Evilutions: Shadowmantium Updates: Year XLII A.S.
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Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium


Year XLIII Anno Satanas

INFERNAL EMPIRE NEWS: Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore by David Shankbone... Available from major book sellers on October 13th XLII: The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore [paperback; Scapegoat Publishing]... The Fire From Within Volume 1 by Magister Nemo... December 25th, XLII: Bearing The Devil's Mark by Magister Matt G. Paradise. Pre-Orders taken on November 23rd, Black Friday... Halloween XLII: Essays In Satanism by Magister James D. Sass... Satanism Today returns on APEC... September 1st XLII: Tribute to Anton Szandor LaVey CD... Now available for Year XLIII: The Satanic Calendar featuring Church of Satan Artists... Available September 11th: The Addams Family series volume 3... Book: Lust Magazine The Archives 2003-2006... The Devil's Diary XI... Noctigram magazine Issue 1... Halloween XLII: The Ninth Gate magazine: Volume 3 features an article and film reviews by Draconis Blackthorne... The Ghost magazine Volume 6... The High Priest plaque by Jason Leach... August 21st: Nox Arcana: Shadow of The Raven A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe... The Mephistophelian Midway featuring vintage articles on Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey... Not Like Most 16 Special 6/6/6 Satanic High Mass issue... Diabolic Publications: Diabolic Tales, The Satanic Life... plus much more at the Official Site! Regie Satanas!
  • The Black Earth: The Emerson NR303TT Heritage Series 4-in-1 Home Music System. Timeless Technology.
  • Spechtreum: Corpse Bride.
  • XII/XXII/XLII: Winter Solstice

    Winter Solstice XLII A.S.

    Dear Satanists,

    This day and night we celebrate the longest night of the year, so let us revel in the darkness as a formal gesture of occult perception and propitious Saturnalian carnal indulgence by the infernal light of the warming hell flames burning upon candle wicks and within fire pits.

    Rain, snow, wind, fog, cold and dark, invigoration and regeneration! Satan spreads His black wings across the heavens to overshadow the land with His passionate embrace, with salaciously dancing nymphs and satyrs, incubi and succubi, undulating in joyful rapport! Imbibing fine philtres and partaking in succulent feast!

    I wish you Beast Witches on this Sinister Solstice, and Merry Krampus!

    Carpe Noctum! Hail Pan! Dionysis! Lilith! Priapus! Bacchus! Baphomet!

    Shemhamforash! Hail The Night! Hail Satan!


    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    22 December, Winter Solstice, XLII Anno Satanas
    The Haunted Noctuary.
  • Infernal Empire News!: Solstice Greetings from The Magestry, COS documentary in the works, The Devil's Diary XII, Baphomet masks, and various Malefick Musick. Hail The Church of Satan!
  • Black Heart Poetry: Coming Soon... The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon. A chilling poetic anthology based on the eerie tales of this eidolic location.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Lust Baphomet.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Added several more previews.
  • Dractionary: The 666th Sense.
  • Devilutions: Oddness...
  • Malefick Musick: Added videos "Seven Dates of Hell", "Live In '85", and "The Ultimate Revenge" to Venom reviews.
  • The Shadow Gallery: 'Black Devil Shadowmancer'. The phantom emerges from the darkness displaying The Dracomet on His cloak. A personal evilution in The Black Devil characterization reflecting the alter/altar-ego of The Artist.
  • Satan's Scroll: S Magazine.
    Fangoria Musick

    XII/VI/XLII: Krampusnacht

  • Black Heart Poetry: Krampusnacht.
  • Fangoria: Reviews added. With appreciation to Zoth Ommog. Hail Satan!
  • Infernal Empire News: Baphomet & Strike bolt sigil flasks, embroidered Wolf's Hook shirts, Boyd Rice documentary, literature, art exhibition, and a U.F.O. Discussion group. Hail The Church of Satan!
  • The Blackthorne Theatre: The Satanic Rites of Dracula and White Zombie Viewing rooms added.
  • Malefik Musick: Added video accentuations to reviews.
  • Spechtreum: Mr. Bean's Holiday.
  • Spechtreum: Alice, Sweet Alice.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Descriptions within several viewing rooms added.
    The Devil's Diary XII: Halloween XLII A.S. XI/XXIII/XLII: 'Black Friday'
  • The Devil's Diary: The Nightmare before Xmas will soon be here! There have been several inquiries about when the next batch of volume XII of The Devil's Diary will be released. Another wave will be sent forth next week. Thank you for your patience!

    Contents include: Pro Wrestling: The Modern Day Psychodrama by Kyle Whittaker, Nocturnal Reflections by Michael D. Walach, Invoking Satanic Justice by Paul Hill, Kookie Kutter Kapos by Adan Flores, Let's Roll For Real! by Citizen Promethius, The Nine 'I' Statements by Kyle Whittaker, The Animal Asylum, Stages of The Pentagram; plus Noctuarium multimedia reviews, Black Heart Poetry, and much more!

    * Cover Art features "God Is Dead" by Jeff Avila.
    * Back cover Art features 'Halloween Unleashed' by Draconis Blackthorne.

    If you would like to place an order:
    * $9.00 U.S.A. / $13.00 international.
    * Contact The Editor-in-Chief for ordering information, as well as submissions for the next issue, with the deadline set to April 11th, XLIII A.S. Thank you, and Hail Satan!

    Fangsgiving: The Feast of The Beast XI/XXII/XLII: FANGSGIVING
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Fangsgiving: The Feast of The Beast.
  • Spechtreum: White Zombie, The Other.
  • Infernal Empire News: A special message regarding "Gluttony Day" from Magus Gilmore, Bearing The Devil's Mark, and several media interviews. Hail The Church of Satan.
    The Krampus XI/XVIII/XLII
  • Grimoires: The Dark Side of Xmas added to Mammon & Mistletoe. Explores the etymology and historicity of the Yuletide tradition.
  • Devilutions: The Ultimate Villain...
  • Spechtreum: Christmas Evil.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Cerberus.
  • Malefick Musick: Added The Black Pope video to The Quintessentials review. The Age of Fire has begun!
  • Infernal Empire News: Warlock Nocturnum's appearances, The Ninth Gate, and Bloody Kisses, a fangtastic vampire erotica horror anthology. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • Devilutions: The Hollyweird Years.
  • The Blackthorne Theatre: Now in their own viewing rooms for the preservation of these timeless presentations, The Halloween Tree, and Tales From The Darkside. Tales From The Darkside, Monsters, The Twilight Zone, Friday the 13th: The Series, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Werewolf, Dracula. This viewing room is periodically adding presentations as they are made available. Choice episodes from Forever Knight and Tales From The Crypt to be added soon.
  • Infernal Empire News: A Dark Art Film Premiere.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Devil Winds. "Oh great brothers of the night, thou who maketh My place of comfort, who rideth out upon the hot winds of Hell, who dwelleth in the Devil's fane; Move and appear!" ~ The Satanic Bible.
  • Grimoires: Added graphic to Manifesto of The Beast.
  • Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore by David Shankbone. An excellent and informative interview with Magus Gilmore.
  • Black Book of Shadows: The Repossession...

    Description: Here the Lord of The Flesh brings you salacious pleasures for your lustful contemplation, where a gathering of witches unite with The Devil in revels of Sabbatic folklore. From near and far satyrs and nymphs emerge in tumescent rapport, to undulate before His infernal gaze, smiling favorably as the dance of carnality unfolds... the tricks and treats are dispensed in feast and song! Pour the philtres by the fire, laugh and indulge! Take that which tempts and sin well! Strength through Joy!

    It is pleasing to see the increased proliferation of erotic costumes for this "unholy day", and devilish expressions overall, and so may this become an ardent tradition where imagination and passion compliment one another for mutual gratification!Draconis Blackthorne

    Hail Halloween! Hail Lust! Hail The Libertine! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary
    Halloween XLII Anno Satanas

    The Halloween Tree
  • Blackthorne Theatre: The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Shadow Lurker. From out of the darkness emerges this nightmarish denizen of the subconscious Abyss, to prey upon whom it may devour...
  • Infernal Empire News: Halloween Greetings from The Magestry, Representative Media appearences, Great Cthulhu rises, The Devil's Avenger in German, Satanic publications, a new message board, music from Maninblack and Smokey Deville, various web sources, and a performance provided by Darkhaus. Hail The Church of Satan.
    The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey X/XXIX/XLII
  • Malefick Musick: The Black House: A Tribute to Anton S. LaVey.
    The 9th Gate 3 X/XXVII/XLII: Full Moon
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Good Eviling... tune in every night here with your sinister host Draconis Blackthorne 'til Halloween, for a different story of the strange, the wonderfully weird, and the delightfully bizarre... pleasant nightmares...
  • Diabolic Publications: Dark Erotica story "A Date With The Devil" by Draconis Blackthorne will be included in the forthcoming Horror fiction anthology Diabolic Tales II, set to be released on Halloween!
  • The 9th Gate magazine: "Just in time for Halloween, Ninth Gate Magazine showcases VAMPIRES - including a fictional article interview with Vlad Tepes by Magister Lang, movie reviews and an article by Warlock Draconis Blackthorne, model Heather "Devil Doll" Autumn, interviews with Michelle Belanger, and The Vampire Don Henrie, Pendragon Photography, the artful photos of Madame Webb, the music of Anders Manga and Theatres des Vampires, NighteShade Jewelry, Vampire Wine, Vampire wear, Dracula Tours and all kinds of bloody goodness. This issue is a bit bigger than the rest so get a copy to sink your teeth into. Please visit The 9th Gate to order now!"
  • Satan's Scroll: Motel Bizarre by Stephanie Crabe.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The IIIrd Annual Coffin Rust Halloween print.
  • The Devil's Diary XII: Halloween XLII A.S.: The deadline has been met, thank you to all who have contributed to this issue! Now in the final stages of completion, You can pre-order yours now.
  • Grimoires: What Is Satan?, & Manifesto of The Beast.
  • The Shadow Gallery: The Legend of Cousin Shy.
  • Black Heart Poetry: It Was A Halloween Evening... From Halloween With The Addams Family, with a concluding addition by Draconis Blackthorne.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: A Crapulous Experience.
  • The Black Earth: The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. Play / Theatre.
  • Sinemaerotica: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: The Joke's On You! Another recollection provided for your contemplation.
  • Spechtreum: Frankenweenie, a boy genius and his dog; and Vincent.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Greetings! Folder added to Photograph section featuring various oracles by Blackthorne Productions, as submitted by others. If you would like to contribute to this section, please send your photographs in either .jpg or .gif format via myspace email, or email Warlock Blackthorne. Either product shot only and/or active usage. Also, any interesting, mysterious, Magical, and otherwise anomelous stories regarding their use would also be most appreciated. Thank you for your participation! HAIL SATAN. ~ DB.
    Halloween Witch by Coop X/I/XLII
  • Grimoires: Added a Halloween section, including Halloween, the herd, & The Satanist, Halloween Compendiam, and All Hallow's Ev'n.
  • The Black Earth: Added a Dining section, featuring restaurant and repaste reviews. These are mostly from The Archives, and are by no means a complete list of various meetings and locations, some of which will remain secret. More will be added as they are experienced and recalled.
  • Anti-xian: Added a couple of amusingly blasphemous essays from The Archives, including When I Saw A Nun..., and Hail The Inverted Cross. To preserve perspective, please read The Introduction to this section.
    IX/XXVII/XLII: Full Moon
  • The Shadow Gallery: Halloween Unleashed. The myriad Halloween masks of Satan invoked from the Jack O' Lantern, as a veritable "Pandora's Box" of delightful horrors for fun, fear, and fascination. Print Available for $16.66. Contact The Artist for ordering information.
  • IX/XXIII/XLII: Autumnal Equinox
    Dearest Satanists,

    Halloween Baphomet / Samhain Returns...From creaking gates ajar by howling winds, it is that special Magical time of year again, when the dark side rises to overshadow society with joyful ghoulish celebration, when all those delightful spectres dance 'neath moonlight and candlelight, casting fearsome reflections in the minds of those who playfully partake of our constant bounty.

    The first Fall storm has come forth, cleansing the land from remmus proliferation, setting the course for evocative phantoms emerging from rictus-laden jack o' lanterns which invigorate and resurrect. The myriad masks of Satan reflecting the beast within... Bats and cats and rats and snakes and spiders and skulls... vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghosts pour forth from within its fetters with echoing laughter, screams and moans...

    Rejoice! The most wonderful time of the year is nigh, for fun, fear, fascination and dread, for "unholy-day" indulgence in fine confections and philtres sublime, in manifold delectible carnal delights! Celebrate the mysteries of life!

    Hail Halloween! Hail Satan! SO IT IS DONE.

    Draconis Blackthorne In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
    The Haunted Noctuary
    Autumnal Equinox, 23 September, XLII Anno Satanas

  • The Shadow Gallery: Samhain Returns... Die Elektrischen Vorspiele 11"/17" Photo Glossy stock. $18.00 Poster. Your choice of any other Shadow Gallery prints are available for $13.00 each. Contact The Artist for ordering information.
  • Infernal Empire News: Autumnal Greetings from The Magestri, the annual Coffinrust Halloween print!, The Black House Tribute to Anton S. LaVey, The Satanic Calendar announcement, various tricks and treats from Evening Eclipse & Femaledictions, music from Natassja Noctis, Maninblack merchandise, ample swedish erotica, a memorial candle, and a plethora of Germ Books + Gallery events & products. Hail The Church of Satan!
  • The Black Earth: Magister James Mitchel action figure, Red Devil Pizza.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Haxan, Witchcraft Through The Ages.
    The Devil's Diary

  • The Devil's Diary XII reminder: Deadline for submissions is October 13th, XLII. Accepting essays, interviews, multimedia and product reviews, horror and erotica fiction / non-fiction, art, poetry, Lesser and Greater Magic experimentations, and adventures. Contact the Editor for submissions. Thank you!
  • The Malefik Musick Nox Arcana page has been linked from the Nox Arcana official site in reviews. Hail Satan!
  • The Blackthorne Theatre: New scrolling configuration.
    Nox Arcana: Shadow of The Raven IX/VI/XLII
  • The Shadow Gallery: Ragnarok, Magus Gilmore & Wolf Hook.
  • Nox Arcana: Shadow of The Raven.
  • Infernal Empire News: Lust Magazine, The Ghost, a musical textbook, a devilish Art Exhibition, and Satanism Today continues! Hail The Church of Satan.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: In Search of... The Devil. Features a Church of Satan segment with an interview and ritual footage with Magistra Barton. Disregard the christian kooks, media sensationalism, and occultniks.
    The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Gilmore VIII/XXVII/XLII
  • The Shadow Gallery: The Black Pope LaVey Tribute II.
  • Satan's Scroll: The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore.
  • The Devil's Web: Added The Gates of Hell. Features artwork and descriptions from Satan's Tarot.
  • Dark Art Interview with Draconis Blackthorne, by Satanic Artist Storm of Art on You Studios.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Anton LaVey statue by Arkham Studios.
  • Infernal Empire News: Satanism Today premiere episode on APEC. The show returns wherein Rev. Harris discusses Pentagonal Revisionism, and principles of Lesser and Greater Magic. Update 9/1: Downloadable 8/23 episode now available!
    Nightmare Alley poster in The Music Room at The Black House VIII/XIII/XLII
  • Spechtreum XII : Full Film Noir reviews as well as brief commentary on Nightmare Alley, Dr. Eldritch's Magic Bullet, Saturday's Children, The Reformer & The Redhead, Callaway Went Thataway, Betrayal From The East, and The Story of Mankind.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Death Scenes. A compilation of clips featuring the musical score from Magus Peter H. Gilmore's Threnody For Humanity.
  • Satan's Scroll: Literature review section updated with new banner and configuration.
  • Blackthorne Productions: Improved and accentuated Satan's Ouija II: Pentagram design now available! For aesthetic contemplation and subconscious invocation. Open the floodgates to the daemon within...
  • Infernal Empire News: Magus Gilmore on Point of Inquiry, Rev. U.V. Ray delivers the Satanic perspective in The New Statesman, The High Priest Sculpture by Jason Leach. Hail The Church of Satan!
    Ninja VIII/VI/XLII
  • Lucifer's Labyrinth: Ninja. Documentary on these enigmatic and timeless shadow warriors.
  • Blackthorne Productions: As of this writing, Dracomeroth will temporarily cease sales through Blackthorne Productions due to a deal with a new publisher, which will yield greater distribution. More news on a re-release as it becomes available. HAIL SATAN!
  • DB Evilutions: Animal Asylum.
    VII/XXIX/XLII: Full Moon
  • Spechtreum: The Monster Squad.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Realdolls. "Guys & Dolls" British documentary on these prototypal Artificial Human Companions.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Pumping Iron.
  • Spechtreum: Hell: Our Fear & Fascination.
    White Wolves: Televangelists VII/XVIII/XLII
  • Lucifer's Labyrinth: Added 'Televangelists' & 'The Witch Craze' to The Blindlight Gallery.
    Enter The Labyrinth
    Lucifer's Labyrinth
    VII/XIII/XLII: Friday the 13th

  • Lucifer's Labyrinth: Multimedia Museum of Occultural Curiosities. The Gates are open. Intended as an educational multimedia resource presented in a stimulating psychodramatic style, which will be comprised of three sections to display duality, and the Satanic Third Side perspective:

    I. Satanic Tribute to Iconoclasts. Documentaries, biographical information, and personal reflections on various writers, artists, and philosophers who have been influential in prodding evolution forward.

    II. The Satanic Panic Archive. An anthroplogical preservation of the 'Satanic Panic' era. Cultural archaeology / misanthropology.

    III. Blindlight Gallery. Will display white-light insanity and spiritual fundamentalist death-cult mentality.

    It is an ongoing section, and will grow according to information accumulated, and further visual 'tricks and treats' discovered.

    [To experience the aesthetics of this section properly, adjust your browser size to appropriation]

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Draconis Blackthorne
    Warlock, Church of Satan

  • Infernal Empire News: Magus Gilmore on 20/20 & Magick Mind!, The Quintessentials, Maninblack performance, Nightmare Sinema, an Australian Metal Horror Festival event, and... Lucifer's Labyrinth! Hail The Church of Satan!
  • KNAC: King Diamond's Give Me Your Soul... Please review included.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: Quills. [R]
  • Spechtreum: Lucifer's Labyrinth: Opens July, Friday the 13th, XLII A.S. Multimedia resources of a darkened persuation.
    VII/VII/XLII: "The 7th Day of July, 1777"
  • Malefick Musick King Diamond: Give Me Your Soul... please.
    VII/IV/XLII: Lucifer Day
  • United Satanic America: If there was ever any doubt, provided is a compendium of atheistic, de-facto statements uttered by the Founding Fathers of The United States. Symbolically, as Lucifer represents liberty and independence, so is this day especially deemed in honor of this archetype. As The Light-Bearer, preserve this activity in perspective as fireworks blaze and indulgence is enjoyed. Hail The Great Satan.
    Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock 'N' Roll VI/XXVII/XLII
  • Spechtreum: Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock 'N' Roll. [Satanic Panic Archives]
  • Spechtreum: A&E Biography [documentary]. A collection of media about devil-worshipping serial killer 'The Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez. A fascinating case. [Satanic Panic Archives].
  • Black Heart Poetry: Black Sun.
  • Infernal Empire News: Solstice Greetings from The Magestry, Maninblack performance, candle sets, get your reptiles!, and Germ Books relocation. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Rev. Harris on the Conte & Kenny Show.
  • DB Evilutions: The Devil House.
  • Malefik Musick: Aphrodite's Child: 666, Vangelis: Heaven & Hell.
  • Malefick Multimedia: Added "Ballads" playlist; labelled Lust, Destruction, & Compassion differentiations to categories.
  • Infernal Progeny: Where The Wild Things Are animation added.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: Playing With The Devil...
  • The Black Earth: New title logo added.
  • Spechtreum: The Devil's Rejects.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Dracomet IV.
  • Magister Nemo on 'Brotherhood of The Beast': Direct MP3 link] | [Guest Page.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: An Interview With Magus Gilmore from 'Sinfully Delicious'.
  • DB Evilutions: Dungeons & Dragons, Pumping Iron.
  • Spechtreum: Mazes & Monsters.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: 6/6/06 Retrospective.
  • The Black Earth: High Mass review.
  • Blackthorne Theatre: The Omen. Nativity: Damien Thorn, on 6/6, 6:06 am.
    Stages of The Pentagram VI/III/XLII
  • Grimoires: Stages of The Pentagram. Evilutionary stages in Satanic development.
    V/XXXI/XLII: Full Blue Moon
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: On the use of holograms for entertainment and military applications...
  • The Black Book of Shadows: Lucifer's Lottery.
    The Scream by Edward Munch V/XXVII/XLII
  • Dractionary: F.C.I. Fear Crystallization Inertia.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Celluloid Pedestals.
  • The Black Earth: Travels in Hell.
  • DB Evilutions: Bibliophilia, Lucifer's Library, The Day The Devil Won The Pumpkin-Carving Contest, Warlock on Campus!.
  • Infernal Empire News!: Literature from Magister Nemo {The Fire From Within}, Diabolic Publications {The Satanic Life, Witch Scarlet Duperre}, Warlock Blackthorne {The Devil's Diary}, Warlock Vernor {The Ninth Gate}, Art exhibition from Carl Abrahamsson, horror cinematography recommendations {Casa Negra}, Gausten {Prong: The Early Years}, and music from Cotton Ferox. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • Spechtreum: Dreamscape {Thriller}, Bean {comedy}, Bewitched {comedy}.
  • DB Evilutions 1: The Karate Kid.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Devil Mother.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Sloe Gin Recipes.
  • Spechtreum News: Vampira: The Movie {documentary}, Mr. Bean's Holiday {comedy}.
    V/IX/XLII: Extra L.A. Alternative magazines for sale!

  • L.A. Alternative: Vol. 5, No. 26, May 26 - June 01, 2006

    While organizing materials, I found these four extra copies, and have decided to offer these to those who wish to possess this magazine from the 6/6/6 events.

    Featured article: "Satan Goes To Hollywood" on The Satanic High Mass by Evan George. Photos by Thomas Hargis.

    Blurb: "As 6/6/06 draws near, so does the first ever international convergence of Satanists, the brainchild of Satanic priests / PTA parents Bryan Moore and Heather Saenz."

    * Condition: New/Excellent. All text and images are crisp and clearly legible. Price: $20.00 each. First come, first served. Copies available: Three. Payment Method/s: Cash, Check, or Money Order. Contact: WarlockBlackthorne@yahoo.com for additional ordering information.

  • Sinemaerotica: The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai.

    Walpurgisnacht XLII Anno Satanas

    The Infernal Juggernaut looms ever forward in this Age of Fire, encompassing The Black Earth, inevitable and omnipotent, as testament by these deeds:

    The Satanic Mass of 6/6/06, marked Our 40th Anniversary, and yielded an historic proclamation to the world that The Church of Satan is the only true repository for Satanism, while the herd remained in stuporstitious fear, we Satanists wielded these dark energies to our benefit, for amusement and empowerment. Soon, the reverberations of this mighty memento vivendi shall be possessed as a tribute to Our vitality. The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

    From undefiled wisdom gained, aphotic experience materializes The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Gilmore, veritable epistles of stanchion gnosis.The Black House Tribute CD

    The Black House Tribute to be materialized for the perpetual remembrance of Our Founder, shall bring forth potent sonic evocations that shall echo into etheric timelessness, conjured by the Nucleus of creation.

    So with pride and Power of this Elite Cabal, the essence of The Dark Force moves and permeates, and by these incarnate devils, forming realities as we see fit!

    Hail The Infernal Empire! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Draconis Blackthorne
    Warlock, Church of Satan
    Walpurgisnacht, XLII Anno Satanas

    Blackthorne Theatre

  • Blackthorne Theatre: For your enjoyment, enter this darkened Theater of Nightmares and Dreams where the dark musus are evoked. Provided are some personal favorites which I feel deserve a special realm for enduring preservation. Previews which may motivate the viewer towards their possession, as well as entire presentations for infernal amusement.

  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Addams Family & The Munsters: A Satanic Observation.
  • Infernal Empire News: Walpurgisnacht Message from The Magestri, Satanism Today Walpurgisnacht special announcement, The Black House Tribute CD news, The Sentinel magazine premiere, an Erotic exhibition from Carl Abrahamsson, Joe Coleman Art Exhibition, Cthulhuphile comics, Feral House at UCLA, and Evil T-Shirts! Hail The Church of Satan.
  • Malefick Media: Three scenes from the film The Devil's Rain added.
    The Devil's Diary 11 IV/XVIII/XLII
  • The Devil's Diary: Volume 11 is now available! Contents Include:

    Black & White Magic: The Stupidity Continues... by Paul Hill, Interview with Artist Emage Diakon, Interview with Zoth-Ommog of GrotesquEuphoria, Anton Szandor LaVey / Church of Satan Tribute Rite by Draconis Blackthorne {Ceremony}, Schrott by Jan Welke {Linguistics}, Name Manipulation by Tier Instinct & Jan Welke {Lesser Magic}, Recipes From Hell by Michael J. DeLuca Jr. {Ghoulinary}, Apportation by Draconis Blackthorne {Greater Magic}, plus Noctuarium Multi-Media reviews, Black Heart Poetry, and The Black Earth reviews.

    * Cover Art: "Dreifaltigkeit" by Emage Diakon.
    * Contact The Editor Warlock Blackthorne for ordering instructions.
    * Order Form.

    IV/XIII/XLII: Friday The 13th
  • The Black Earth: LaVey Day XLII A.S.
    The Black Pope by Draconis Blackthorne
    IV/XI\XLII: Anton Szandor LaVey...

    That name resonates through the ethers as well as in the brains and sinews of those whose respect he has gained, inspiring fear or reverence according to the contemplator.

    Daemon Szandor, incarnate zietgeist inspiring and motivating those of like-mind towards undefiled evolution in the higher incarnation of the Self. Your words emblazoned in the mind, opens the gates of Hell within. Your music echoes through the mists of time, evoking the darkly dancing muses from the subconscious Abyss.

    You wear the the immortal Mantle of Devildom with reason and delight, with pleasure and with might! By the carnal altar, the crash of a gong with candles aglow into the night!

    Shemhamforash! Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!
  • Infernal Empire News: Magus LaVey Birthday Tribute, Weird Art, Ragnarokia, Maninblack, Darkhaus Theatre presentation, & a film event recommendation. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • The Devil's Diary: Thank you to all who contributed to Issue 11: Walpurgisnacht XLII A.S. The deadline was met. Deadline for Issue 12: Halloween XLII A.S. is October 13th, XLII A.S. Contact Warlock D. Blackthorne for ordering instructions, submissions, and subscriptions.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Devil-Father, Daemon-Brother.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Speak of The Devil.
  • Malefik Musick: Magus LaVey's Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse rendition by Le'rue Delashay.

  • The Shadow Gallery: Draconis Blackthorne Baphomet. Customized Baphomet with the lightning bolt pentagram and the brimstone sigil, symbolizing the black flames of Hell burning from within.

  • The Devil's Web: The Art of Isabel Samaras. This artist demonstrates an admirable grasp of the satantric under-current of mass subconcious erotica, harnassing those lustful energies into evocative crystallizations.
  • Coven: Black Mass: MP3 [15.3 MB] link from Coven's "Witchcraft" album, Circa Year V A.S. While not actual Satanic litany, there are certain elements included wherein the performers were obviously influenced by Le Messe Noir from The Satanic Rituals. Provided here for entertainment purposes. Enjoy.
    Malefik Musick playlists
    IV/III\XLII: Full Moon
  • Malefik Multimedia: Instrumental/Orchestral/Classical, Goth/Rock, & 'The Devil In Metal' Musick playlists created, accompanied by videos from various genres.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Beaster.

  • The Devil's Diary: Issue 11 is nearing completion. contact the Editor, Warlock D. Blackthorne for submissions, subscriptions, and ordering information. Deadline for submissions to Issue 11 is April 11th, XLII A.S.
  • Infernal Empire News!: Magus Gilmore Interview, a marvellous LaVeyan media resource of aesthetics and literature, the return of The Satanic Calendar Project!, Christian Death returns from the grave, the underworld rises, and a source of Horror genre discussion. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • Spechtreum: Nightbreed.
  • Malefik Musick: Jan Not Jackson.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: "Foo-Foo, I know thy name, and it is lepus."
    Blackthorne Theatre
    ~ P R E S E N T S ~

  • Now Showing: Midnight Offerings | Rawhead Rex. A diabolical and ghoulish double-feature.
    Spring Equinox XLII A.S.
    A Tribute to The Four-Crown Princes of Hell

    THE H E L L E M E N T S

    The ebbs and flows of The Black Earth churn and twist, casting up shadowy forces as tempestuous tapestries ornament the sky...

    The crashing of the waves to call forth Leviathan! Cthulhu! Jormungander! Kraken! From the depths of the seven seas, and the swirling black waters within the blood, responding in kind to eachother's call, released from brinish gates and murky grottoes to arise from darkness to the gloom above, graceful all, floating in perpetual phantom thrall.

    Meet the gaze of Lucifer's light upon the water's crest, Lord of Darkness and Infernal Enlightenment, carries the hellfire torch of reason and liberty. The Daemonic Genius at The Western Gate bids the bold come forward to partake of forbidden delights; thou blacklight angel beautiful in countenence, inner guide upon the left-hand path of undefiled wisdom and strength. The Devil's breath courses as rushing winds through valleys and canyons, root and branch, plains and mesan ridge. By 666 & 13, alight the day and night!

    Welcomed be Belial, Black God of the quaking earth, Thy Might knows no bounds! Leering from caverns of flesh and bone, rock and stone! In thy bosom does life spring forth in opalescent splendor, revealing hidden treasures, from caves with snakes and bats teeming from the womb of creation, timeless regeneration. Megalith propagate with devil's seed, bathed in elemental flow, the giant shifts and cycle grows.

    Adjoined as one, Satan is The All! From legends come alive made real by the imagination. Portal of the mind to and from Hell. The living devils walk the land with earthen feet, incarnate sinew and flesh. The squall and howling beasts, a flash connects ether to land, sublime materialization ignites the lightning bolt in brilliant illumination, life force animus of creation, immortal reverberation.

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Draconis Blackthorne
    Warlock, Church of Satan
    March 21, Spring Equinox XLII A.S.

  • Infernal Empire News: Equinox message from The Magestry, a Memoriam, Rev. Harris on the Conte & Kenny Show, sociological & aesthetic literature, malefik musick, an Underworld Satanic Gathering, and a shadowy theatre presentation. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • Malefik Musick: Type O Negative: Dead Again.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: The Draconian Doppelganger.
  • Spechtreum VIII: The Pick of Destiny.
  • Trump Zero: Misanthropic poetry and psychodrama from the "Defective Orchestra" of Citizen Shea Garrity.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Space Penal Colonies. [R]
  • Infernal Progeny: Aaagh! It's The Mr. Hell Show!, Halloweentown. [G]
  • Sinemaerotica: The Swap, Torrid 2: Without A Cause. [X]
    The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. GilmoreIII/IX\XLII
  • Infernal Empire News!: The long-awaited The Satanic Scriptures release from Church of Satan High Priest Magus Peter H. Gilmore, a Malefik Musickal release, and underground theater events. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • Spechtreum III: The Believers.
  • Sinemaerotica: The Devil's Ecstasy, Valmont, Dark Prince: Intimate Tales of The Marquis DeSade, Traci, I Love You, Flesh Gordon, Lord of The G-Strings: The Femaleship of The String, Sexual Magic. [X]
    BlackThorne Productions III/VI\XLII
  • The Shadow Gallery: BlackThorne Productions / Industries logo. Inspired by 'Thorn Industries' from The Omen III.
  • Spechtreum: The Omen: Legacy.
  • Malefik Musick: Shadow Project: Dreams For The Dying.
  • Satan's Scroll: Not Like Most 16: Special Satanic High Mass Issue.
  • Anton Szandor LaVey Gallery: Photograph #54 added. An impressive image of Our Founder.
  • The Black Earth: Haunt X. Extreme Halloween Expo.
  • Grimoires: Modern Frankenstein: The New Age of The Clones.
  • Anti-xian: A Weakan Critique. The recent positional transition in Salem, Massachusettes inspired this transcription from the veritable 'anti-weaka' edition of The Devil's Diary, circa XXXVI A.S. This is a rare addition to the essence of Le Messe Noir, considering that there certainly are those who necessitate a psychodramatic purging from this blindlight variation. It has been placed in this section because it ultimately contains the same underlying elements with mere terminological differences.
  • Spechtreum Sinemaerotica: Night With A Vampire, Heather Hunted, The Adventures of Max Hardcore. [X]
  • Dractionary: Hellement, Hellementals.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Satanist Warning Sign.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Schabarum.
  • The Shadow Gallery: King Diamond / Mercyful Fate Portrait Frame.
  • Malefik Musick: Draconis Blackthorne's review of Bred To Be Your Enemy has been added to the GrotesquEuphoria site.

  • The Shadow Gallery: Pentagon Baphomet.
  • Infernal Empire News!: Various fine publications, Boyd Rice & Joe Colemen art, Theory & Practice additions, a Quintessentials Interview, and Noir Film!
  • Spechtreum XI: Emmanuel vs. Dracula, The Witches of Breastwick, Spiderbabe. [X]

    II/I\XLII: Candlemas Eve, Full Moon
  • Black Heart Poetry: Satan's Hollow graphic added.
  • Spechtreum XI: The Aristocrats.
  • Malefik Musick: GrotesqueUphoria: Bred To Be Your Enemy.

  • Black Heart Poetry: The Frost, The Haunted Forest.
  • Spechtreum: Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Black Earth: The Haunted Forest.

  • Black Heart Poetry: Red Storm. Perceived this enigma recently upon contemplation of the wonderful Winter weather.
  • Malefik Musick: Added credits graphic to The Quintessentials and Stutthof: ...And Cosmos From Ashes to Dust.
  • The Shadow Gallery: C2C custom banner.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: The Legend of Haunted Turnbull Canyon.
  • Infernal Empire News!: Several splendid publications, from fiction to photography to religious tradition, Magister Lang's Wolf's hook rune ring now available!, a viewing pleasure, and a Memoriam for Yvonne DeCarlo.
  • Order of The Black Dragon: For fantoms of the Horror genre and Death Metal, Grotesque Euphoria's performance on Fangoria Radio is now available for listening in the archives, and on their official site. Both parts in the band's news section. Our congratulations to COS/OBD member Zoth-Ommog for this accomplishment.
  • The Black Earth: Castle Rubelia.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Added art for The Musical Garden, Nine Spiders, The Devil's Fog, and Lucifer's Wind.
    Fangoria Radio

  • Order of The Black Dragon: OBD Member and fellow Church of Satan Citizen Zoth Ommog's band "Grotesque Euphoria" played a tremendous performance on Fangoria Radio hosted by Dee Snider and Debbie Rochon, this past Friday night 1/5/XLII from 10pm-1am. There may be another opportunity to hear a re-broadcast of this show on Fangoria Radio's website. As a special note, an interview with Elvira in the archives!
  • Black Heart Poetry: Lucifer's Wind, The Devil's Fog.
    I/I\XLII: Satanic New Year XLII A.S.
    Satanic New Year XLII Anno Satanas

    Tonight we lift a toast to success, celebrate our accomplishments, and Hail the Infernal Blessings of the pleasures we have experienced, are experiencing, and have yet to experience! We look fondly upon what has been, and look forward to the mysteries and wonders yet to be!

    Another cycle is completed, opening yet another Hell Gate as symbolized in the ancient Ouroboros serpent in its infinite wisdom; and in Satan enthroned as The Infernal Trinity gazing at past, present, and future in one.

    May this year bring continual Victory and Indulgence, as it has been and shall ever be!

    To paraphrase our illustrious Founder, Strength through Joy! Take that which tempts whenever you can, and "sin" well!

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Draconis Blackthorne
    Warlock, Church of Satan
    1st January, XLII Anno Satanas

  • Infernal Empire News!: New Year's Greetings and commentary from Magus Gilmore. Hail The Church of Satan.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Nine Spiders.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles: Black Devil.
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