The Daniel Alliance


Like us, the man Jesus said, "Let this cup pass from me."

As the time comes for our own "crucifixion", we think about our life situation on this planet. On the one hand we want to surrender, on the other hand we are not sure. Upon entering "Jerusalem" (the City of Peace) we must give up this world. It is then we experience how tied we are to this world. When close to the point of total surrender, we imagine all the sacrifices we must make -- things, habits, relationships, ideas, and so on. We have long forgotten the peace, joy, love and freedom of constantly abiding in oneness with God without fear, without pain or suffering!

How could we cling to a world so opposite from our natural Home? Amazingly we do, and have for many life-times said, "Let this cup pass from me." This turmoil in the mind is as a "crown of thorns" upon the head.

What must we do to go Home, to become selfless and desireless? How do we discover what separates us from Home? We read in the Bible that Judas betrays Jesus. That is exactly what we do daily -- our ego betrays our Eternal Being within, keeping us trapped in and "nailed" to this world.

Then Jesus said, "Thy will be done." And someday, so shall we say, "Thy will be done", to our God within. It is up to us to decide when. How long will we struggle with the ego in "the Garden of Gethsemane" before we surrender to our God within and become resurrected in oneness with Him?


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