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Composers,     works, biographies, scores, pictures, related links. updated information and essays about     the rich tradition of classic music in Brazil, whose history starts in the XVI century
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BRASILIANA is journalist Luís Antônio Giron´s page dedicated to 500     years of history of brazilian classical music, from the very beginnings, during the XVI     century, to the contemporary tendencies. We try to provide you all possible information     about this unknown aspect of a tradition more famous from its popular genders. 
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The "brazilian way" turns 200 years
Edino Krieger
Classical Avant-garde and     composes jingles
Osvaldo Lacerda
Is nationalism still worthwhile?
Portrait of a woman
German composer and pianist     Clara Schumann
Brazilian music canon
Catalogues establish the most     important works from tow periodes
Quartets of a master
A CD shows for the first time     the quartets by Lorenzo Fernandez

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It is possible to think on art in portuguese
An analysis about the origins of esthetics during the colonial period
Georg Solti: a tribute
The unexpected conductor´s death among dead celebrities
Don Giovanni, by Solti
The conductor´s testament is a fantatisc remake of Mozart´s masterwork
François Lesure discovers more about Debussy
An interview with French musicologist, the most important debussyanscholar
Two marvelous mandarins
Béla Bartók and Mario de Andrade had   something in common
The Jose Maurício Nunes García´s Biography
The musicologist Cleofe Person de Matos provides a impressive book
Alberto Nepomuceno, a song master
Singer Anna Maria Kieffer registers on CD all works by the composer from Ceará
Eric Rohmer turns Musicologist
French film director thinks about profundity of music
Bruckner continues to be a secret
Austrian composer has been more and more played, but his legacy is not yet understood
Versions of Brahms
New biographies show german composer as progressive master
Tinhorão´s "History of Urban Music"
Sociologist discovers the origins of urban music in Lisbon during eighteenth century
Magic Lantern in Bayreuth
Richard Wagner´s stage and the birth of the cinema
Bidú Sayão´s magic
Life and work of the most important brazilian diva
Martins completes his monumental Bach cycle
Pianist honors the tradition of modernity and remakes Bach in a personal approach
The Mozart from Rua das Marrecas
Know more about the great composer from Rio José Maurício Nunes Garcia (1767-1830)
Roberto de Regina records "Cancioneiro de Upsala"
Braziian harpsichordist and conductor faces the chalenge of registering the 54 villancicos from spanish XVI century
Francisco Curt Lange´s Legacy
The german musicologist who discovered a century of music in Minas Gerais
New rhythms from Bahia
Composers who write music as a kind of afro-brazilian and contemporary balance
Why is Pixinguinha a master?
The centenary of the prominent popular composer
Interpretations of Villa-lobos
New CDs with quartets and chamber music show interesting point of views
Villa-Lobos according to Michael Tilson Thomas
New World Symphony Orchestra plays the monumental "Bachianas" cycle
Carlos Gomes as composer of songs
The influence of brazilian music in Gomes´s production
Celibidache's brazilian adventures.
Who was the conductor and what connections he maintained with Brazil
French edition of "O Turista Aprendiz" cuts essential details
Translation underrated the brazilian musicologist´s work
The important musician works in a a far historical city
The organist Elisa Freixo is recuperating a colonial tradition
Sinfonia Varsovia under Penderecki seduces Municipal
Polish orchestra´s tour in Brazil is a success
Gustav Leonhardt´s esoteric virtuosism
Read about the harpsichordist recital in São Paulo
A rough "Tosca" at Municipal
The last season staging was not a good choice

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University of São Paulo´s address
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Know     more about a fantastic museum of photography
The     brazilian classical music page of Brazilian National Library!
"Concerto" magazine contains     classical program in São Paulo
Salzburg Festival page
A site for colonial composers     from Minas Gerais, by Celso Lage Paiva
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation site: music in Portugal,     publications, services
Articles about     music, arts movies etc. on Itaú Cultural Revista Eletrônica
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Concerts and Festivals Calendar
Paulus Home Page
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Unicamp Contemporary Music Documentation     Center
Verve´s site, for jazzmaniacs
Guttenberg Project provides downloads of classic books
A Dictionary of     European Languages
A tool that translates 20     languages and teach Grammar
Classical     MIDI Archives

Please contact us for suggestions and exchange of information 
© Alétheia Editora, Luís Antônio Giron, 2006

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