The Daniel Alliance
Practiced daily around the world.

Meditation Introduction

Written by Dr. Friedrich Plog, the Daniel Meditation was published in the German language in 1976, and in English and Spanish in 1977. It incorporates the philosophy of the Daniel Alliance to achieve oneness with God. The DANIEL MEDITATION booklet explains various methods for group meditation and is written is English, German and Spanish. You may order the booklet by sending $2.50 to:

The Daniel Alliance
4502 North 57th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031

The booklet introduces and explains the meditation:

"He who desires to live from his Center must himself be that Center. Harmony, tranquillity, peace, joy, health, happiness, gladness, freedom, Love and Light flow from one Source.
This Source springs forth in the area of the heart. (Located in the area of the sino auricular node.) Here is the origin of our being. We cannot find it outside of ourselves. This origin is our personal part of God - our Divine Entity.

'Let us concentrate on our Center and let the Light of the Heart of our heart shine through us into the world. It is an art to remain in the Light of God within. That is why we meditate three times daily - as did the prophet Daniel - to seek out and become one with our Center, our God within."

The Daniel Meditation is practiced continuously around the world three times daily,
6 AM, 1 PM, and 8 PM, to bring peace and harmony, joy and health, gladness and light, freedom and love to the world.

Prepare for Meditation

Sing the vowels and tune the cells. (Also recommended at end of meditation.)
Hum up and down the scale to find your key note - a vibration to which your whole body responds. Having found your key note, inhale deeply and rhythmically through the nose and empty the lungs while singing with the vowels.

A (as in father)
E (as in cafe)
I (as in machine)
U (as in rule)
O-M (O as in hope)

The O fades away in the end to a hummed M. Repeat the series of vowels three times.

Healing Light to the Hands
Stand and place arms straight out in front of the body. Keep hands relaxed with fingers pointed down. Breathe in to the count of seven, one breath per second, and at the same time tense the arm muscles. Hands remain relaxed. Hold the breath for ten seconds while moving the arms out to the sides of the body. Now breathe out to the count of seven while releasing the muscle tension.

With arms still outstretched to the sides of the body, breathe in to the count of seven while tensing the arm muscles. Hands remain relaxed. Hold the breath for ten seconds while
moving arms forward again. Breathe out to the count of seven while releasing the muscle tension.

Repeat the exercise for five to ten times, alternating from front to sides. (Following this exercise, you will feel a 'pillow' of light between your hands as you bring them down to your solar plexus and face one hand with the other, about ten inches apart.)

Regulate the Heart Beat
Sit or stand, and breathe in, one count per second, for seven counts. Hold the breath for one second. Then, breathe out to the count of seven, one breath per second. Repeat for twenty cycles.

The heart beating at one beat per second is the correct beat in order to be in tune with our sun system. Breathing in this manner allows light to flow from the heart at 186,000 miles per second - the same as light flows from the sun. This exercise will correct the heart beat and reduce body tension, allowing for stillness during the meditation.

Sitting Position
Face North when meditating to be in alignment with Mother Earth and for the body to be in a more relaxed state. Sit with the spine straight and hands, palms down, on lap.

As you speak the meditation, take a breath where you see a dash. Remember that "Jesus" means the Light of God within and "Mother" refers to Mother Earth. Light up your heart! Change the world by changing yourself!

The Daniel Meditation

My whole being now opens itself
completely to Your Light, my God. -

Give me Your Light
that it may shine from my eyes,
radiate from my heart,
and bestow Your strength on my hands. -

Everyone can be Love with Your Light,
for Love is a gift of Light. -
One with you my God and Father; -
One with you Jesus; -
One with you my Mother; -
One with all of you my brothers and sisters on
this and on the other side. -

Unified in God
We are one Light, one Life, one Love. -
Unified in God we are one joy,
one prosperity, one success. -

Together with all of you
I meditate in this world for
freedom and peace of all mankind
and for this planet. -

I am peace. -
My thoughts concentrate on my Inner Self. -
My Inner Self is the heart of my heart; -
All tensions are released in the heart; -
I am relaxed. -
My heart beats peacefully and powerfully; -
I am well-balanced and harmonious; -
I am still, am peace. -

I am joy. -
Your Sun shines in my Center -
It flows through my body. -
Warmth from my Core flows in my neck and head. -
Shoulders, arms and hands are warm; -
My back and solar plexus are warm. -
Warmth streams through my solar plexus
into all my organs; -
Pelvis, legs and feet are warm. -
My Sun shines through my whole being; -
I am in good health, am joy. -

I am gladness. -
Light shines from my Inner Self. -
This Light lightens the world. -
Anguish, worry and fear vanish. -
My field of life shines bright and clear. -
I Love this world. -
I am happy, am gladness. -

I am freedom. -
Warmth, Life, Love and Light
flow from my heart; -
thus I offer myself to the world. -
All things become easy, ethereal. -
I am everywhere,
a Light among many beaming Lights. -
Everything is Love, in it I am freedom. -

I give my Light to all my loved ones. -
I give my Light to everybody who asks
the Father, Jesus, or the Mother for help. -
My Light is your Light, Jesus. -
Your Light surrounds them, -
Your Light streams through them, -
Your Light vibrates in their cells, -
Your Light is the Light in their Center. -
This Light is Love and Love heals all. -

All illness, pain and symptoms vanish in your Light, -
All error is gone. -
Due to their faith in your Light they are healed now. -

We thank you, God, that unified with You
we may be your Light in this world. -
Give us the possibility to accede to still more Light. -
Forgive us our trespasses
so that we act freely according to your will. -

Lead our paths to a good end. -
We ask You for this, -
and we thank You for this. -


THE SILENCE - "Be still and know that I am God."

Following the meditation, remain in the silence. Completely still the mind. It is here that we listen to our God within. Eventually you will hear, and then know first hand, the peace, joy, gladness, freedom and love of living from within as spoken in the Daniel Meditation.


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