out myself. Oh well, its the last one anyways, maybe I will convince the others that we need a site layout change, and fast. What do you guys think?

PMBorisStoke: If you change the site layout then by all means. Don't worry about seeking vengeance on whom made the site layout in the first place though. They're already dead.

UDRC Updates
The UDRCs (soon to be renamed) are updated once we receive 10 entries.

That is all.

Send in a UDRC! It's quick and nearly painless!

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