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We at The Church Of Areaology in no way wish to discredit or slander The Actual Area or it's Bowie. In fact we don't even particularly wish to meet it, as it's probably much nicer (and bigger) in the special place in our heads than it is in *smirk*... "Reality".

Anyway... you may write to us if you're saying nice things, but if you don't like this kinda fun just go away, coz why the fuck would we wanna hear from your whiney arse? Seriously, get a damn hobby or something! We have cock to obsess over, and rich fantasy lives to maintain. WE, are busy!

CoA is pure silliness, we're not reaaaallly dangerous. (Honest... *cackles wildly and strokes her Golden Bowie life-mask*) but we are reaaaallly perverted. In fact, cloying clouds of special Perv Plasma are penetrating your eyeballs as we speak! BTW we can tell when you've clicked on the bArea button in the StArea gallery... Muahhh hahahah muahhh haaahhh muah muah hahahahahah

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Praise be!
If you've been saved... Testifyyyyy!!

Hail Bowie!