Napuka to Nolem

Napuka Polynesian island which was attacked by the Molten-Man Thing, who rose from a volcano. Fortunately, Makkari was vacationing there under the alias Frank Harper, and he defeated the creature by leading it into an air tunnel. -Tales of Suspense#7, Marvel Universe#4

NASA American-based space agency. NASA astronauts Terry Parker and Matt Durgan were sent to investigate the Celestials' Mothership in an advanced shuttle designed to take pictures of the ship. However, the shuttle was crashed by Deviant Astronauts, and the two men returned in an advanced craft used by the Forgotten One. -Eternals (v.1)#13. That same craft may now be found in Area 51.

Nauda Celtic god, and member of the Fomorians, called "Nauda of the Silver Hand". Over time, Nauda became a rogue god, and sought to conquer all life with his "black stones", and turned his wrath upon the Young Gods when they unknowningly destroyed a robot he had created. After the Young God Sea Witch had a precognitive flash regarding Nauda, the Celestials sent the Young Gods to Earth to stop Nauda, and, by becoming the Uni-Mind, they were able to do this. -Marvel Comics Presents#101-109

Neanderthal Man Zakka used a Neanderthal Man from the past as part of his "Time-Killers". -Eternals Annual#1

Nebula Daughter of the criminal Warlord Zorr, and apparent granddaughter of Thanos. Nebula has engaged in many schemes, including the theft of Sanctuary II, and an attempt to conquer the Skrulls. Thanos has neither challenged nor affirmed her relation to himself, but the Eternals of Titan found that she does not possess any of his DNA. Following one of her defeats, Starfox had her imprisoned on Titan, but she has since escaped, and is still at large. For a time, she was converted into a cyborg, but she has since reclaimed her original appearance. -Avengers#257-260, 311, 314-318, Avengers West Coast#48, Silver Surfer (v.3)#38, 45, 67, 69-74, 110, Infinity Gauntlet#1-6, Silver Surfer Annual#5, Nova (v.3)#1

The Negative Zone Dimension often ruled by Annihilus and Blastaar. While attempting to make repairs to Olympia, Sprite accidentally transported the entire city to the Negative Zone, where the Eternals found Blastaar, who destroyed them all with his energy blasts. However, the Eternals were able to re-create themselves later, thanks to their powers of molecular control. -Avengers#308-310

Prosecutor Nelson Prosecutor who was trying to jail the "Murder Mob". He got a hand from Makkari. -Captain America Comics#1

Nero Roman Emperor whose madness led the entire city of Rome being burnt down. Sersi was there at the time, and Makkari had to rescue her. -Eternals (v.1)#4

Netheria Portion of Atlantis which was not utterly destroyed by the Deviants and Celestials' assaults during the Great Cataclysm, but was instead brought below ground to Subterranea. Netheria is populated by a culture of lost Atlanteans to this day, often ruled by Kala, lover of the Mole Man. -Tales of Suspense#43

Neural Beast Creature of unknown origin that Sigmar kept in his lab at Polaria. It probes the minds of victims to uncover their secrets. Sigmar used it to learn from Ikaris where the "Weapon" was located. -Eternals (v.1)#18

Neutralizer Helmet Helmet built by Zuras to contain the mental powers of Dromedan. Unless the helmet is on his head, Dromedan cannot be safely defeated. -Eternals (v.1)#16-17, Thor Annual#7

New Breed Name that the Eternals briefly used as part of their plan to appear as super-heroes to the public. -New Eternals#1

New Lemuria City built below New York inside of a subway tunnel, to temporarily replace Lemuria. Brother Tode and Kro ruled this city, and defenses included Metabo, Belts of Bemusement, an Atom-Displacer, and an Implosion Device. A Rail-Jet was included for Brother Tode's escape. -Thor#286-287

Nezarr the Calculator Member of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Celestial Hosts on Earth. During the 4th Host, Nezarr examined the Soviet Union, and was targeted by an atomic missile directed by General Greshkov. However, Nezarr created an illusion in the minds of the firing crew that the missile had turned back at them. The resulting mental trauma put all of them into comas. In opposing the Asgardians, Nezarr lost his arm in battle with the Destroyer, armed with the Odinsword, but he re-grew it almost instantly. Nezarr was also among the delegation of Celestials who waged war against the Watchers. -Eternals (v.1)#7, 9-11, Thor#284, 300, What If (v.1)#23, Fantastic Four Annual#23, Thor#423-424, Marvel Comics Presents#102, Fantastic Four#400, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4

Nikoh Member of the alien Reject Djade Clan, and son of Boomer. Nikoh has the power to generate fire. -X-Factor#45-46, 49-50

Nina Alias Truth assumed while posing as Malcolm Stromberg's niece. -Quasar#21

Nirvana Deviant woman from the planet Tebbel. Nirvana was the daughter of Khult, and like him, was an astronomer. Due to experiments performed by Khult, Nirvana was genetically perfect. When Tebbel was invaded by Lord Tantalus, and he found that his "black legacy" could not harm her, he took her as his wife, and began conquering planets for her love. Nirvana bore him four children, one on the eve of each conquest. The first three, which included Pelops and Id, were genetically perfect, but the fourth, Lucian, was born with a birthmark. Fearful of giving birth to more monsters, Nirvana took her life. However, Tantalus refused to let her die, and encased her within a field of his Black Legacy upon a balcony of the Tower of Tartarus on Armechadon. Suitors wishing to free her from the black legacy began to spread up, leading to the resistance movement headed by various Deviant men all named "Blackwulf". Even on Earth, where Tantalus had been exiled, each of his sons took up the Blackwulf mantle. Ultimately, Nirvana was put out of her misery by Lucian, who absorbed the Black Legacy field around her, allowing her to finally die. -Blackwulf#8-10

Njeak Clan Clan of alien Rejects who captured Marvel Girl. Their members include Graw, Murke, and Spak. -X-Factor#43-45, 46, 48

Nolem Human who served the Deviant empire prior to the Great Cataclysm. As the retribution of the Celestials was felt throughout Atlantis, Nolem slew Queen Zartra, considering her a traitor. King Kamuu responded by killing Nolem. -Sub-Mariner#63, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23

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