Val-Or to Colonel Vulcanin

Val-Or Mutant member of the Moloid race, capable of communicating telepathically. Long thought to have reached an evolutionary dead end, Val-Or's abilities proved that the Deviants had not created wholly alike creatures. -X-Factor Annual#3

Valkin Polar Eternal, father of Druig, brother of Virako, uncle of Ikaris. Valkin is known by some as the "All-Father", and served as the leader of the Polar Eternals. Valkin witnessed the destruction of the Dreaming Celestial, and constructed the Pyramid of the Winds to contain the Vial and "the Weapon", and gave instructions to Ikaris to always guard them. Before the 3rd Host, Valkin met and befriended Thor, and joined him in battle against Dromedan. When Virako was slain as as result, Valkin adopted Ikaris as his son. Just as the 3rd Host arrived, Valkin removed Thor's memories of the Eternals, to keep him from interfering in the Celestials' affairs. In the 20th Century, Valkin assumed the alias of "Colonel Vulcanin" in the Soviet Military. Following the death of Zuras, many Eternals turned to Valkin as their leader, even though Thena was next in line. This leadership problem was resolved when Valkin chose to lead most of earth's Eternals into space as a Uni-Mind. -Eternals (v.1)#11, Thor Annual#7, Thor#291, Iron Man Annual#6, Avengers#247-248, Marvel Universe#6

El Vampiro Eternal with Mexican features who masquerades as a vampire in his role as a wrestler in Los Angeles. He has a human wife named Maria. El Vampiro was prevented from answering the call to the Uni-Mind during the 4th Host when El Toro Rojo assaulted him, and injured him badly. He was saved by Thor. -Thor#290

Vanderpont Estate Mansion where Kro infiltrated a costume party, hoping to assassinate Tim O'Leary. However, Makkari was also in attendence there. -Captain America Comics#1

"Uncle Vanya" Makkari's nickname for Valkin when he would play "Colonel Vulcanin". -Marvel Universe#6

Varua Mira, born in 1405 on Ruk Island, Polynesia, and joined the Young Gods in 1419. She possesses telepathy, teleportation, and can summon a joining of minds similiar to that of the Uni-Mind. After being presented to the Celestials by Gaea, Varua was brought to the Celestial Mothership with the other Young Gods, and made the pupil of Katos. She and Daydreamer do not get along, due to Varua's desire to act as leader. -Thor#300, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#101-102, 106-109

Veeg Hairy Deviant in the employ of the Damocles Foundation. Veeg secretly aided Sledge, Ulysses Dragonblood, Arcadia Deville, and X-Force in entering the Foundation's Amazon headquarters, using the teleportation devices there. -X-Force#97

Velsarius Six Planet whose consortium believed that the Celestials come from outside the multiverse. This belief was different from the Xch'tul Hegemony, and the two races destroyed each other in battle over their dogmas. -Fantastic Four Annual#26

Veron Father of Makkari, and a member of the Technologists' Guild. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#7

The Vial Small vial within which the 2nd Host placed the essence of the Dreaming Celestial. To protect it, Valkin sealed the Vial up in the furtherest recesses of the Pyramid of the Winds, in an area where it could not be broken into. Only Ikaris' signature could release the door containing the Vial, but the Deviants got around this by obtaining a sample of Ikaris' essence. Ghaur used the Vial's energies to gain the power of the Dreaming Celestial, but ultimately, the Eternals and the Avengers returned the essence into the Vial and Thor sealed it tight. -Eternals (v.2)#5-7, 9, 11-12

Vimana Vessel with which Tantalus flew to Earth in an attempt to conquer it. However, The Celestials exiled Tantalus and his cohorts to the Earth, and the star-drive to the Vimana was ruined. Ultimately, Tantalus used a star-gate in order to return home to Armechadon. -Blackwulf#6, 8-9

Queen Vira Queen of the Deviants and wife of Brother Tode. Vira accompanied her husband in his invasion of Olympia, and was re-cast into a stone block along with all the other Deviants present, then shot into space by the Uni-Mind. -Eternals(v.1)#1, 3, 8, Thor#286, Iron Man Annual#6

Viracocha Name that Virako known as by the Incans. -Thor Annual#7

Virako Father of Ikaris, brother of Valkin, husband of Tulayn. Virako is a Polar Eternal who participated in his people's missionary work to lesser cultures. He was mistaken by the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl. Before the 3rd Host, Virako met Thor, and journeyed with him for a while, but during a battle with Dromedan, Virako sacrificed his life by creating a nuclear explosion to destroy the World-Devouring Worm. With Virako dead, Valkin assumed the role of father for Ikaris. Centuries later, Virako was revived by a bomb set off by Apocalypse, and has taken up residence in Olympia, despite his dislike for Ikaris' rule. -Thor Annual#7, New Eternals#1

Vishnu Head of the Hindu gods. Vishnu stood with Zeus and Odin against the 3rd Host, but was forced to promise not to interfere to keep his home dimension from being cut off from earth. After the Celestials slew Odin, Vishnu was among the gods who helped Thor revive him. -Thor#300-301

Brother Visara Deviant with insect-like eyes who rose to power after the death of Brutus. Taking advantage of his people's paranoia, Visara introduced the "Slicer", and encouraged the Deviants to seek out the followers of Ghaur and Kro and put them to death. Ultimately, Visara was torn apart by the Deviants after his own status as a leader was revealed. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Vlon Alien Reject, father of Agrom. Vlon was once the most powerful telekinetic in the Djade Clan, under a "Jammer" destroyed his mind. He now spends his days staring across the landscape from atop a tower, playing with a toy doll. -X-Factor#44-46, 48

Vogue A popular American fashion magazine. One of its models attended a party of Sersi's. -Eternals (v.2)#3

Vulcan Roman name for Hephaestus. Phastos was sometimes mistaken for him. -Red Raven Comics#1

Colonel Vulcanin Alias that Valkin assumes when he is serving as a member of the Soviet Military. Druig, Zarin and Aginar have all assumed roles alongside him. As Vulcanin, he aided Makkari in recovering information on Kro's whereabouts, and attempted to prevent General Greshkov from launching an attack on the Celestials, but failed. -Eternals(v.1)#11, Marvel Universe#6

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