Excerpts from Dr. Plog's Writings, Seminars, Lectures


In answer to many requests, the following writings are based on presentations by Professor Dr. Friedrich Plog in seminars, workshops and personal interviews. If you have been disappointed in your search for spiritual truth, you are not alone. You too will welcome Dr. Plog's teachings, which help bring into focus much of that which has remained hazy in our understanding of life and our purpose for being on this earth.

As a homeopathic medical doctor, scientist and Biblical scholar, Dr. Plog's knowledge of the world and mankind boggles the mind. Compared to a Socrates, or an Einstein, it is not merely his intellectual brilliance that commands the attention of his professional peers, but there is something distinctly different about him -- a personal countenance that creates order out of chaos, healing out of dis-ease, and respect from royalty to the ordinary lay person. He sees all men as equal and embodies all that he teaches and believes.

Dr. Plog's personal experiences are rarely discussed with his audiences, and it has not been easy to obtain permission for much of the forthcoming. He has said many times, "Where is the book from which the man we call Jesus wrote or taught? I believe everyone should know the truth from within himself, and that in time he will. It will do you no good to read from books or listen to tapes -- you can only KNOW truth from your Real Self within. It is different when we come together to teach and learn -- there is the presence of the Light of God within us, and that Light is not possible with books and tapes that sit on shelves. We must live it -- spend our Light!" Yet, with so many years of misguided programming, most of us need a few, if not a lot, of our basic concepts challenged, corrected, expanded, or totally discarded.

At one point in Dr. Plog's life, while studying for the Priesthood, he said, "I simply could not accept certain points of view which I was told to believe without question. My refusal to accept what I called 'nonsense' earned me, along with several friends, dismissal from that particular school." Years of in-depth study of theology, philosophy, science and medicine, and more important, very personal experiences, opened the door to truth of which Dr. Plog finds very few aware of in today's troubled world.

For example, if you are one who follows the Christian path of thought, you have come across a recurring theme -- "you must be born again." Christian religions teach this basic Biblical philosophy; however, the meaning eludes most and leaves followers with the simplistic view that belief in a man who lived and died 2,000 years ago, along with some form of water baptism, is the essence of this rebirth. What truths actually lie behind the Biblical references to being born again of "water" and of the "Spirit"? (John 3:5,6)

Dr Plog explained that it would take volumes to present the various languages used during the time of the writing of the books of the Bible. He said, "I can only give you a very brief, short-hand background, but the personal experience intended for you in these Biblical writings about Jesus can be yours -- now!"
Christmas, Easter, and The Lord's Supper all embody the meaning of "reborn through water and the spirit", and were celebrated long before the birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago. How does the Bible explain this process of "rebirth" by "water" and "Spirit"? When we understand the deeper meaning behind the Christmas and Easter stories, the message is simple, profound. But, it is essential to have some understanding of the background surrounding the origin of our Bible in order to comprehend the underlying message.


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