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Who was Jesus? Historical references point to various names. There were no vowels in the early languages, so we insert them to facilitate pronunciation. In Hebrew we find "Jeshu", (meaning "Immortal Being, God within"), or "Jeshua", (meaning "Redeemer"); in Aramaic we find "JeShua" and in Greek, "Jesous", (meaning "Immortal Being and Redeemer") and also "Christos" or "Crystos", (meaning, "putting together that which is separated".) In English we say "Jesus Christ", and in the English version of the Bible, Mary was told to call him "Jesus" or "Emanuel" (meaning "God in us, or God within"). In Greek, we also find the name "ho on". All of these names refer to the "Eternal Being" within us, not to a little boy that was born. The Koran reads "Jsa ibn Marjam" or "Jsa of Mary". In America we would say, "Son of Mary or Maria". Jesus was most often called "Nazir", the Nazarene, but not in reference to a town. Nazareth or "Nisthereth" or "Nazoraios" or "Nasthoraios" means "concealed, hidden mystery". "Jesus of Nazareth" therefore contained a most important message -- "God within, the hidden mystery." (See More About Jesus as written by Dr. Plog.)

Who was Mary? More than 200,000 years ago, there was a sign for Mary -- or "M" + "W", (written as ) which meant "materia mater" or "matter/water", meaning water is the basic matter of this world. Mary then means matter, this world, Mother Earth or any physical body made from this planet earth. Now, let us relate this to the Christmas story.


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