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The following exercises present methods to stimulate and increase maximum efficiency of certain glands and organs. Combined with breathing techniques, the exercises are uncomplicated, adaptable for anyone of any age, and ensure a greater feeling of well-being. The ultimate goal is the preparation of our bodies to receive the Light of God in each cell, bringing peace and stillness, joy and health, gladness and happiness, freedom and love, and oneness with God for all mankind.


Cleanse the Lungs
Completely empty the lungs of stale air by breathing in through the nose deeply, deeply, deeply, without strain. (Use a sobbing breath.) Hold for 10 to 20 seconds, then blow out all the air forcefully through the mouth, forming the shape of an "O". Repeat 3 times.

Warm the Body - Let the Skin Breathe
Stand with arms raised above head. Breathe in to the count of seven, one breath per second. Hold the breath for 10 seconds while stretching upward on tiptoe. Stretch as high as possible. Bring heels down, arms still raised, and breathe out to the count of seven, one breath per second. Repeat 3 times. Keep arms raised throughout the exercise.

Oxygen to the Brain
Place knees on the floor and sit back on feet. Cross the arms, placing opened hands under armpits. Breathe in to the count of seven, one count per second. Then, bend the body forward, placing forehead on the floor. Hold the breath for 10, 20, 30, seconds -- as long as is comfortable. Then, raise the head, sit back on feet while breathing out to the count of seven, one count per second. Repeat 5 times.

Tune the Body - Tune Out Tension
Stand upright. Now stoop down, bending knees. Inhale deeply, tensing the arm, shoulder and neck muscles. Use the arms to lift the body and breathe out forcefully, completely emptying the lungs. Relax the arm and neck muscles by swinging the arms in a circular motion while standing. Repeat 3 to 5 times as you begin. Later, accelerate the pace, as much as possible, up to 10 times or more.

Roll the Neck and Shoulders
These exercises increase blood circulation to the brain, break up calcium deposits in the neck, and help stimulate the Pineal and Pituitary glands. Keep the eyes open throughout the exercises to see the dimension of the head's turn and to strengthen the eye muscles.

Look down toward the chest. Slowly roll the head around to the right, then to the back, to the left, and to the front. Repeat 5 times. Reverse the head roll beginning from left to right for 5 times.

Make a "long neck" by looking down toward the chest, extending the neck as far as possible. Turn the neck from side to side, back and forth for at least 10 times in each direction.

Now, roll the shoulders forward 10 times, then backward 10 times.


While placing the tip of the tongue back against the soft pallet of the roof of the mouth, sing "La-La-La-La-La" to a favorite tune. Some find "Battle Hymn of the Republic" compatible
with the rhythm of the exercises. Cells contain both sound and light waves. Singing helps to tune the cells' sound waves.

Pineal Gland
While singing, tap the top and back of head firmly with the fingers of both hands. Continue by massaging the back of the neck to release tensions that prevent circulation to the head.

Pituitary Gland
The action of the tongue against the soft pallet, while singing, stimulates this gland.

Lymph Glands
Place forefingers behind each ear and middle fingers in front. Stroke up and down on to the neck, while singing.

Thyroid Gland
Stroke the throat with fingers of both hands while singing.

Thymus Gland
Sing and massage the upper chest between the breast bones with the fingers of both hands, or make a fist with hands and pound this area firmly but gently. Continue by tapping or pounding the entire chest area.

Liver, Pancreas, Spleen
With balled fists, firmly pound under the ribs from side to side, back and forth, still singing.

Use fists to pound very firmly in a circular motion from right to left and around, again, and again, following the natural curve of the colon. Continue to sing.

Adrenal Glands
With fists, firmly pound the back just beneath the ribs while singing. This also stimulates the kidneys.

Sacrum and Regenerative Organs
Sing, and use fists to pound the sacrum and back pelvic area.


A brief description of gland and organ functions helps one realize their importance to the body's health and the need for the previously described exercises. When our glands function properly, they provide everything necessary for the brain to function optimally in order to be used by our Real Self - our God within. (Read "The Miracle of the Glandular System", by Dr. O.Z.A. Hanish)

Pineal, or Master Gland - receives and sends light to the Pituitary, enabling it to function properly. The Pineal Gland gives our cells the ability to correspond to the different colors of the spectrum. It is cited as the gland of the Third Eye.

Pituitary Gland - the Commander-in-Chief, is extremely important in that it receives light from the Pineal gland enabling it to secrete hormones that regulate the activity of other glands, making it possible for them to release their hormones. Hormones produced by the pituitary gland include: ADH, which conserves the body's water; OXYTOCIN, which causes contraction of the uterus during pregnancy and ejection of milk during suckling; FSH, which prepares the follicles of the ovaries to produce female sex cells and stimulates the production of male sex cells by the testes; ICSH, which stimulates the ovaries to produce estrogenic hormones in the female and stimulates the testes to produce testosterone (male hormone); LTH, which stimulates the ovaries to produce progesterone and assists in stimulating the breasts to produce milk; TSH, which stimulates the thyroid to produce its hormones; ACTH, which stimulates the cortex of the adrenal glands to produce certain steroid hormones; and STH, which promotes growth and development of the entire body.

Lymphoid System - is woven by means of lymph capillaries and vessels throughout the circulatory system and bathes and cleanses the body of deadly toxins. The lymphoid tissues are designed to provide one of the body's defenses against germs and thus against disease. Lymph nodes are organs that play an important part in producing antibodies.

Thyroid Gland - controls the body's metabolic rate, essential for normal growth of muscles, bones, glands, organs, mental development and sexual maturity. The thyroid gland produces three hormones: Thyroxine and triiodothyronine increase the consumption of oxygen by most of the body's tissues, improve a person's ability to think, and are needed for normal growth and skeletal development in a child acting in conjunction with the growth-promoting hormone produced by the pituitary gland; Thyrocalcitonin influences the amount of calcium which circulates in the blood. It is antagonistic to the parathyroid hormone produced by the parathyroid glands and therefore helps in maintaining a precise balance between the amount of calcium in the blood and that which is stored in the body's bones.

Thymus Gland - is considered the key to our immune system. It is concerned with the development and maintenance of the lymphoid system. It has an important influence in the body's immune mechanism by which germs and other foreign substances are combated and by which transplanted tissues or organs may be rejected. Spiritually, this gland is a messenger carrier directly from our God-Center, through a series of battery-like connections, up through the back of the neck to the brain. This explains how we hear "the still small voice within."

Liver - has several functions to perform: storing vitamins, building fat molecules, combining amino acid molecules to form the kinds of proteins which the body needs, converting and storing carbohydrate, combating poisons. The liver produces bile, which is carried through a large duct to the inside of the duodenum. About halfway between the liver and the duodenum, the gallbladder is connected with the duct. The gallbladder serves as a reservoir of the bile. Bile helps to emulsify fat. Without this organ the body could sustain itself only a limited time.

Pancreas - secretes insulin, aids in digestion, and stimulates the liver in breaking down stored glucose. It controls the rate at which blood sugar is used by the cells through insulin and also produces pancreatic juice, which contains a number of enzymes. A tube-like duct from the pancreas to the inside of the duodenum carries the pancreatic juice. The enzymes act on carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Spleen - filters foreign particles from the blood, forms antibodies, and filters old blood cells of the liver for use in producing bile. The spleen has the unique capacity to separating the worn-out red blood cells from those in good condition and disposing of them while keeping about 85 percent of the iron that they contain from being lost. The spleen also acts as an emergency organ. It contains a considerable amount of blood and, in a case of severe blood loss, the outer covering contracts strongly and forces extra blood into general circulation to help take the place of what has been lost.

Colon - needs periodic cleansing due to impacted putrefication of foods that can be absorbed by the body as deadly toxins. The exercises help break down the impactions. Warm water enemas are also recommended.

Adrenal Glands - cap the upper part of each kidney and produce steroids, some of which affect particularly liver cells, muscle cells, and fat cells to bring about the conversion of protein and fat to carbohydrate. Another hormone acts on the kidneys to aid in the elimination of potassium and the retention of sodium. These glands help maintain the body's fluid and mineral balance, provide energy, regulate blood-sugar levels and protein metabolism and produce hormones to aid the body's response to danger and stress.

Sacrum - protects the generative organs. The prescribed exercises revitalize these organs, necessary to regenerate the body for youthful appearance and activity.


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