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Achilles to Azura

Achilles Greek warrior who fought in the Trojan War, among heroes such as Ajax, Odysseus, and the Forgotten One. Though having been dipped in the River Styx had rendered him invulnerable, he had a vulnerable spot upon his heel, which Paris of Troy used to slay him. Afterwards, Ajax the Greater slew himself when Achilles' armor was given to Odysseus. -Avengers#300. No relation to the Pantheon member also called Achilles.

"Aduum" The Celestials' word for man. -Eternals (v.1)#7

Aeaea The island home of Sersi, where she met Odysseus and his crew.

Aeneas Famed Trojan warrior from the epic poem Aeneid, who wandered the Earth and the Underworld following the great Trojan War. At some point during his travels, he met and befriended the Forgotten One. -Avengers#300

Agdistis Roman earth goddess who Cybele was sometimes mistaken for. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3

Agent 6 Kro's alias while impersonating an official of the KGB. In this identity, he armed Communist agents with advanced weaponry with which to steal from local banks. -Marvel Universe#5

Aginar A Polar Eternal who disguised himself as an aide to Valkin in his guise as General Vulcanin of the Soviet Military. Aginar had little love for his Olympian Eternal "cousins", and with Zarin and Ikaris, battled the Delphan Brothers in Olympia, when they attended the Ritual of the Uni-Mind. Aginar fought for Olympia during its invasion by the Olympian gods led by Zeus, and aided Zuras in combat. In the time following Zuras' death, Aginar was among the Eternals chosen to form the Uni-Mind which has left Earth to seek out a higher meaning for their race. -Eternals (v.1)#11, Thor#291, Avengers#248

Agrom Reject member of the alien Djade Clan, and son of Vlon, who was captured by the Chosen and made to fight in their arena against the super-hero Archangel. After being defeated by him, Agrom was traded for Marvel Girl, and later aided the Beast in infiltrating the City of the Chosen and rescuing the other members of X-Factor. Agrom possesses superhuman strength. -X-Factor#45, 48-50

Aguilar Institute Supposedly benevolent organization which is secretly a branch of the Damocles Foundation. The Aguilar Institute came to aid the town of Almost Reno, New Mexico whose residents had been made infertile by radiation. Under the direction of Odysessus Indigo, they implanted residents with a combination of Mutant and Deviant DNA, resulting in children with radically unstable genetic structures. Until the Foundation can determine what had gone wrong with the experiments, they have placed the entire population in their custody. -X-Force#86

Ahqlau A female Deviant with green skin who was one of Kro's co-conspirators and a friend of Yrdisis. In reality, she was spying on Kro on behalf of Ghaur, and oversaw the attempt to turn Margo Damian into a Deviant. -Eternals (v.2)#2, 5, 7, 9-10

Air Shuttle Small Deviant craft that docks upon larger Raiding Crafts. Kro sent Sersi and Margo Damian to his flagship inside of one, and later brought Thena to Lemuria with it. -Eternals (v.1)#5-6, 8

Ajak Polar Eternal born to Rakar and Amaa, and brother of Arex. With Arex, they were known in Greece as Ajax the Greater and Ajax the Lesser. 2500 years ago, he was among the band of Eternals who fought Kro's forces in Babylon. The Aztecs believed Ajak to be their god Quetzlecoatl, and the Incas worshipped him as Tecumotzin, Lord of Flight. He wore his Incan uniform more often than any other. Immediately before the coming of the Third Host, Ajak met the Norse god Thor, and fought alongside him against Dromedan. In the time of the 3rd Host, Ajak served as their communicator, acting as their voice to the people of earth. When Odin, Vishnu and Zeus challenged the Celestials, Ajak warned them that any retaliation would result in them destroying the paths that connect their home dimensions to earth. Alongside Zuras, Ajak arranged the flight plan that the Celestials used to leave earth, and then put himself and his work unit into storage as atoms within the City of the Space Gods, to await their eventual return.

When the 4th Host arrived, Ikaris awoke Ajak and his crew, and they once more served as communicators. Ajak befriended Dr. Daniel Damian, and let him live in the City. He had another encounter with Thor when Thor came to the City, intending to free a airplane the Celestials had captured. Ajak opposed him, but Thor won their battle. When Zuras called for the Uni-Mind, Ajak left the City, and ultimately found himself battling Zeus, who saw the Eternals as the Celestials' pawns. Ajak was also a part of the Uni-Mind that joined Odin in his assault on the City of the Space Gods. Presumably, Ajak only did so because Zuras commanded. Following the 4th Host's departure, Ajak was among the Eternals captured by Brother Tode in his plan to drain their immortality, but he was set free by Iron Man IV. When the Eternals chose to travel to outer space as a Uni-Mind, Ajak joined them, but eventually, he returned to earth and resumed his watch over the City of the Space Gods alongside Dr. Damian. However, when Dr. Damian's daughter was slain by the Deviants, he went mad, and used Celestial technology to transform Ajak into a monster, and sent him out to slay the twin children of Thena and Kro. Along the way, Ajak slew many sets of twins, unable to find the two Damian wanted. After the Eternals restored Ajak to his true form, he was so grief-stricken that he chose to disintegrate himself, along with Dr. Damian. -Eternals (v.1)#2-4, 7, 12, Thor Annual#7, Thor#284, 291, 300-301, Iron Man Annual#6, Avengers#248, Eternals: The Herod Factor

Ajax In Ancient Greece, Ajak and Arex were known as Ajax the Greater (Ajak) and Ajax the Lesser (Arex). In Greek Mythology, Ajax the Greater was a hero of the Trojan War, who committed suicide when the armor of Achilles was given to Odysseus instead. Ajax the Lesser also fought in the Trojan War, and was slain by Neptune for his stubborn pride. -Fantastic Four Unlimited#10.

A'Lars A'Lars was born in the Eternals' original earth capital, Titanos, to Kronos and Daina. His brother was Zuras. Following the death of their father, A'Lars and Zuras held the first Uni-Mind to determine which of them would rule the Eternals of Earth. Though A'Lars was well loved, Zuras had the people's favour. Knowing that remaining on earth would spread disorder, A'Lars exiled himself to the moon of Titan, where he found Sui-San, the sole survivor of the exiled followers of Uranos. With her, he founded the Eternals of Titan, and took the new alias Mentor. Another of his wives was Kazantra, in later years. A'Lars is the father of both Eros and Thanos, as well as an untold number of Titan's population. -Captain Marvel#29, What If (v.1)#25

All-Father Title held by Valkin, ruler of the Polar Eternals. It is also a title held by Odin of the Norse gods. -Eternals (v.1)#11

Alpha Craft Powerful vessel built by Kronos, used only by the Prime Eternal, and only in dire emergencies. Thena forced Karkas to launch the Alpha Craft, and she flew it to the defence of Kro in his battle with Ikaris in the Pacific Ocean. -Eternals (v.2)#4

Alpha Day The day upon which the Celestials will judge mankind. -Eternals (v.1)#7

Amaa Mother of Ajak and Arex. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#1

Huscar Amaru Father of Tupac. Huscar is a squatter in Peru who gave the totem containing El Toro Rojo to Tupac. -Avengers#370

Mara Amaru Mother of Tupac. El Toro Rojo saved her from an attack by cruel enforcers. -Avengers#370

Tupac Amaru Autistic child from Peru who was given the totem containing El Toro Rojo by his father. Tupac is able to communicate telepathically with Toro, and can exchange places with him, for a limited amount of time. He tries to keep Toro in line as a hero. -Avengers#370-371

Anabolicus An Unlimited Class Wrestler who Enigmo II fought. -Avengers#370

Andes Mountains South American mountain range which hides the City of the Space Gods. Proctor also maintained a base here during his attempts to slay the Avengers. -Eternals (v.1)#1, Avengers#363

Angar the Screamer David Alan Angar, a former radical activist, was bionically enhanced by Moondragon with the advanced technology of Titan to serve as one of her agents. He fought Daredevil and the Black Widow for her before becoming a petty criminal, and ultimately being killed after a bank hold-up. He had the power to transform his voice into powerful waves of sonic energy that usually caused others to hallucinate. -Daredevil#100-101, 105-107

Angel Warren Worthington III, a mutant super-hero. He first met Sersi years ago at a party of his grandfather's, and was surprised to find that she was the same age when he attended a recent costume party. -Eternals (v.2)#8

Ani-Mates Bird-shaped totems Ceyote brings to life for use in battle. -New Eternals#1

Anti-Mind Name for a joining of Deviant mind-power with which Ghaur planned to challenge the Celestials. To this end, he captured several Eternals to force a Uni-Mind joining, but was defeated by Thena's children, Donald and Deborah Ritter. -Heroes For Hire#5-6

Anti-Terrigan Compound Chemical mist created by Mr. Fantastic which can reverse the effects of the Inhumans' Terrigan Mist. Maelstrom successfully stole a copy. -Marvel Two-In-One#71

Apocalypse Long-lived mutant known as an External, born approximately 5000 years ago. Much like the Eternals and Deviants, he has been mistaken for many gods, including Set, Sauru, Huitzilopochti, and Kali-Ma. He came into conflict with the Eternals at some point, and battled Thena and Ikaris, who thought he had perished. He has made use of some Celestial technology, including Ship, who was his base of operations for several centuries. He has often feared retaliation by the Celestials, and has made preparations lest they ever strike. Recently, Apocalypse set off an explosion which has made the Deviants turn bestial and restored Virako to life. He hopes to bring the Eternals into his plans regarding the survival of the fittest, and placed Karkas under his mental control, but Ikaris defeated him. -X-Force#37, New Eternals#1

Apocryphus The Last Eternal. Apocryphus is from some point far in the future, and serves as one of Kang's Anachronauts. He is apparently the son of Sersi. Apocryphus was apparently slain by Immortus in his attack on Chronopolis. -Fantastic Four Annual#25, Avengers Annual#21-22, Force Works#18, Avengers Forever#3

The Apostate Alias of the Dreaming Celestial. -Heroes Reborn: Ashema

Arena of Combat Location in Lemuria where Deviant Rejects and Mutates are sent to combat one another to the death. Ransak built his reputation as a "Killing Machine" here. He and Karkas were saved from a life and death in the arena by Thena, who brought them to Olympia. -Eternals (v.1)#8-10

Arena of the Ages Gladiator ring in Olympia. Ransak sometimes holds battles here. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Arena of the Chosen Arena located within the City of the Chosen in which alien Rejects are made to battle each other while the Chosen place wagers on them. The super-hero Archangel was made to fight in the Arena, but was rescued by his team-mates in X-Factor. -X-Factor#45, 49-50

Ares In Greek Mythology, the god of War. In Roman Mythology, he is called Mars. There is an unidentified Eternal who has been mistaken for him in the past. Ares joined Zeus' attack on the Eternals, but he was defeated by Ikaris. -Red Raven Comics#1, Thor#289, 291-292

Arex A Polar Eternal, son of Rakar and Amaa, brother of Ajak. With Ajak, they were known as Ajax the Greater and Ajax the Lesser in ancient Greece. He accompanied Ikaris on his mission to New York to force Sersi to return to Olympia, and participated in the battle against Maelstrom. Recently, he was captured by Ghaur in his attempt to form the Anti-Mind, but was set free by the Heroes For Hire. -Avengers#361, Starblast#1, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes For Hire#5

Argonite Radioactive element which, for some reason, Hyperion can be slain by. -Squadron Supreme#1

Argos An Eternal who monitors the computer banks at Olympia. -Eternals (v.2)#9

Argos the Hunter Deviant who serves in Sword, the defensive arm of the Damolces Foundation. Argos is an agile fighter, and armed with a staff that fires cosmic energy. He and the rest of Sword were devolved into lizards by one of the Gatherers. -X-Force#83-84, 97

Arishem The Judge Leader of the 4th Celestial Host to Earth. Arishem also accompanied the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Host to Earth. Arishem's task was to wait 50 years to judge the planet, and pronounce judgement using the runes inscribed upon his thumb. However, he was interrupted by the attack of Odin and the Eternals, and nearly judged against the Earth's favour, until Gaea offered the 12 "Young Gods" to him. He ultimately chose in Earth's favour, and took the Young Gods with him when the 4th Host left Earth. He was also among the Celestial Host that judged against the planet Pangoria for 50 years, and directed Exitar to re-shape that world. At another alien planet Arishem judged, he was assaulted by members of X-Factor, who used the power of the Phoenix to destroy his right hand, making him unable to pronounce judgement. Ultimately, Arishem did not pass judgement on this world, because his true purpose had been to force its inhabitants to judge themselves. Many centuries ago, Arishem made use of the Brethren in pronouncing sentences upon other worlds, but he ultimately drove them from his service. -Eternals (v.1)#2-4, 7, 12, Thor Annual#7, Thor#284, 291, 300, What If (v.1)#23, Eternals (v.2)#8, 12, X-Factor#48-50, Thor#387-389, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, Fantastic Four Annual#23, Quasar#24-25, Avengers#339, Marvel Comics Presents#102, Fantastic Force#7, Fantastic Four#400, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4, X-51#11. An alternate reality version of Arishem appears in What If (v.1)#32.

Arlok One of Uranos' closest followers, Arlok was exiled from earth. He was among the founders of the Eternals of Uranus, but while attempting to return to earth, he was killed by the Kree. From the dissection of his corpse, the Kree ultimately created the Inhumans. -What If (v.1)#26-28

Armechadon Homeworld of Tantalus' empire, formerly named Arqa. From the Tower of Tartarus, Tantalus ruled over the Deviant people there, until his exile to Earth 25,000 years ago. In recent times, when Tantalus made his return to Armechadon, he found that in his absence, a freedom force led by Blackwulf III had sprung up, and this Underground Legion, alongside their Earthly counterparts, defeated him there. -Blackwulf#8-10

Arqa Home planet of Tantalus. After bringing Nirvana to Arqa as his bride, Tantalus re-named the world Armechadon. -Blackwulf#9

Arthur Student at the Maryland Institute of Technology who, with Rusty, made a robot of the Hulk to serve as team mascot. However, the robot came to life and rampaged away. -Eternals (v.1)#14-15

Ashema The Listener A Celestial sent to force Franklin Richards to choose whether to save the new Counter-Earth he had created or not. Ashema assumed the form of a human female for her task. Ultimately, Counter-Earth was preserved inside of Ashema, rendering her comatose. She exists within the globe as a mortal woman. -Heroes Reborn: The Return#1-4, Heroes Reborn: Ashema, Heroes Reborn: Doom, Fantastic Four (v.3)#25-26

Astarte Rogue female Eternal who helped found the Damolces Foundation alongside Electryon. Astarte attempted to trick Danielle Moonstar into losing her powers, but was thwarted by X-Force. -X-Force#93, 97

Astron One of Uranus' followers, and leader of the Eternals of Uranus. He perished when Deathurge destroyed the dome protecting them. -What If (v.1)#26-27

Astronauts Specially trained Deviant warriors who were sent to destroy the mothership of the Celestials with an immense bomb. However, the One Above All teleported all three of them into a NASA space shuttle, and, unable to operate it, they crashed into the Pacific Ocean and died. -Eternals (v.1)#13

Athena In Greek Mythology, the goddess of Wisdom, also known as Minerva in Roman Mythology. Thena of the Eternals was often mistaken for her, and changed her name from Azura to help seal the bond between the Eternals and the Olympians. Athena and Thena fought during the Third Host. -Thor#289, 291-292

Athens City in Greece named for Athena, but built under the direction of Thena the Eternal. In 404 B.C., in the conclusion of the Peloponesian War, Athens was conquered by the Spartans, an act Thena could have prevented. This created a long-lasting friction between her and Sersi. -Eternals (v.2)#6

Atlantis City founded 21000 years ago. During the time of the 2nd Host, the people of Atlantis, led by King Kamuu, went to war with the Deviants. When the Deviants turned their energies upon the arriving 2nd Host, the Celestials unleashed a cataclysm which sunk both Atlantis and Lemuria. The sunken remains of Atlantis were re-populated with a new water-breathing race of Atlanteans, who remain in command to this day, most often ruled by Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. -Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23

Atlas In Greek Mythology, the man who held up the world. The Forgotten One claimed that humans once mistook him for Atlas due to his great strength. -Thor#288. The true Atlas appeared in Thor (v.2)#7. He should not be confused with Steve Rand, a Hollywood stuntman who became insane after a disfigurement (Werewolf by Night#22-23) or with Erik Josten, the former super-villain Goliath, who served as a member of the Thunderbolts.

Atlo An Eternal who took part in the gladiator matches during the Olympic Games. He was a friend of Ikaris'. -Thor#287

Atom-Displacer Massive device located in New Lemuria which was said to be able to slay Eternals. -Thor#286

Atom Shield Barrier which surrounds the City of the Space Gods in order to prevent intruders from finding the city. -Eternals (v.1)#3

Atomic Reassembler Device created by Sigmar which receives people who have been captured in a dimension cloud and restores them to human form. -Eternals (v.1)#18

Atra Human priest from the lost continent of Lemuria who served the Deviant empire 20,000 years ago. In an attempt to conquer the Deviants, Atra recovered the Serpent Crown and tried to kill Emperor Phraug, but found that Phraug was immune to the assault. As he and Phraug grappled for the Crown, Atra was killed when the Celestials unleashed the Great Cataclysm that sank both Lemuria and Atlantis.-Marvel Team-Up Annual#5, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23

Attila the Hun Vicious warrior of the past who was brought to the present by Zakka to serve as a Time-Killer, but was defeated by Karkas. Sersi knew Attila in ancient times, and considered him more entertaining than the Deviants. -Eternals Annual#1

The Augean Stables In Greek Mythology, one of the Twelve Labours of Hercules was the cleaning of the filthy Augean Stables. However, it was actually the Forgotten One who performed this labour. Hercules wondered for centuries who had stolen his fame. -Thor#291

Aurelle A young Eternal who, until recent events, had not seen Ikaris for nearly 200 years. In her human guise, she appears as a young blonde woman, and tours nightclubs. In her true form, her skin is silvery and her head glows. She suggested to Ikaris that they adopt their "New Breed" identities, and took the alias "Sparx". -New Eternals#1

Auto-Boxers Remote-controlled robots used by Eternals for amusement. Thena and Zuras were holding a game when Makkari interrupted them with news of a Deviant attack. -Eternals (v.1)#5

The Avengers The world's most famous team of super-heroes. Sersi, Starfox and the Dreaming Celestial and Blastaar, and fought the Deviants on many occasions. Notable members of the Avengers include the Black Knight, Captain America, Captain Mar-Vell, Dr. Druid, Hercules, Sub-Mariner, and Thor. -Avengers#246-248, 308-310, 370-371, Eternals (v.2)#12

Axti The High Priest of Kepiquatzl. Axti served Kro during his invasion of Brazil, but was defeated by Makkari. -Captain America Comics#2

Azura The name Thena was born with. Zuras changed her name to resemble that of Zeus' daughter Athena as a show of respect. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#11

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