The Daniel Alliance

We prepare to receive the Christ-Light by maintaining healthy bodies and positive thoughts.
What is health? Every cell vibrating with the proper light and sound waves, simply stated, is health. What are the proper light and sound waves?

Our light spectrum ranges from short to longer wave lengths -- ultra-violet, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The "healthy" light wave for our cells is the longer wave length, or red light. A light wave of a healthy cell, according to our scientists, oscillates at between 625 and 700 nanometers. We may not be scientifically oriented, but we are certainly aware that over-exposure to ultra-violet rays is a known cause of skin cancer.
How do we get the proper red light waves in our body? There are four basic sources of this light, and we absorb it in our bodies from:

Sunlight. The red light wave may be absorbed through our eyes and our skin in the early morning during the hour of sunrise, and in the late evening, during the hour of sunset.

Food with Sunlight. Fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, all contain sunlight. When we eat these foods, the body is able to break down the food into peptites. Then the ribosomes, by using the peptites, create all the enzymes, vitamins and proteins needed by the body. Only live foods, those filled with sunlight, make this process possible. Foods without sunlight -- meat and canned, processed foods deplete the stored sunlight in each cell rather than replenish it. This results in tiredness, loss of energy and all manner of dis-ease. (How to get food with sunlight.)

Oxygen. On a good day - one free of pollution - we have about 20% oxygen in the air. The body uses about 4% of the amount available when we breathe properly. The brain must have oxygen to function, and in spite of the pollution in our air, there are exercises, which follow, to help increase the oxygen flow to the brain and throughout the body, filling the body with this, another source of sunlight.

Water. Unpolluted water contains sunlight, and since water composes about 70% of our body weight, essential to our physical existence, we need to drink about 8 glasses a day.

Singing and humming can achieve the proper sound wave in our cells, as described in exercises that follow. We harmonize the water molecules in each cell in order for them to properly communicate.

Simply stated, when cells vibrate on their proper light and sound wave frequencies, they communicate naturally. This is health! When cells are not vibrating on these proper wave lengths, they divide and multiply, attempting to compensate for cells that can no longer communicate. This results in distress and disease to the body.

How do we get foods with sunlight? Good question. Even green vegetables that sit on grocery shelves contain no sunlight after about 8 hours. Many are fortunate who grow their own foods, and that is the proper solution. When that is not possible, we remember that our hands are powerful tools of God's Light. A phenomenal experiment, conducted by an outstanding Doctor in Munich, Germany, Felicita Hammer proved this.

Following the nuclear blast in Chernobyl (located in the Ukraine), all foods were contaminated with radioactivity, as measured by a Geiger counter. Hammer's experiment consisted of one group of people who were asked to place their hands over the food and to image the radiation going through their hands, up the arms, down their bodies to the center of our planet. The food was measured again, and there was no radioactivity either in the food or on the participants.

A young man doubted the results of this experiment. He placed his hands over the food and imaged the radiation leaving the food. The food was measured and there was little radiation in the food; however, his hands were filled with radiation. So he experimented again, and this time imaged the radioactivity leaving the food, going through his body and into the earth. This time there was no radiation in the food or on his body, but now, as with Hammer's former experiment, we have Mother Earth polluted.

Upon sharing these results with Dr. Plog, Hammer was encouraged to image the radiation going to the Light of God in the Heart of our heart, in order not to pollute the earth. Her later experiment, using this idea, proved Dr. Plog's point. Both the food and the participants were free of radiation. So we place our hands over our food to bless it, imaging all impurities going through the hands, up the arms to God's Light in the Heart of our heart, and this Light flowing back to the food and filled with God's Light.

The Daniel Blessing of Food

Place hands over food and repeat the prayer, as follows, for a Good Appetite - "Bon Appetit", "Bueno Apetito", and "Guten Appetit".

O - Great Spirit,
whom we call GOD,
Father of All,
living on this planet
in human hearts
as the Light
of this world.

O - Jesus
Light within,
Eternal Light
without beginning
without end,
take now my hands
and bless this food.
Bless also those
who made this meal.

Blessed in your Light,
it will maintain
the body perfectly;
the body which
is your own temple
in this world.

We thank you, Jesus,
Light of GOD.
With the blessing
of your cleansing Light
good thoughts,
good words,
good deeds
are ours.


What about our thoughts? Think about this: Every action begins with a thought, followed by a feeling, followed by words, followed by actions. Thoughts have been measured to travel at the same speed as light, and it is believed they may travel beyond that speed. Thoughts pollute or purify our atmosphere according to the nature of the thought.

It is important to note that the emotion of FEAR is the primary cause of all discomfort, distress and disease in this world. Fear produces very short wave lengths in our cells, and as these wave lengths are projected by the thoughts of one person, they also enter cells of organisms that are in tune with those same short wave lengths around the planet and beyond. We can readily see the need for positive thoughts, but what is the difference between positive and negative thought, and how do we monitor our thoughts?

Thoughts are positive only when they come from Jesus, our God within. Thoughts are negative when they come from our ego -- through our brain. Proper eating, breathing and exercise habits will change our thoughts to a great degree, but how do we control our thoughts so that they come from our God-Self? Think about the Phoenix Bird, consumed in ashes to be reborn. Take every thought that comes and place it in the Heart of your heart. Let it burn in that purifying Light of God within. Then, the thought will return as a message from your God-Self. You will be aware of the change in thought and the appropriate action to take. Try it! You will not believe the difference in your thoughts and in your life!


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