The Daniel Alliance


The Daniel Alliance was founded by Professor Dr. Friedrich Plog on December 24, 1976 in Campione, Italy, and incorporated under the laws of Arizona in 1981 as a nondenominational, non-profit organization. It is an international organization with the goal of helping men, women and children world-wide unlock their potential to become one with God through the daily practice of metaphysical principles (beyond the physical).

The unique feature of the Daniel Alliance is that it is not necessary to belong to it as an institution or organization, or to pay dues, or to have anyone dictate the path another must take in this world. One must have FREEDOM to find his/her way back "Home". It is helpful for groups to meet and share their experiences and join together in the meditation and healing services; however, anyone anywhere may participate as an equal.

Why Daniel?

Daniel was the Old Testament prophet who was so one with God that he lived without anguish, worry or fear. "He kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God...." (Daniel 6:10). His name signifies:

God is my inner revealing Light --
Pure judgment --
Cosmic consciousness -- (Infinite Light)
Conscious integrity --
Clear penetrating insight of Spirit --
Wisdom and understanding --
Visions and dreams --
Purity of mind and body --
Freedom --

Where God's Spirit is, there is freedom and love, gladness and light, joy and health, peace and harmony, prosperity and abundance.

What is Metaphysics?

Historically, metaphysics is the systematic scientific study of the first principles of being and of knowledge, the reasoned doctrine of the essential nature and fundamental relation of all that is real. It was first applied by Andronicus of Rhodes, the editor of Aristotle's works, to those writings beyond the physical. Aristotle's works included the laws and cause of being and the existence of God. He was a student of Plato, the student of Socrates.

As we understand and use metaphysics in our educational work, it means that which is beyond the material or physical, and deals with the study of the laws of being and their practical application to one's life and affairs.

The Faith, Ideals and Everyday Principles

There is one God, the Father of all.
God is supreme, universal, eternal, and within.
Man, created in the image and likeness of God,
is a Divine Entity and immortal.
Heaven, the world of reality, is the world of the Divine Entities.
Our destiny is to be one with God.
Love is our first duty.
The body is a reflection of mind.
Diseases or limitations do not exist for man one with God.
We do not judge, but love one another.
We return good for evil.
We heal the sick and minister to others.
We meditate daily, because meditation is self-remembering and self-healing.


Those who practice the principles of the Daniel Alliance seek awareness of their reason for existence on this planet - to become one with God within - to give Light and Love selflessly to all mankind. "...behold, the Kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21) As each progresses towards oneness, a sharp awareness of inner unfoldment develops.


The meaning of the Daniel Alliance emblem conveys the ideals of the Daniel Alliance, representing mankind's freedom from bondage of this world. The center represents the process of rebirth for each individual "of water" (the square), and "of Spirit" (the circle), and the preparation of the physical body for the rebirth, the circling of the square. The wings are wings of freedom - "In the world, but not of this world."


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