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Top 10 signs you're obsessed with The Area.
1. You're a member of a religion and a website called Church of Areaology.
2. You only frequent forums where the people know what "Area", "CoA", and "BtA" really mean.
3. You're banned from B-Net or you avoid it 'cause you don't want to scare the Area away!
4. You wish Labyrinth had been rated R.
5. You call yourself an Areaologist.
6. When TMWFTE comes on the Telly your vibrator whimpers and cries in the corner.
7. You named your vibrator "The Thin White Cyber Duke".
8. You know the CoA hand signal and flash it to people on the street.
9. You keep ice buckets, depends diapers, and crash helmets near your computer in order to be prepared for "Area Week" on Bowie_Daily!
10. You've written CoA on the wall outside The Bowie's home, narrowly missing Iman. (probably shouldn't put that one here, but it wasn't either of us and if it's true, it's damned funny!)

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