The Daniel Alliance
About Dr. Friedrich Plog

The Daniel Alliance - Origin, Principles, Goals, Emblem

The Meditation - Introduction, Preparation, Meditation

The Healing Service

Excerpts from Dr. Plog's Seminars, Teachings, Writings

  • Introduction
  • Bible Origin
  • Jesus
  • The Hanging God of Externsteine
  • More About Jesus
  • The hidden meaning of Christmas, Christmas Tree
  • The hidden meaning of Easter (The Lord's Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane ,
    The Passover ,The Cross, Pentecost)
  • The Personal Message
  • What is Health
  • The Meaning of Positive Thought

    The Blessing of Food

    Song - "Brotherhood of Love"

    Daily Exercises - Gland and Organ Functions





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