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Area in Film
Nothing beats Area like Area in Film! This section is dedicated to Area Power on the *big* screen! Area can be a bit elusive in certain parts of the film (directors actually believe they should film a plot at some point. pfffft), so we're also including drool-worthy and worship-worthy pics of more than just Area. While this section does include Area, it does not however, include bArea. We have a different section for that altogether, so if you're here for hot, nude Area then get thee to the pervy section of the stArea gallery! (you know where it is, you perve.)

Break out the ice buckets, strap on your crash helmet, get on your heavy duty undies, and move away from all sharp objects! It's Area Power baby! Pick your Movie.

The Man Who Fell to Earth
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

David Bowie - Little Drummer Boy

...a good Bowiegasm is worth waiting for "More coming" soon...

The Linguini Incident
Ziggy Stardust the Movie

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Hail Bowie!