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Area in Music
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If you're familiar with The Area then you know that it's power extends everywhere, especially to David's music. There are many references, obvious or not, to The Sacred Area in many songs. If you look hard enough, when you're drunk enough, you can find many mentionings of The Area, how it's used, or what it has done in the past. We'll attempt to give you references to just a few of these little gems.

1.I'm Afraid of My Area - better known as "I'm Afraid of Americans. These are the rewritten lyrics as recorded by the original Areaologists at Areaology.com

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This is what it would look like
if you were getting some 'sweet head'

2. Sweet Head

So bob your sweet head, - an obvious reference to The Bowie watching someone give him a blowjob. Or at least that's what I always thought...

Gonna rock it in your head, shazam, and come ball - Some people believe this lyric is about rock music but it's not. It just confirms what I said before. It refers to him rocking his cock in your mouth (head) and getting off. Some people just don't listen closely enough.

we can give you sweet head - Proof that Bowie is a good lover and returns the favor by doing for you what you do for him.

I got a bedroom, every mirror in town - The Bowie had a bedroom with mirrored ceilings and walls so you could catch the action from every angle. Could it get any better than that? I think not.

While 'ya down there - you had be careful when you tied your shoes around The Bowie in his Ziggy days. If you were in the general vicinity of The Area you were expected to pay homage and worship at the shrine. Not that any of us would complain. "Oh, darn. Look, my shoe is untied again.

See my tremble, see my fall - The Area in all the orgasmy wonder that it is!

Traumatics, thick and fast - The Bowie and his Area in the throes of passion! *crash helmet*

Besides, I'm known to lay you, one and all - This was obviously during the shArea days. *sigh* But The Area, when it was shared, did indeed lay them all, and laid them well.

Till there was rock, you only had God - this is a typo. The real lyric is "Until there was cock, you only had God." I don't know why David never bothered to have that corrected.

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The Bowie has to wear padding to contain the Area,
or else it would prick you in the eye.

3. We Prick You

I'd rather be inside you - This is actually a lyric written by the Area itself. And by the way, we'd rather it be there too David.

We prick you, we prick you, we prick you... - this refers to the "royal" we, as in David and his Area. That translation makes the song take on a whole new meaning for me...*drool*

Wanna be screwing when the nightmare comes - self explanatory. The Area always want to be screwing, as was evidenced during the shArea era.

Wanna come quick, then die - The Area, like the Energizer bunny, keeps going and going and going...but even The Area wishes that it could sometimes just get it's rocks off and be done with it. Silly Area.

Where have all the flowers gone? - Flowers refers to virgins (a.k.a Area sacrifices), as in "Has she been deflowered?" Silly The Bowie...all you have to do is ask and you would have legions of them outside your door! CoA members get first dibs!

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4. Ziggy Stardust

He could lick 'em by smiling, - Area power enables The Bowie to get girls begging to sit on his face with just a slight flirty smile.

He could leave 'em to hang - this refers to David's preference for free-balling as often witnessed and recognized as BoToe or BowToe.

Well-hung and snow-white tan - The Area is indeed well hung and obviously much busier banging ass than getting a tan.

He was the nazz with God-given ass - The Area did indeed have God-Given ass a.k.a "Behind the Area" or more commonly known as BtA. This way The Area looks hot both cumming and going.

Making love with his ego - just an off-handed reference to David masturbating, but what a lovely mental picture! *needs special alone time*

5. Magic Pants - a parody by TheDarkEvilOne on the song "Magic Dance" from Labyrinth. Very funny!

6. Ode to The Area and CoA by TheDarkEvilOne. Sing it to the tune of "Modern Love"!

"coming" soon...

...a good Bowiegasm is worth waiting for

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