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When we come to the point of the Passover, the passing over from the light of this world to the Light of God, it as if we are "nailed to the cross" of this world. In Palestine there is a cross representing the original meaning of the crucifixion, the Passover. The symbols are Greek, because Greek was the language of the most educated. This cross is THE CROSS, symbolizing the crucifixion (death of the ego) from the sunlight and life of this world to the resurrection of the Life and Light of God, diagrammed as follows.

The sunlight in each cell of the earthly body changes (passes over) to THE Light and Life of God -- "Jesus" within. We are no longer in bondage to the mortal life of earth. We have new LIFE, an immortal soul -- in this world but not of this world.

We read that a man named Simon of Cyrene took the cross from Jesus (Matthew 27:32, Mark 15:21, Luke 23:26). Simon of Cyrene means "the sun in the sky". The name explains the meaning of the crucifixion, the death of the sunlight in each cell changed to the Light of God in each cell. Dr. Plog explains that this new Light is felt first in the palms of the hands, bottom of the feet, and in the head, referenced in the Bible as the nail prints and crown of thorns.

But, 325 years after Jesus lived and was teaching these truths, we are told of another cross in the Bible, one to which Jesus was nailed. There is no historical evidence that a man called Jesus was actually crucified on the cross, but that another was, and that makes far more sense. The apostles were attempting to relate a story to those who could understand the underlying message during a time of great persecution of those who believed in Jesus' teaching. The message is that the Son (Sun-sunshine) dies (or is no longer needed) as the source of our light changes to God's Light within. We no longer rely on the sunlight of this world, or stepfather, as symbolized by Joseph in the Bible, but look only to THE Light of our real Father within -- the Father of all. This can only be done selflessly, and that requires the death of the ego.

This wood engraving was carved by professor W. Tegtmeier in 1967 according to a very old relief at Externsteine in the center of Europe close to Paderborn in West Germany. It shows the descent of a man's body from the cross. Jesus is looking at it, standing behind the cross. He carries a child and a flag. The artist of this relief and the year in which it was done are unknown. The sanctuary of the Externsteine is older than 200,000 years.

The thieves on each cross explain the ego more fully. There is the "thief" of our intellect, a very powerful light center of the body, as well as the even more powerful "thief", the light center of our reproductive organs. Giving up control of these "thieves", the intellect and the sexual appetite, to our God-Self is the most difficult aspect of the ego to surrender. These "thieves" constantly rob us of our oneness with God. Even the emotions of the heart must be surrendered to the God-Light of the Heart in order to experience the death of the ego.

We often see the letters I N R I, interpreted in the Bible as "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews". In Latin the letters read, "Jesus, Nazarenus, Rex, Judaeorum". The meaning is more appropriately interpreted: "Eternal Being, the Hidden Mystery within us, is our King."

Also, there is a formula represented by I N R I. The formula reveals the meaning of each symbol and answers the questions: Who are you? Where are you from? Who is leading you? Where are you going?

What is the meaning of the tomb? Dr. Plog explains that the word coffin presents a more appropriate meaning. The dimensions of a coffin are always in coherence with 3 X 5, and within these dimensions there is a very special resonance. The meaning of going into the Tomb is the same as taking every thought, every idea to the Light of God -- into the Heart of our heart there to be perfected and resurrected in freedom and oneness with God. This process is described in the Bible as taking three days, illustrating that the emotions of the heart, the intellect of the mind and the physical desires generated in the reproductive organs have all surrendered to the God-Self within. We read in the Bible that "the three Kings" finally do come to "Jesus".


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