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Jean Barrot

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This article was the introduction to a collection of articles from the 1930's left communist journal Bilan - « Bilan » Contre-Révolution en Espagne, published by 10/18 in Paris in 1979.

The author Gilles Dauvé wrote it under his pen name Jean Barrot. The first ten sections of the article were translated into English and published as Fascism/Antifascism in Canada in 1982. (Online at that link). This translation became better known than the original French version had been, however omitting the second half of the article led to some misunderstanding of the author's purpose. A 1998 letter by Dauvé about this can be found at this link.

Dauvé returned to these ideas in a 1998 article "Quand Meurent les Insurrections...". An English translation can be found at this link on the Antagonism site.

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