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These are the beers that we have made since moving to Canberra.

Right from the beginning, we were so pleased with the results and got so enthusiastic about our new hobby that we purchased a second fermenter so that we could make two batches at a time. Every so often we have to get a bunch of friends in to help empty a few bottles so we can continue to make more.

Many of the 'regular' store bought beers now taste bland to us and we prefer the home brewed kind. Have a go .... you'll enjoy the results.

Nearly all beers have been modified to some degree by adding extra ingredients to enhance taste - often in an attempt to replicate some of our favourite beers from around the world (with varying degrees of success). Some have been repeated, but with subtle fine-tuning of the recipe for improvement. In this regard, the advice and guidance given by Colin Marshall of 'Brew your Own At Home' home brew shop in Kambah (a suburb of Canberra, Australia) is greatly appreciated. If you live anywhere near Canberra, he is the man to see for all your home brew needs.




Double Hopped Wheat    Searching for that Redback taste

Orange Blossom Amber      A Sweet Delight

Boutique Range Ginger Beer    Second round - but with more spice

Blonde Biere      The Third Coming

 Pale Ale  With a dash of Oak

Old Peculier  A seriously strong dark beer

Chimay Double  Attempting a Belgian Trappist Ale

Maple Weizen   A breakfast beer ?

Newcastle Brown   Some with a dash of Aussie Rum

80 Shillings Ale  Repeat of a flavoursome favourite 

Dockside Stout     With a coffee & chocolate twist

Mexican Lager     Break out the Enchiladas  !

Anchor Steam  Our San Francisco favourite

Oatmeal Stout  Plain and simple

Real Demolition Ale A quick throw together for quaffing 

Yorkshire Bitter    Amber silk with a fine head 

New Zealand Draught     Make you wanna do da Haka 

Belgian Smoked Ale     A beer with that campfire taste 

Sams Golden Pils     Thai friend Sam's first Aussie beer make 

Dutch Lager      Second coming of a great brew !

Blonde Biere      Also worth doing again .... and again .... and again !

Newcastle Brown    NB4 - both a hoppy and Malty Version  

Dutch/Czech Pilsner     Crisp and hoppy

Hopped Wheat    Not quite Redback but very drinkable

Brindabella Dark Ale    Own recipe using leftovers

Lime & Corriander Beer    Thai food anyone ?

Apples In The Snow     Thick and fruity

Danger Will Robinson ... Danger !      Exploding bottles

Irish Velvet Blackberry Stout    Using hand picked local fruit

Blackberry Wheat     Slightly pink and fruity

New Zealand Black Rock Bock   Smooth dark bodied

Newcastle Brown (Malty Version)    A malty variation

Irish Velvet Dark Stout     Great for making Guiness pie

Maerzen    A full strength German beer

Golden Peach Wheat Beer     A dabble with Summer fruit

80 Shillings Scottish Ale     To wash the Haggis down

Boutique Range Ginger Beer    A dabble with "soft" drink

Blackened Voodoo Lager Clone   A strong smokey brew

Dublin Stout (full flavour) (3rd Batch)   Another good'un

Morgans Wheat Sheaf Beer    A good quaffing beer

Dutch Lager     Crisp hoppy flavour

D & B Golden Christmas Wheat      Spicy Special

D & B Irish Christmas Ale     Dark Spicy Special

Blonde Biere     Authentic Belgium taste

Mexican Cerveza     Areeba  !

Honey Porter    Curl up by a Winter's fire

Newcastle Brown (less hoppy version)     Experimenting

Anchor Steam     America's best from San Francisco

Morgans Wheat Sheaf Beer (stronger flavour)   Tinkering

Dublin Stout (milder recipe) (2nd Batch)    Taste failure

Pale Rider Wheat Beer (mild flavour)   Light wheat flavour

Superior Czech Pilsener     Excellent drop

Dublin Stout    Robust and foamy

Coopers Sparkling Ale    Good clone recipe

Irish Stout     Home grown Guiness

Newcastle Brown    Looking for that authentic taste

Coopers Lager     Came with the brew kit - Blech !

Special Ingredients   All the Right Stuff for success

Colin's Brew Shop   Home of the Brew Master



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