Wakanda to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Wakanda African nation currently ruled by T'Challa, the Black Panther. The Deviants bred Dinosaurs that they released into the mountains of Wakanda, leading the Wakandan woman Zawadi to meet Ulysses Bloodstone. Recently, a Deviant woman, made pregnant by Ghaur, came to Wakanda and gave birth to a daughter, which set off an armed confrontation between Wakanda and Lemuria, when Wakanda's ruler, the Black Panther, refused to surrender the child. Ultimately, the Wakandans produced falsified information claiming that the child had been slain in a collapsed building, and the war was called off. -Marvel Universe#4, Black Panther (v.3)#26-29

Wall-Screen Communication device kept aboard Deviant Raiding Crafts. -Eternals (v.1)#6

Warhead Alias Ransak assumed as a member of the "New Breed". -New Eternals#1

Warp-O-Gram Unit of measurement used in vehicles flown by the Eternals. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Wasp Janet Van Dyne, a member of the Avengers. The Wasp joined Starfox in crashing one of Sersi's parties, but Sersi was not offended. The Wasp followed Sersi to Olympia, and aided the Eternals in battling Maelstrom there. -Avengers#246-248

Watchers Race of invulernable aliens who observe and record significant events, but are pledged to never interfere. The Celestials once went to war against the Watchers, but the interference of the Fantastic Four ended the battle. -Fantastic Four#400

Randy Lee Watson Identity assumed by a Deviant working for the Damocles Foundation. "Watson" enlisted the aid of Lucas Guthrie in capturing a Celestial Gatherer, but died when a guard shot him. When he reverted to his true form, Guthrie realized his employers had been lying to him. -X-Force#96

The "Weapon" Enormous weapon created by the Celestials to destroy the Dreaming Celestial. With the Weapon, the Dreamer was robbed of his sentience, and his essence was sealed in the Vial. The Vial and the Weapon were both sealed inside the Pyramid of the Winds by Valkin. Valkin's son Druig eventually learnt of the Weapon, and forced the location out of Ikaris, intending to use it to kill Ziran the Tester. Just as Druig recovered the Weapon, he was killed by Ikaris, and the explosion resulted in the Weapon overloading and melting the Pyramid. The energies released might have overrun the entire planet, but Ziran contained them. -Eternals (v.1)#19

The Weird Sisters Name that Beauty, Charm, and Truth- the three lover of Maelstrom- are also known by. -Quasar#20-23, 25, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Wildwind Female android constructed by Dr. Oliver Broadhurst to serve as a member of the Underground Legion. Wildwind believes herself to be an ordinary human, and is unaware of her true nature. She possesses the ability to create winds with which she can fly, and assault opponents. She has a strong interest in flying aircrafts, and has a crush on her fellow team-mate Mammoth. In battle with Tantalus, Wildwind learnt from him that she was not truly alive, and was left in a shocked condition. -Blackwulf#1-4, 6-10

Weller Deviant member of the Damocles Foundation who, with Finn, was to receive the Celestial Gatherer from Lucas Guthrie. Weller was killed by the Gatherer when it ran amock. -X-Force#96

Wilghe Female member of the Djade clan with the power to see through walls. Her husband Zheops was slain in battle shortly before the birth of their daughter, who lived only a few seconds before dying. Wilghe aided the Beast in his assault on the City of the Chosen. -X-Factor#44-45, 49-50

Winding Mist Place whose Overscholars postulated that each of the Celestials is the survivor of a previous universe, like Galactus, and that when this universe ends, Galactus will become a Celestial in the next universe. -Fantastic Four Annual#26

The World-Devouring Worm Mutate that Dromedan used in his conquest of the Incas. When he released it from its box, the Worm was initially tiny, but quickly grew to mammoth proportions. It was finally stopped by Virako, when he absorbed nuclear energies and destroyed the Worm in an explosion, which also killed him. -Thor Annual#7

Wraath Apparently alternate reality or possible future version of William Amos, the half-human half-Deviant better known as Mammoth. In Wraath's reality, after losing his arm to the "Black Legacy" of Tantalus, he turned against the Underground Legion, and, travelling into the past, joined the Peacekeepers with the new alias of "Wraath", given to him by Tantalus. As Wraath, he attempted to warn Mammoth about his future, but was unable to prevent history from repeating itself. Wraath possesses the same superhuman strength powers as Mammoth, with his left arm replaced with a bionic arm. -Blackwulf#1-2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Wrakk Member of the Djade clan of alien Rejects. -X-Factor#46

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Military installation located in Ohio where the bodies of two Skrulls recovered from a 1947 crash were brought for testing by scientists, including Dr. Caitlin Maddox. The base was invaded by members of the Peacekeepers and Underground Legion, who each stole one of the Skrulls. The head of the base, Major Ross Jonas was transformed by adrenaline taken from the Skrulls into the villain Scorch, and tried to have the Underground Legion killed. -Blackwulf#2-4

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