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And on the first day God built...

The Area

Orgasmic Ziggy by Cyran9

Once Upon A Time... in a distant London faraway.. (well not that distant if you were there, or can time travel) there dwelled a fey young fella with a fantastic package...

Ahem. Yeah.

Let's skip the semantics and cut to the chase shall we?

(you're having a hard time concentrating aren't you?)

If you've found the demented shrine of The CoA you obviously have a thing for David Bowie and probably need no introduction to The Area (hump, hump, hump), but we'll give a short summary to the uninitiated.

David Bowie, (*snaps fingers* pay attention) a Rock God among mortals, is loved by millions world-wide for his immense (Area) talent at singing and song-writing, his tremendous (Area) sense of style, his amazing (Area) chamelion-like ability to constantly reinvent himself, his daring (Area... dArea?) and pioneering (Area) spirit, his wit and (Area) intelligence, his beautiful (Area) body, and last but not least...his Area Power! (YEAh-rea!!!)

The Area, (focus...don't look at the picture!) like The Bowie, exudes a power and magnetism that defies explanation. It attracts money, fame, and legions of fans to The Bowie with a force all it's own.

(*snap snap* focus!) 

We at the CoA believe that The Area deserves recognition for all that it has done for The Bowie and pay homage to it in all it's divine (pointy, swingy, pokey, enthusiastic, bouncy, dangly... *pant*) finery!

(you may now ogle the picture of the humping Bowie in all it's glory!)

If you don't have a sense of humoUr (*smirk*), an open mind, and an appreciation for witty banter...then GET THE HELL OUT!

The rest of you....Welcome to CoA. The Bowie, and The Area, await you. 

***We would like to take this moment to ask you to check out our affilliates in the menu to the left... the fabulous guys at areaology.com without whom, The Area as we know it would still be that nameless, facelss, but not headless power we all could not fathom, and LJ Bowie_Daily, without whom we'd have no loyal followers, cult members or reason for living at all really... 

"love on ya" 

cYrAn9 & mAz

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