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Jesus, the Eternal Being, is in Mary. Mary, a human being, had an Eternal Being, a Divine Entity, within. Do we not also have an Eternal Being, a Divine Entity, the Light of God within? "The Kingdom of God is within." (Luke 17:21)

The story of Jesus' birth is not a new one. We can trace similar stories in history back to Egypt and beyond. There is an 8,000 year old statue in Mesopotamia about this woman with a child. In the center of Europe, in Externsteine, there are 200,000 to 250,000 year old sixty-foot stone mountains with engravings in the form of a woman and a little child, a figure hanging as if on a cross, "the hanging God", as well as other formations and carvings that portray the entire Biblical story of the birth, death and resurrection.

The Hanging God of the Externsteine

The Hanging God of the Externsteine is older than 200,000 years.

You will find that Socrates, his student Plato and Plato's students, one of which was Aristotle, called this God within, in Greek, "Silen". They made statues to demonstrate the idea of a Divine Entity within, and when the chest of the statue was opened there was a golden child inside. Plato at first did not believe in Socrates' teachings, but later as he saw the Golden God in everyone, he believed.

When we read historical stories of Herakles, Dionysos, Appolon, Daimonion, Krishna, Odin, Wotan, Prometheus, Gunnar, or any of over 200 teachers, kings, and notable leaders we read about today, the message is the same as Jesus taught. So we see that what Jesus taught 2,000 years ago was not new, but it was time to tell it again to mankind. We were far away from oneness with our God within.

Returning to the story of Christmas, Mary gives birth to Jesus (the Eternal Being within) as she returns home to Bethlehem, the city of her birth. In the historical story, she had to return to pay taxes, and the government was also counting heads since there were no sophisticated census records as exist today.

Now we ask, "From where do we come?" When we look at the physical body there is no question that it is made from the elements of this earth. Why else do we need water, air and food to survive? (The process of physical birth and physical death is very important to understand but that is not the purpose of this particular writing.) We know that God is without beginning and end and that this world is not eternal. It is not of God. "My Kingdom is not of this world." (John 18:36) We read in the Bible that El-ohim says, "Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness." (Genesis 1:26) El-ohim means "gods", with a small "g". El-oah would mean one God. (Refer to Zacharia Sitchin for elaborate research and indisputable evidence of the physical body's creation.)

Unbelievable as it may seem, as children of God in the Kingdom of our Father, we had free-will to choose our path, and we chose to leave the Kingdom, and now we struggle and suffer in these bodies learning, and yearning to go Home -- our real Home -- the Kingdom of God. Someone said it well, "We are in our (earthly) homes, homesick for Home."

Did God forsake us? Absolutely not! Within each of us is implanted the Light of God -- "The Kingdom of God is within!" This is Jesus, the perfect Self made in God's image, which resides in the area of the sino auricular node of the heart while we are living in this world.

But from where does our Eternal Being come? Where is our REAL HOME? Bethlehem means "House of the Bread of our Father". This refers to our Home, our Real Home -- the Kingdom of God -- that field of life from which we came before we entered a body to live in this world. But how can we know our God-Self? How can we hear "the still small voice within?" How can we get knowledge first-hand?

"Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." Here we have it -- our very own responsibility! We must be reborn of "water" and of "Spirit". What does this mean?

Water, as discussed under the meaning of Mary, is the largest component of our physical make-up and means matter, or the physical body created from planet earth. The Bible explains the need for a change within our bodies to prepare for the next step -- reborn of "Spirit". At the point of "rebirth", the polarized sunlight stored in the DNA of each cell of the body is changed into the pure, unpolarized Light of God (Jesus) within. We are then "reborn" of the "Spirit". This IS the rebirth; we become the body of Christ, "in this world but not of this world."

This new Light first appears in the electromagnetic body (often called the Astral Body), and is then reflected in the physical body. The astral body is egg-shaped and surrounds the physical body, extending three to four feet from the body. It contains the blueprint for our physical body and is always in perfect condition regardless of medical operations or changes in our bodies as a result of worldly circumstances. The evidence of this blueprint (also referred to as the Soul) is absolute science and proven by scientists at Yale University. They discovered that the initial cell at birth, whether plant or animal has a blueprint that projects the perfect form prior to the cell's division and development into form as seen by the physical eye. At the point of "rebirth", the new Light of the blueprint becomes the body of Christ, an Immortal Soul. This is the "vehicle" which takes our Divine Entity Home, to the Kingdom of God. Dr. Plog refers to this as the "space ship" for our Real Self, or Divine Entity, to go Home.

In the story of Christmas, the Christ is born in Mary (or any physical being) and she is Home -- back to "Bethlehem" -- the Kingdom of God, "in this world but not of this world." Jesus (Jeshu) means the "Eternal Being" and Christ (Charast) means "putting together that which is divided." We left the Kingdom and became divided from this Kingdom -- our real Home. Now Jesus, our God within, puts together that which has been divided. That is why we can say Jesus, the Eternal one within, is our Savior, our Redeemer, and why we read that He goes with us in peace as WE become reborn of "water" and of "Spirit". (It is up to us to let our Jesus within accomplish this process.)

We now have the complete picture of the trinity -- Jehovah, the Father of all; Jesus, the Light within; the Holy Spirit, the new born soul. We find the same revelation as we continue with the Easter story. But first, Dr. Plog explains the special meaning of the Christmas tree:

Christmas is a special time of year to realize that WE are the Light and Love of the world! We have been reminded of this for several thousand years through the tree, later called the Christmas tree, which symbolizes the whole human being living on earth:

The evergreen tree represents our Soul.

The candles (lights) represent the white light, which is in the DNA of each cell of our body and which can be polarized into the seven colors of this world. This is the light of the sun.

The colorful balls represent the many lives which we have lived in this field of life. They contain all the information about each past life and rotate around our Divine Entity.

The Christmas tree reminds us that we should go through the process of rebirth through "water and Spirit", which will change the white light of the sun in the cells of our body into the Light of our Divine Entity. This change is the birth of Christ. We can then say, "The Father and I are ONE!" We are Home -- back to the Kingdom of God, living in this world, but no longer of this world. Giving this Light selflessly to the world will change this world so that everyone may live in peace, joy, gladness and Love and celebrate the birth of Christ within.


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