The Daniel Alliance
Dr. Friedrich Plog

Professor Dr. Friedrich Plog was born in Germany in 1920. Through his studies in Europe and America, he earned Doctorates in Homeopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Metaphysics, and Divinity. He is certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board.

Internationally recognized as the "Father of Therapeutic Laser," Dr. Plog pioneered the necessary procedures and apparatus for Laser Therapy primarily in the field of acupuncture, replacing the needle with a light beam. In 1975, the first apparatus, "AkupLaser System Plog" was built by a leading industrial firm in Germany. This Laser Therapy invention has produced dramatic and world-wide publicized results in the treatment of arthritis as well as regeneration of the body, retarding the aging process.

Laser Therapy represents an ideal synthesis of traditional biological healing methods and the most modern technical devices. It involves the use of a small harmless laser beam to stimulate body cells through significant electrical points of the skin. The beam is the same wave length as the light in healthy cells and brings the electromagnetic charge of the cells back to normal.

For his achievements in Laser Therapy, Dr. Plog was awarded the 1975 Gold Medal of the Academia Gentium Populorum Progressio in Rome. The following year he was honored with the Premio Internationale Ercole d'Oro Oscar in Zurich, Switzerland. Germany honored him with the 1978 Outstanding Doctor Award. That same year he was published in the DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY in Cambridge, England.

Dr. Plog has been honored with awards for excellence in medicine from countries including France, Canada, Pakistan, Holland and Sri Lanka. In addition, he was selected as the recipient of the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Award for Medicine in 1989, The Star of Asia in 1990, and The Ancient Royal Order of Physicians in 1991.

Dr. Plog is an active member of professional organizations around the globe. He is Professor and Senator of the Academia Gentium Pro Pace in Rome, Italy; Commendatore of the Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem; Knight Commander of the Grand Cross of Peace and Justice of the Royal Order of Peace and Justice; Chairperson and lecturer for the annual meeting of the World Congress of Complementary Medicine; Vice President of the College of Divine Metaphysics in California, and Founder and President of The Daniel Alliance, Inc. He is President of the International University of Life Sciences and Chief of Staff of the Daniel Alliance Naturopathic Clinic.

As an author, Dr. Plog wrote the Practitioner Manual for Laser Therapy, which addresses the treatment of 350 illnesses. In addition, he has written for more than 100 publications on such subjects as laser therapy, music therapy, synergy, preventive medicine and meditation.

As a world traveler to more than 30 countries, he has lectured to more than 20,000 doctors around the globe. Dr. Plog and his wife, Dr. Marie-France Antoine, have served in the United States, Canada and Germany as teachers of the principles of healing and as doctors of homeopathic medicine. They remind us: "The Doctor is within!"

A doctor, scientist, Biblical scholar, teacher and author, Dr. Plog has dedicated his life in service to mankind throughout the world. Out of his love and compassion, he has found answers common to the problems of all.


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