M31 to Myla

M31 Distant galaxy where Kubik heard a theory on the Celestials made by a long-deceased race, stating that the Celestials are a physical manifestation of the evolutionary process- illusions. -Fantastic Four Annual#26

Dr. Caitlin Maddox Scientist who has studied genetics in areas of mutant, deviant, and alien concerns. At the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, she tested Skrull-Prime, and created a chemical from its adrenaline, not knowing it was still alive. Lord Tantalus learnt of her prowess, and sent his Peacekeepers to capture her, but she was saved by the Underground Legion. With the Underground, Caitlin saved Skrull-Prime from the military, and joined them on Armechadon in their final battle with Tantalus. There, Maddox learnt that the adrenaline chemical she had injected herself with had made her immune to the touch of Tantalus' Black Legacy. After Tantalus briefly mistook her for his wife Nirvana, Maddox disguised herself as her to fool him, long enough for the rest of the Underground to attack. -Blackwulf#1-10

Maelstrom Son of the Inhuman scientist Phaedar and the Deviant woman Morga. Morga was slain by the Deviants as a Reject, and Maelstrom lived in the slave pits of Lemuria for a time, until his father liberated him. At some point, Maelstrom mated with the Deviant woman Medula, and had a son, Ransak. Over the years, Maelstrom and Phaedar became responsible for many advances in genetic research, and aided geneticists like Arnim Zola, the Enclave, Magneto, Dr. Hydro, and the Jackal. Thanks to the research of Zola, Maelstrom learnt how to transfer his mind to a new clonal body after death, and shared this with his minions, Gronk, Phobius and Helio. Phaedar, however, was too old for the process, and died.

Maelstrom lived mainly in seculsion from the world, until he learnt of the Anti-Terrigan Mist developed by Mr. Fantastic, who had learnt that the mist used by Dr. Hydro to create the Hydro-Men had been based on the Terrigan Mist. As a result, Mr. Fantastic and the Thing fought Maelstrom, and Maelstrom was forced to turn to Deathurge, who had accompanied him for some time, to kill him. On his next body, Maelstrom infiltrated Olympia while the Eternals were engaged in the Ritual of the Uni-Mind. Though he was once again forced to have Deathurge slay him, Maelstrom learnt from the Uni-Mind a means of draining the earth's kinetic energy. This plot, however, was foiled by the Avengers, who fed him more power than he could contain. Maelstrom was scattered into energy, but still lived. In his new form, he met Kronos, and learnt of the Anomaly from him. By slaying the Anomaly, Maelstrom took his place as an agent of Deathurge. He attempted to gain Cosmic Awareness from Eon, then collapse the entire universe into a black hole, but he was defeated by Quasar. His minions, and lover, the Weird Sisters, attempted to revive Maelstrom by draining the life from Karkas, Ransak, Yrdisis, and Donald and Deborah Ritter, and to drain kinetic energy from Makkari. But when Maelstrom realized Ransak was his son, he deliberately allowed himself to lose energy and die. -Marvel Two-In-One#71-72, Avengers#247-250, Quasar#19-25, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Maha Yogi Man rendered immortal by a fragment of the bloodstone which he possessed. In medival times, Maha Yogi impersonated Merlin at the court of King Arthur in Camelot, but Sersi uncovered the deception, and Maha Yogi was placed in suspended animation for centuries, reviving in modern times, where he fought Thor, the X-Men, the Hulk, and Dr. Druid. -Journey Into Mystery#95

Mahd W'yry When the Eternals have gone too long without forming a Uni-Mind, they believe that a madness, called the Mahd W'yry, can cause them to go insane. After Sersi formed a Uni-Mind with the Brethren, Ikaris suspected her irrational behavior could be the onset of the Mahd W'yry-Avengers#361

Major Mercury Alias Makkari assumed as a member of the First Line. - Marvel: The Lost Generation#5

Makkari Son of Verona and Mara. Like his parents, Makkari is a member of Olympia's Technologists' Guild. Despite being taught his philosophy by Plato, Makkari is not a great genius, and lacks patience. His love of speed and motion, though having led to some of the swiftest vehicles the Eternals have, has also made Makkari overly impulsive, and many Eternals do not take him seriously. He sometimes wears a protective crash helmet, though he does not truly need it.

Makkari has involved himself in Earth's affairs more often than most Eternals. When Sersi was present in Rome during "Nero's big bonfire", he went there to rescue her. He once spent some time as the charioteer of Darius, the governor of Persia from 548-485 A.D. He has also claimed to have witnessed some of earth's greatest horrors- including the Trojan War, the reign of the Romanian Vlad the Impaler (1456-1476), and the Alamo (1836). In the 1940s, Zuras assigned Makkari to earth, and under the alias "Hurricane", "Mac Carry", "Jake Curtiss" and many others, he fought Kro, and later, Mutates, often alongside the Monster Hunters, a team he formed using his identity as National Security Agent Jake Curtiss. Later on, he met the young rocker Elvis Presley, and taught him a few tricks with the guitar. Following the dis-banding of the Monster Hunters, Makkari was convinced by Pixie to join the First Line as "Major Mercury".

Makkari was among the Eternals who introduced themselves to the students at City College during the 4th Host. Makkari also fought Hermes during this time, a god he has often been mistaken for. Following the departure of most of the Eternals, Makkari assumed Domo's role as chief technologist, but was not entirely successful in this pursuit. He accompanied Ikaris in his battles against the Deviants at this time, and participated in the defeat of Ghaur. Still wishing to gain more speed, Makkari spent 2 years meditating with Master Elo, who taught him how to open up his ability to run, while decreasing many of his other abilities. After Master Elo was captured by the Deviants, Makkari received the aid of the Avenger Quasar in rescuing him, and the two became friends for a long time. During this period, Makkari worked in Quasar's office under the alias "Mike Karhy" and shared an apartment with Quasar. After being separated from Quasar during a mission in space, Makkari learnt of an animal-like race on the planet Grosgumbeek, and gained more insight into speed. With this insight, he participated in a race against the Runner, one of the Elders of the Universe, and won. However, he found that the new technique was flawed- he had become so fast that he could no longer move in synch with the rest of the universe for hours at a time. He ultimately gave up racing, and spent a time journeying through space with another runner, Fastforward. When Maelstrom briefly returned to life, he attempted to seize more power by draining the kinetic energy from Makkari, even though he was light-years away, but the Eternals on earth defeated him. Recently, Makkari has returned to earth. -Red Raven Comics#1, Captain America Comics#1-11, Tales of Suspense#7, Eternals (v.1)#5-6, 8-12, 14-18, Thor#287-289, 291-292, 301, Iron Man Annual#6, Iron Man#179, Avengers#246-248, Eternals (v.2)#1-12, Silver Surfer Annual#1, Avengers#308, 310, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Quasar#11-17, 19-21, 25-28, 30, 35-40, 43, 47, 58, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes For Hire #5, Marvel Universe#4-7, New Eternals#1, X-Force#97, Marvel: The Lost Generation#5, 2

Major Domo Alias of Domo's. -Thor#287-288. Not to be confused with the right hand man of Mojo's.

Mammoth William Amos, son of man who mated with a female Deviant. His mother was killed by Tantalus. Mammoth joined the Underground Legion, and became its leader after Blackwulf was killed. He was constantly warned by the Peacekeeper Wraath to avoid becoming like him- as Wraath is apparently Mammoth's future self- but he was unsuccessful, and Mammoth would have been killed by the Black Legacy of Tantalus, had Blackwulf II not sliced off his left him. -Blackwulf#1-8, 10

Manslaughter Man of unknown origins who sought out the Eternal known as the Interloper, and was able to disguise himself from his psychic powers. The Interloper made Manslaughter into his pupil, and taught him how to control his own psychic powers. At the Interloper's behest, Manslaughter joined him as a member of the Defenders to battle the Dragon of the Moon. Although he perished in this battle, Manslaughter was resurrected by adopting the host body of Professor Roger Loomis. Defenders#134-135, 151-152, Strange Tales(v.2)5-7, Dr. Strange(v.3)#3-4

Marcelus Deviant in the employ of the Damocles Foundation. Marcelus was dispatched to Brazil to capture the Black Queen for the Foundation, but she turned him into stone. -X-Force#94

Maria Human woman who married El Vampiro, even though she knew he was an immortal Eternal. She helped Thor battle El Toro Rojo after he injured her husband. -Thor#290

Mara Mother of Makkari. Mara was a member of the Technologists' Guild. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#6

Mark of Set Tattoo which Ghaur burned into the flesh of each of the women he chose to become a bride of Set. -Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23

Marvel Boy Matthew Grayson, son of Dr. Horace Grayson. Matthew accompanied his father to Uranus, and upon reaching the age of 17, the Uranians gave him the Quantum Bands, which they had acquired through unrevealed means. Using the bands and calling himself Marvel Boy, he fought many menaces on earth, but after learning of the colony's destruction, went mad, and finally destroyed himself. -Marvel Boy#1-2, Astonishing#3-6

Mary Young girl from the town of Almost Reno, New Mexico. Mary developed psychic powers due to experimentation by the Damocles Foundation using Mutant and Deviant DNA. She and a boy named Zak were the only residents of the town to escape capture by the Damocles Foundation, and X-Force promised to find a safe home for her. -X-Force#77, 86

Maryland Institute of Technology Campus where Arthur and Rusty built their Hulk Robot, hoping he would serve as team mascot. -Eternals (v.1)#14

Mr. Mason Government agent who Sparrow once worked for. He informed her of the disappearance of Michael Rossi, which ultimately led to an encounter with Ultron. -Blackwulf#3

Master Technologist Official title of Phastos in Olympia. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Masterlord Alias of Thanos used by his agents. -Captain Marvel#25-26. Or by a writer who doesn't want you to know who the villain is.

Matto Grosso State in Brazil which Kro conquered by use of the "Green Death". -Captain America Comics#2

Max Pilot who flew with Iris Devereaux to meet "Thomas Hawk". The meeting was postponed when, as Ceyote, Hawk left to join the Eternals. -New Eternals#1

Milly McCoy Reporter who followed the battle between the Eternals and the Hulk Robot. -Eternals (v.1)#15

Medula Deviant woman who mated with Maelstrom, and gave birth to Ransak. -Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Megataur Deviant Mutate whose appearance is similiar to that of a minotaur, but stands over thirty feet high. The Megataur was acquired by the Mole Man after conquering Subterranea, and he once sent it against the Fantastic Four. -Fantastic Four Unlimited#4

Mentor Name A'Lars assumed as head of the Eternals of Titan. As Mentor, he has had to contend with take-overs by Thanos and of his own computer, ISAAC, and has had to rebuild the colony on many occasions. -Iron Man#55, Daredevil#105, Captain Marvel#27, 29, 31-34, 58-62, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1-3, What If(v.1)#25, Death of Captain Marvel, Avengers#230, Silver Surfer#37, 40, 44, 49, 52, Infinity Gauntlet#1, Silver Surfer#67, Warlock and the Infinity Watch#19, Cosmic Powers#4 Captain Marvel (v.2)#2, 6, Warlock (v.3)#1, 3, Thunderbolts#46-47, Avengers: Celestial Quest #4-6, 8, Captain Marvel (v.4)#18

Mercury Roman name for Hermes. Makkari has used this name at one time, and has complained that humans often misspell his name this way. -Red Raven Comics#1

Merlin Human sorcerer, advisor to King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. Sersi taught Merlin some new tricks and some point, and also revealed Maha Yogi after he impersonated Merlin. -Journey Into Mystery#96, Eternals (v.1)#4

Mesmer Alias Sersi has assumed as a member of the "New Breed". -New Eternals#1

Metabo Deviant Mutate specially engineered by Kro to be immune to the energies of the Eternals, and gain strength from their energies. He also has four arms. Kro briefly considered him for Delta Force, but decided against it. -Thor#286

Midnight Mountain Mountain in Borneo where the Deviants left Gorgilla. Kro later recovered him for a rampage on America, but the Monster Hunters returned him to his home, and fought Kro and the Lizard Men there. -Tales to Astonish#12, Weird Wonder Tales#21, Marvel Universe#6-7

Mark Milton Alias assumed by Hyperion as a cartoon artist in Cosmopolis. He abandoned this guise when the Squadron Supreme publicly announced their identities. -Squadron Supreme#1

Mind-Siren Nickname of the Bandrhude. -Eternals (v.2)#4

Mind-Travelers Name for psychics used by the alien Beginagains. -X-Factor#44

Mindsinger Gregor Buhkarov, a Russian poet from 18th century Kiev who joined the Young Gods when he was 28. He is unusually protective of Daydreamer. Mindsinger has telepathy and shapeshifting powers, for which he must verbally announce what he is about to transform into in order for them to function. After being presented to the Celestials by Gaea, Mindsinger was brought to the Celestial Mothership with the other Young Gods, and made the pupil of Juniper. -Thor#300, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#101-102, 104-105, 107-109

Minotaur During the time of Icarus' childhood, Ikaris was battling Deviants in the labrynthes of the Aegean Sea. Among those creatures was Deviant who resembled a minotaur of Greek Mythology. The Mole Man also acquired a Minotaur after conquering Subtearannea, as well as the Megataur, a gigantic minotaur.-Avengers (v.1)#17, Eternals (v.2)#5. An Olympian Minotaur appears in Hercules and the Heart of Chaos#2

Mr. Roboto Mammoth's nickname for Sentry#459. -Blackwulf#10

Mole Man Harvey Rupert Elder, a would-be explorer and rival of the Monster Hunters. Rejected by the world, Elder attempted to undermine the missions of the Monster Hunters, and ultimately found an entrance to Monster Island. Falling through a cavern into the "Valley of Diamonds", he lost his sight, but later compensated for this by developing a superior radar-sense. In Subterranea, the Mole Man became lord of the Moloid slaves and Mutate monsters the Deviants had left behind, and has made many attempts at conquering the world, often battling the Fantastic Four. Recently, he went to war with Brutus of the Deviants and won. He has occasionally made alliances with other rulers of Subterranea, including Kala, Tyrannus, Grotesk, and the Lava Men. -Fantastic Four (v.1)#1, Avengers Annual#20, Incredible Hulk Annual#17, Avengers West Coast Annual#6, Marvel Universe#4-7

Molecular Decoder Component of Deviant teleportation technology used to block incoming signals. -Fantastic Four#340

Molecular Disruptor Device the Deviants used on captive Eternals to break them down into their base atomic components. They were then ingested by Brother Tode, who hoped to gain immortality from them. The Molecular Disruptor looked like a table, and had a long tube leading to a mask that Brother Tode breathed through. Another brand of Molecular Disruptor, apparently also built by the Deviants, is the hand-held device the Damocles Foundation equipped Dr. Segismund Joshua with to dissolve and capture Reignfire. -Iron Man Annual#6, X-Force#79

Molecular Disunifier Device the Deviant Priesthood used on Margo Damian to alter her features into those of a Deviant. However, the priests were not well versed with human DNA, and accidentally killed her. -Eternals (v.2)#10

Molecular Recording Tablet Tablet kept in Sigmar's lab, containing all of his information regarding the Dreaming Celestial. A suicide team sent by the Deviant priesthood memorized the tablet, and sent the information to Lemuria. -Eternals (v.2)#3

Molecular Transmitter Piece of Titan technology used for teleportation. Thanos had one installed at his base in Arizona, and it was inadvertantly used to bring the Blood Brothers to Earth. -Avengers#252

Molly Herb which Athena and Hermes gave to Odysseus to protect himself from Circe.

Moloids Slaves bred by the Deviants, after the Gortokians revolted against them. However, they were ultimately forced to abandon the new slaves as well, and they gradually became two distinct races, the Moloids, ruled by the Mole Man, and the Tyrannoids, ruled by Tyrannus. The Moloids are smaller, weaker, and more simple-minded than the Tyrannoids. However, they have produced one notable Moloid, Val-Or, a mutant. -Fantastic Four (v.1)#22

Molten Man-Thing Lava-like Deviant Mutate which resembles the Lava Men. The Molten-Man Thing invaded the island of Napuka, but was defeated by Makkari, who forced it out of energy by blasting it with an immense fan. It was briefly resurrected by artist Frank Johnson, using magical Aztec paints. -Tales of Suspense#7, Fantastic Four Unlimited#7, Marvel Universe#4

Mombasa Port in Kenya, Africa which Grottu invaded, but he was slain by Ulysses Bloodstone. Makkari was in Mombasa at that time, and first met Ulysses here. -Strange Tales#73, Marvel Universe#4

Monolith Celestial device which has enlightened humanity for centuries. It also helped guide Machine Man in preventing the Earth from becoming conquered by machines. Machine Man ultimately merged with the Monolith, and returned with it to the Celestials. -2001: A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition, #1-9, X-51#11-12

Monster Hunters Team of heroes gathered by Makkari that included Dr. Druid, Zawadi, Namora and Ulysses Bloodstone. The Monster Hunters battled various Mutates created by Kro, including Gorgilla and the Lizard Men. -Marvel Universe#4-7, Marvel: The Lost Generation#2

Monster Island Island in Japan where the Deviants bred many of their Mutates. Kro used it as his headquarters for a time. After being abandoned, the Mole Man took over the island, along with its inhabitants. Monster Island was also, breifly, the headquarters of the "Infinity Watch".-Fantastic Four (v.1)#1, Warlock and the Infinity Watch#7, Marvel Universe#7

Mood-Minders Narcotics taken by the alien Chosen, and dispensed through the Sci-Bots. -X-Factor#44

Moondragon Heather Douglas, daughter of Arthur Douglas. Heather's parents were killed by Thanos after they spied one of his vessels on earth. Mentor brought Heather to Titan, where she was raised by Emlot, in the Shao-Lom monastary. However, Moondragon was corrupted by the Dragon of the Moon over time, and was ultimately slain by the Interloper. But Heather's mind survived, and contacted her cousin, Pamela Douglas. Pamela journeyed to Titan, where she found that Mentor had grown a new clone body for Heather in a Gestation Chamber, and Heather's mind was transferred into it. Heather apparently grew this body into adulthood later. Recently, Moondragon has left Titan to aid the new Captain Marvel. She is an occasional member of the Avengers. -Iron Man#54, Daredevil#105-109, Solo Avengers#16, 18, 20 Avengers Infinity#1-4

Moonstalker Kiana, an Inuit woman from 11th century Alaska who joined the Young Gods when she was 16. She has superhuman speed, and can blend in with her surroundings. After being presented to the Celestials by Gaea, Moonstalker was brought to the Celestial Mothership with the other Young Gods, and made the pupil of Katos. -Thor#300, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#101-103, 105, 107-109

Morga Deviant who was the mother of Maelstrom. She joined his father Phaedar in exile, until her death at the hands of her own people, who sacrificed her to the Flame Pits. She was unusually human-like for a Deviant, and hence, a Reject. -Avengers#248

Mother Moon In the religion of the alien Rejects, it is believed that a deity called "Mother Moon" was responsible for creating the Rejects, and all Rejects pray to her, and shun the sciences. -X-Factor#44-45

Mothership Vessel that the Celestials left in orbit of the Earth during the 4th Host. The leader, the One Above All, remained aboard the entire time. Arishem the Judge was the first to depart the Mothership, and was therefore the field leader. While earthmen attempted to take pictures of the Mothership for NASA, Deviant Astronauts attempted to destroy the vessel, but were stopped by the Forgotten One, who lived aboard the vessel for a time. However, another team of Deviants sent by the priesthood managed to steal aboard, and sent back data on a Crystal Key to Lemuria, where the Crystal Key was duplicated. It was aboard the Mothership that Thor and the Forgotten One held their match, which Thor won. It presently serves as the homebase not only for the Celestial host, but also for their servants Katos and Juniper, and the Young Gods. -Eternals (v.1)#2, 7, 10, 13, Thor#287-289, 291, 300, What If (v.1)#23, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, X-Factor#43-44, 46, 48, Marvel Comics Presents#101-102

"Mountain-Mover" Nickname earned by Tutinax in the gladiator games. -Eternals Annual#1

Mu Undersea civilization which Gigantus initially claimed to be a representative of. -Journey into Mystery#63

Murder Mob Organization of criminals headed by Kro in the 1940s. His agents were Dum Dum, Piggy Peroni, and Trigger Bates. -Captain America Comics#1

Murke Alien Reject of the Njeak Clan with telepathic powers, who informed Zharkah of the capture of Marvel Girl. -X-Factor#44

Mutates Deviants which have been especially bred by genetics. Mutates are often more misshapen than other Deviants, and are often either candidates for "Purity Time", or tools of chaos for earth-bound attacks. Brutus, one-time leader of the Deviants, used many Mutates in his assault upon Subterranea. He treated the Mutates with open contempt, as he himself was secretly a Mutate. -Eternals (v.1)#4

Known Mutates include Bandrhude, Brutus, Cataphrax, Dinosaurs, Dromedan, Giganto, Gigantus, Gorgilla, Gort, Grottu, Karkas, Lizard Men, Megataur, Metabo, Molten Man-Thing, Spore, Tricephalous, and the World-Devouring Worm.

Myla Female alien native to the planet Pangoria, who was an aide to Lord Pegas until she realized his base cowardice and self-serving nature. Myla was among those spared by the Celestials when they re-shaped Pangoria into a more lush, green world. -Thor#387-389

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