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Deadly Handsome Man

A fanvid by cyran9 dedicated to Bowie and the power of The Area.

Ziggy's MySpace Bio

Hilariously funny, and true, courtesy of ziggythewalrus.
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"Who the fuck is Rainbow Bright? Why are you laughing? I'm sexy, bitch." ___________________________________________________________
The Area and the X-Files

The power of The Area is investigated by Mulder and Scully in this hilarious episode written by HMFEELYAT from livejournal.com. Absolutely hilarious!


This hilarious video was made by Aceblade and you can find him at Aceblade on Myspace. If you ever wanted to try to explain the Area Power in Labyrinth to an unitiated but couldn't get your point across just have them watch this video! This is priceless in so many ways...especially the end. A big thanks to Aceblade for letting us share this!

David Bowie's Codpiece

"more coming" soon...

...a good Bowiegasm is worth waiting for

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Hail Bowie!