Earth-Demons to Eyung

Earth-Demons Servants of Lord Gaea during ISAAC's take-over of Titan. The Earth-Demons were composed of rock and earth. - Captain Marvel#59

Thane Ector Leader of the Brethren. Sibyl Dorn loved Ector, though he found himself attracted to Sersi during his invasion of earth. With Sersi's aid, Ector was somehow able to form a Uni-Mind to destroy the Collector after learning the truth about his people, but the extreme mental effort killed him. -Avengers#334-339

Effigy Alias adopted by Lt. Velmax, a Deviant Skrull who became stranded on Earth in 1947, possibly while pursuing the Skrull-Prime. Adopting the identity of a human, Jacob Scott, Velmax remained on the Earth for decades, and became one of the founding members of the First Line, though he did not disclose his true nature to his allies. Effigy sacrificed his life attempting to destroy a fleet of Skrulls planning to invade the Earth. -Marvel: The Lost Generation#12-1

Egg-Shaped Vessel Vehicle Makkari chose to transport himself, Ikaris, Sersi, Margo and Dr. Holden back to New York in. It was wrecked by the Hulk Robot. -Eternals (v.1)#14-15

Ego Enormous entity that is as large as a planet. Ego is of an unknown age, but has claimed kinship with the Elders of the Universe. He has complete control over his body's surface, and can travel through space. Ego's greatest foe is Galactus, whom he has tried to destroy several times. Ego was also responsible for devouring the Black Galaxy. Some time ago, Ego was examined by the Celestials while undergoing a metamorphosis, and has since gone mad, seeking out other world to bring them to "life". -Thor#449-450

Ego-Prime Entity created by Tana Nile of the Rigellians, using a sample from Ego. Ego-Prime grew into an entity of itself, resembling Ego, before being defeated by three of the Young Gods, who gained their powers from contact with him. Ego-Prime was last seen as a captive of the Stranger. -Thor#198, 201-203, Quasar#14-15

El Dorado Underground city founded by Incas who escaped the assault of the Spainish Conquistadors. The great focus of the Doradians was their Flame of Life, which came from Deviant technology. During the Mole Man's war with the Deviants, the Doradians attempted to conquer Moloid territory, but were stopped by Stingray and the Sub-Mariner -Avengers (v.1)#30-31, Incredible Hulk#240-242, Namor Annual#1

Electric Whip Whip crackling with energy which is used to discipline gladiators in Lemuria. Ransak, however, did not fear it. -Eternals (v.1)#8

Electryon Rogue male Eternal who helped found the Damocles Foundation. Electryon carries a hammer through which he channels cosmic energies. -X-Force#93, 97

Master Elo Ancient Eternal, the "grooviest of the gurus". Elo is nearly 1000 years old in Eternal years. Makkari spent a year learning from Master Elo how to better control his speed-born powers, and thereafter, became considerably faster. Elo was captured by Deviants for study, but was rescued by Makkari and Quasar. -Quasar#12

Elysius Artifical life-form created by ISAAC, and based on the DNA of the Eternals of Titan. Elysius was granted telepathic powers by ISAAC and a pair of winged lions to aid him in his take-over of Titan. However, when Elysius met Captain Mar-Vell and fell in love with him, she aided him, Drax and Rick Jones in opposing ISAAC. After ISAAC's defeat, Elysius accompanied Mar-Vell to earth while he adventured. When Mar-Vell ultimately fell victim to cancer, he asked Eros to guard Elysius for him before dying. However, Elysius released Eros from this vow so that he could resume his frolicking. Sometime after that, depressed by the loss of her love, Elysius impregnated herself with Mar-Vell's DNA and gave birth to a son, Genis. Genis was genetically engineered to age rapidly so that he would be able to defend himself, and Elysius raised him on Paraxis, a secluded planet. At some point, she befriended the Silver Surfer, and acquired a duplicate pair of Nega-Bands for Genis. She was killed by the resurrected body of Mar-Vell, but was later resurrected due to alterations in the timeline made by Genis. -Captain Marvel#59-62, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1-3, Incredible Hulk#245, 247-248, Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel, Avengers#230, Silver Surfer Annual#6, Cosmic Powers#4, Captain Marvel (v.2)#2, 5-6, Warlock (v.4)#1, Captain Marvel (v.3)#32, Captain Marvel (v.4)#15-18

EmlotAn Eternal of Titan, priest of Shao-Lom and a servant of Mentor. It was Emlot who recovered young Heather Douglas from earth, after her parents were slain by Thanos. He brought her to Titan, and took charge of raising her, as she eventually grew into the heroine Moondragon. -Daredevil#105

Empathic Bonding Crystal Twins crystals that Thena and Kro exchanged. When they hold them, they are able to summon mental pictures of each other. Thena abandoned hers in Olympia after losing the mantle of Prime Eternal. -Eternals (v.2)#2,4-6, 9

Enemy Triumvirate Name the Deviants gave to Grotesk, Tyrannus and the Mole Man when they opposed them in their attempted conquest of Subtearannea. -Avengers Annual#20

Energy Bomb Immense vessel with an enormous payload designed to destroy the Celestial Mothership. Three Deviant Astronauts were assigned to fly the Bomb into the vessel, but the One Above All teleported the Forgotten One aboard, and he detonated the Bomb before it could strike. However, a twin vessel, staffed by the Deviant Priesthood, was successful in infiltrating the Mothership during the battle. -Eternals (v.1)#13, Eternals (v.2)#11

Energy Screen Field of energy which protects Deviant spectators during gladiator battles. -Eternals (v.1)#9

Enigmo Alias used by Cataphrax as an Unlimited Class Wrestler. -Eternals (v.2)#1

Engimo II Alias used by an unnamed Deviant who is also an Unlimited Class Wrestler, and had once been a gladiator. Enigmo II has the power to reform his body after parts of it are separated from him. He joined Kro's Delta Force to help rescue the Avengers. -Avengers#370-371

Enkidu In Babylonian Mythology, Enkidu was the god of fresh water. When the hero Gilgamesh became tired of his reign, his people introduced him to Enkidu, and the hairy beast-like man became Gilgamesh's companion on his journeys. But after they fought the Bull of Heaven and slew it, Ishtar demanded retribution, and Enkidu was chosen to die. Gilgamesh became despondent, and feared his own mortality. -Captain America Annual#11. Enkidu may have been a Deviant.

Entro-Pist Name used by the alien Rejects to descibe a Reject whose power is to make objects explode with their mind, such as Zharkah. -X-Factor#43

Erishkigel Female Deviant with pale white skin and large black wings. In ancient times, she was mistaken for Hecate, and for Erishkigel, the Queen of the Dead in Babylonian Mythology. Erishkigel also has the power to change her appearance to resemble a human. After Kro failed to destroy the 4th Celestial Host, Erishkigel journeyed to the City of the Space Gods, disguised as Lisa, a flight attendent. Her mission was thwarted by Thor and Ajak. Some time later, she assumed the identity of "Holly Steckley", an alias which had previously been used by Moondragon when she infiltrated Quasar's office. As Holly, Erishkigel hoped to steal the Starbrand, a nearly limitless source of power which Quasar's secretary Kayla Ballantine possessed. After travelling with her across the universe, Kayla finally gave it to Erishkigel, and she then attempted to conquer the multiverse by invading the Nexus of All Realities. The Living Tribunal was unable to stop her directly, and chose the Silver Surfer as his avatar. Erishkigel chose Quasar, but when Quasar realized who he was championing, he allowed the Surfer to win. Erishkigel disintegrated herself to try and keep the Living Tribunal from taking the Brand, but she was unsuccessful. -Thor#283-284, Quasar#30, 35-50. The Babylonian Death-Goddess Erishkigel appears in Thor Annual#10; You can read an in-depth profile of Erishkigel at Snood's Appendix.

Eron Name which Eros was born with. His mother and father had it changed to Eros when he was five, when they first noticed his ability to control emotions. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#10

Eros One of the last children of Mentor and Sui-San, and younger brother of Thanos. Eros was born under the name "Eron", but his parents changed his name when he was five, noticing his ability to control the emotions of others. Eros became known on Eart at some point as a hero, but his adventures during this time have not been disclosed. Alongside his father, he has stood against Thanos over the years, and against the take-over of ISAAC. He became good friends with Captain Mar-Vell when he aided them against Thanos, and promised to care for his lover, Elysius, after his death, but Elysius released him from this vow so that he could resume his adventures. Journeying to earth, he decided to join the Avengers, and they gave him the alias "Starfox" to control the public's perception of him. Eros has the power to control the emotions of others, mainly women. Although his powers are not as fully developed as Earth Eternals, he does possess a long lifespan, the ability to fly, superhuman strength, and can breathe in outer space. -Iron Man#55, Daredevil#105, Captain Marvel#27, 29, 31-32, 34, Warlock (v.1)#12, Captain Marvel#58-62, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1-3, Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel, Avengers#230-231. Eros should not be confused with the son of Aphrodite and Ares from Greek Mythology, whom his parents re-named him for. See Starfox for Eros' other appearances.

Eson the Searcher Member of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Celestial Hosts on Earth. Eson usually carries an immense staff, whose purpose is not known. Upon the palm of his hand is the Universal Eye, a scanning instrument. During the 4th Host, he investigated Miami Beach, nearly causing a panic. He then visited Lemuria, and simply by passing his hand through the city, Eson caused a catastrophe that decimated Lemuria, killing untold Deviants. It took many years for Lemuria to be entirely re-built. He also stood alongside the 4th Host against the combined might of the Asgardians and Eternals. -Eternals (v.1)#7, 9-10, Thor#300, What If (v.1)#23, Fantastic Four Annual#23, Thor#423-424, Marvel Comics Presents#102, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4

The Eternal Seat Seat of power in Olympia, from which the Prime Eternal sits in the Temple of Command. -Eternals (v.1)#5, Eternals (v.2)#1

Eternals Sub-race of humanity created by the Celestials. There are Eternals in other dimensions, as evidenced by Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme, and Eternals of other worlds, such as the Over-Mind, last Eternal of Eyung, and Ultimus, the last Kree Eternal. The Eternals of Earth have lived in many cities over the years- Titanos, Olympia, Polaria and Oceana, and exiled Eternals have founded colonies on Titan and Uranus. On Earth, the Eternals are ruled by the Prime Eternal, which has included Zuras, Thena, and Ikaris, the current Prime Eternal. Though the existence of the Eternals became public knowledge during the 4th Host, those events have since been removed from the memories of most humans, and to this day, the Eternals live in isolation from the world, though they have immersed themselves into earth's culture, and participated in many of the earth's legends and myths. Initially, the Eternals' powers were only that of flight, and a long-lifespan, but following the experiments of Kronos, the cosmic potential within their cells was realized, and most Eternals now possess the additional powers of energy projection and manipulation, matter control, superhuman strength and endurance, and total control over the cells in their bodies.

Known Eternals Include: Aginar, Ajak, A'Lars, Amaa, Apocryphus, Arex, Argos, Atlo, Astarte, Aurelle, Ceyote, Cybele, Daina, the Delphan Brothers, Domo, Druig, Electryon, Master Elo, the Forgotten One, Helios, Ikaris, Interloper, Khoryphos, Professor King, Kronos, Makkari, Mara, Oceanus, Perse, Phastos, Pixie, Psykos, Rakar, Sersi, Sigmar, Sprite, Kingo Sunen, Thena, Titanis, Tulayn, Uranos, Utnapishtim, Valkin, El Vampiro, Veron, Virako, Zarin, and Zuras. -Other Eternals appear in Eternals (v.1)#2-5, 9-12, 14, 18, Thor#287-289, 291-292, 300-301, What If (v.1)#23, Iron Man Annual#6, Iron Man#179, Avengers#246-248

Eternals of Titan Colony of Eternals settled by Uranos and the exiles who followed them, after their vessel was damaged by the Kree. Ultimately, Uranos and his men turned on each other, and exterminated one another. Only Sui-San survived the holocaust. She was then found by A'Lars, who had recently exiled himself from earth. With Sui-San, he re-built and re-populated the planet. Unfortunately, they bred Thanos, who brought war back to Titan. Even after Thanos left the planet, he continued to haunt their memories, and he left behind Sui-San, dead. Since then, A'Lars, now called Mentor, has ruled alone, and re-built the planet following recent sieges by Thanos and the planet's own computer system, ISAAC. Thanos' first attack upon Titan saw the deaths of over 100 Eternals, including Sui-San. Thanos' second attack reduced the population to only 19 men and women. It is not known how many Eternals of Titan there may be at present. The Kree hero Captain Mar-Vell spent his last days on Titan, and was buried by their people, and the Avenger Moondragon was raised there with the monks of Shao-Lom.

Known Eternals of Titan include: Demeityr, Dionysus, Elysius, Emlot, Kazantra, Mentor, Shastra, Starfox, Sui-San, Thanos, Thyrio, and Tycho.- Other Titans appear in Captain Marvel#29, 60-61, What If (v.1)#28, Silver Surfer (v.3)#37, 52, 67, Cosmic Powers#4, Avengers: Celestial Quest#4, Captain Marvel (v.4)#16-18

Eternals of Uranus Colony of Eternals settled by Uranos and the exiles who followed him. Arriving on Uranus, the exiles found a Kree outpost, manned by Intergalactic Sentry#213. They destroyed him, and of the followers, Astron remained to establish a base while the others, led by Uranos, journeyed back to earth. However, the Kree caught up to their vessel and damaged it, causing them to land on the moon of Titan. The Eternals of Uranus enjoyed a life of scientific pursuit, until 1000 years ago, when the Grand Unified Theory of Everything was determined. Having unlocked all the secrets of the universe, the Eternals of Uranus became bored with life, and sought their own deaths. Though they were temporarily placated by the arrival of Dr. Horace Grayson and his son, who they equipped with the Quantum Bands, making him Marvel Boy- they ultimately succumbed to despair, and implored Deathurge to set them free. He complied, shattering the dome that protected the colony, killing them all.

Known Eternals of Uranus include: Arlok, Astron, Dava, Denga, Lilli, Shastra, Thyrio and Uranos.- Other Uranian Eternals appear in Marvel Boy#1, Astonishing#5, What If (v.1)#26-27, Quasar#2. See also: Eternals of Titan.

Eternals Technology Although the Eternals have created many sophisticated vehicles and devices, their powers have made most technology needless to them. Some of their creations include: Alpha Craft, Atomic Reassmbler, Auto-Boxers, Bands of Judgement, Battleship, Central Processor, Cerebral Energizer, Cosmic Gyro, Deviatron, Dimension Cloud, Egg-Shaped Vehicle, Empathic Bonding Crystal, Expedition Craft, Force-Transmitter, Gestation Chamber, Grav Rocket, Gyrotronic Coordinator, Harpoon Net, Hippocratis' Nutrient Bath, Holo-Projector, Holo-Transmitter, Hyperspatial Communications, Hypo-Spear, Ice Runner, I.L.V., Image-Translator, ISAAC, ISAAC-Prime, Life-Baths, Lifters, Link-Up, Molecular Recording Tablet, Molecular Transmitter, Neutralizer Helmet, Prism of Knowledge, Pyramid of the Winds, Reaction Bombs, Sanctuary II, Sensia, Sensia II, Sersi's Mirror, Servo-Mechanisms, Sky-Sleds, Sunrise Pyramid, Sunset Pyramid, Symbo-Nullifier, Unifier, Unisphere, and Universal Language Equalizer.

Eternians Alternate name for the Eternals of the planet Eyung. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9

Eternity Tree Large ash tree that grows on Titan in an immense garden. While he controlled the Cosmic Cube, Thanos attempted to slay Captain Mar-Vell, Iron Man and Eros within the Tree. During ISAAC's conquest of Titan, the Eternity Tree nearly died, but with ISAAC's defeat, Dionysus was able to restore it to full health. -Captain Marvel#32, 59-60, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#2

Eternus Alternate name for the planet Eyung. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9

Exitar the Executioner Celestial who is summoned when a planet is judged unworthy by Arishem. Exitar dwarfs the other Celestials incredibly. His task is to terraform unworthy worlds into new, fertile planets. As Exitar participated in the Celestials' conflict with the Watchers, he was opposed by members of the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Force, and was driven away from the battle after being assaulted by the Invisible Woman. He has on two occasions created a Replicoid, upon the occasion of his encounters with Thor and the Invisible Woman. -Thor#387-389, Fantastic Force #7, Fantastic Four#400

Expedition Craft Vessel created by the Eternals of Titan, and commanded by Stellarax on his attempted conquest of Earth. It's greatest asset was it's Death-Ray, which could destroy the entire planet. After Stellarax's defeat, Captain Mar-Vell, Drax the Destroyer, Rick Jones and Gertie flew the vessel back to Titan, but it was damaged, and left behind on Saturn's Rings. -Captain Marvel#59-62, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1

Expedition Plane The plane that Dr. Damian, Margo Damian and "Ike Harris" flew to the City of the Space Gods inside of. Ikaris teleported the plane to New York to escape an attack by Kro's Raiding Craft. -Eternals (v.1)#3

Explorers Club Exclusive Club in New York where Makkari brought together Dr. Druid, Zawadi and Ulysses Bloodstone -the Monster Hunters- to brief them on Mutate activities. -Marvel Universe#4-5

Eyung Planet dominated by an extremely war-like race of Eternals who considered combat to be the most important pursuit for their immortal lives. The Eternals of Eyung built a vast intergalactic empire, but were almost all lost in battle with the Gigantians, who destroyed the planet Eyung after the Eternals had similiarly destroyed their planet Gigantus. The only survivor of Eyung is the Over-Mind, their greatest warrior, who possesses the total mental power of the billions of Eternals. -Fantastic Four#115, Quasar#16

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