Jack and Jaycie Kalen to Kurt

Jack and Jaycie Kalen Pair of twins who were celebrating their graduation, when they were maimed by the monstrous Ajak, searching for the "Ordained Ones". -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Kaluba the Master Revered Buddha-like statue within the Shao-Lom Monastary on Titan. -Daredevil#105

King Kamuu King of Atlantis during the time of the 2nd Host, and husband of Queen Zartra, a former human slave of the Deviants. King Kamuu led the Atlanteans against the Deviants during their war, but was killed when the Celestials sank the entire Atlantean continent. -Sub-Mariner#63, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23

Mike Karhy Alias Makkari used while working in Quasar's office at Vaughn Security Systems. -Quasar#17, 19-21

Karkas Young Deviant Mutate with red, scaly skin. While Karkas' mother was still pregnant with him, she had experiments performed which she hoped would prevent him from become born a Mutate, but they were unsuccessful- Karkas was born misshapen, and was labelled a Reject. He spent most of his young life in the gladiator rings of Lemuria. Early in his life, Karkas was somehow spirited away from Lemuria by the super-criminal the Leader, who intended for Karkas to fight his enemy the Hulk, but Karkas escaped him, along with his fellow prisoners Hercules and Wolverine. Karkas was later brought back to Lemuria, and forced back into the arenas. During the visit of the Eternal Thena, Karkas was chosen by Brother Tode to battle Ransak the Reject. Ransak defeated him by uncovering his weak spot, the back of his neck, but Thena was impressed by Karkas, and brought him to Olympia for sanctuary. In Olympia, Karkas became a scholar, and accompanied the Eternals on missions, often disguised as a tall, red-haired man. He was particularly fond of quoting Thoreau, and playing chess, and came to master the technology of Olympia. He has even learnt how to employ limited mental powers such as the Eternals do, and can create an illusionary human disguise for himself. For all his honor and loyalty, Karkas has never attained full status in their society. He finally left Olympia to pursue a brief film career with Kingo Sunen and Ransak, then joined Kro's rebellion against Ghaur. Recently, Karkas was mutated by Apocalypse into an immense monster which the Eternals battled, and was finally defeated by Ransak. Karkas has since been restored to his normal appearance, and with Ransak, acts as an aide to Brother Kro. -Eternals (v.1)#8-10, 12, Eternals Annual#1, Thor#285-289, 291-292, Eternals (v.2)#1-2, 4-5, 9-12, Silver Surfer Annual#1, Avengers#310, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Avengers#370-371, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes For Hire#5-7, Wolverine#144, New Eternals#1, Black Panther (v.3)#27

Karygmax Deviant priest who received Cataphrax at the end of his mission, and ordered him to submit to "Purity Time". He was also involved in the resurrection of Ghaur. -Eternals (v.2)#1, Avengers#370-371

Katos Alien man of unknown origins who, with Juniper, serves the Celestials aboard their Mothership, and acts as mentor to the Young Gods. He has trained Calculus, Moonstalker, Genii, Harvest, Caduceus and Varua in ways of aggressive combat, and belives that they should remain away from Earth. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#101-102

Katrinka Mindsinger's nickname for Daydreamer. -Marvel Comics Presents#102, 105

Kazantra Eternal of Titan, and a wife of Mentor's. Kazantra welcomed young Heather Douglas to Titan, but recalling Thanos, declined to raise her, opting to have the Shao-Lom monastary take charge of her. -Daredevil#105

Kepiquatzl False god who worked for Kro in Matto Grosso, leading his people to war. After finding Dr. Clay dead, Makkari killed him. -Captain America Comics#2

"Khory" Khoryphos' nickname. -Eternals (v.2)#5

Khoryphos Eternal who has been mistaken for Orpheus and Horus. Khoryphos is a musician, whose current composition was started during the reign of Emperor Tiberius. Though he does not take pleasure in war, Khoryphos accompanied Ikaris in his battle with Kro at the Pyramid of the Winds, and followed Kro and Thena to Lemuria. In Lemuria, Khoryphos met a Deviant woman, Yrdisis, who he fell in love with. For a time, he and Yrdisis smuggled innocents from Lemuria by disguising them as humans. He was unable to save Yrdisis from the Weird Sisters, but the Fantastic Four healed him from Charm's poison. Khoryphyos is able to use his mandolin to subtely control the thoughts of other people. -Eternals (v.2)#1, 5-7, 10-12, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Khult Alien Deviant from the planet Tebbel, father of Nirvana. 25,000 years ago, when Lord Tantalus invaded Tebbel, he planned to kill Khult and Nirvana at the Building of Knowledge, where they worked as astronomers, but when he found that his "Black Legacy" did not affect Nirvana, due to experiments performed by Khult making her genetically perfect, he took her as his bride. Nirvana bore Tantalus four sons, but the fourth, Lucian, was genetically unstable, and she killed herself in fear of Tantalus. Tantalus kept her body in suspended animation within a field of his Black Legacy on Armechadon, and made off for Earth with Khult by his side. After being stranded by the Celestials on Earth, Khult constructed a Transponder Portal which he used to return to Armechadon and become the planet's ruler, behind Tantalus' back. Ultimately, when Tantalus returned to Armechadon, he openly sided against him, and equipped Lucian's staff, the Shadowlance, with additional power to destroy him. Following Tantalus' death, Khult took command of his Peacekeepers, and returned to Earth to rule Tantalus' kingdom of Lyonesse. -Avengers#371, Thunderstrike#7, Blackwulf#1-2, 8-10

"Killing Machine" Nickname Ransak earned in the gladiator arenas for his ruthlessness. -Eternals (v.1)#9, Eternals Annual#1

Professor King Eternal with Asian features who teaches humanities at the University of Berkley. As an Eternal, she carries a sword into battle. She assumed the alias "Chi Demon" as a part of Ikaris' "New Breed". -New Eternals#1

Kingston University University Dr. Daniel Damian taught at. -Eternals (v.1)#7

Nuncio Klarheit Deviant priest who was sent by Ghaur to secretly accompany Kro on his mission to the Pyramid of the Winds. He managed to recover the Vial Kro attained, and transport it back to Lemuria. -Eternals (v.2)#6-7

Knave of Hearts Starfox's name in the alternate reality created by Morgan Le Fay, where he served as a member of "the Queen's Vengeance". -Avengers (v.3)#2-3

Kro Pink-skinned Deviant who has existed for centuries, as far back as the time of the Great Flood. His genetic structure is unique to the Deviants, giving not only an unusual life-span, but immunity to the powers of Ghaur and the Brain-Mines, a heart which is not located in the center of his chest, and the ability to re-shape his body as he wishes. 2500 years ago, he fought the Eternals in Babylon, and first met Thena. He could have slain her, but chose not to, and the two of them slowly came to love one another over the years, though their first trip to Lemuria was not a pleasant tale. Kro perpetuated a myth that with each generation, he was his own descendent, hoping to keep the Deviant society from wanting to dissect him. In the 1940s, claiming to be Satan, Kro made various attempts at spreading chaos on earth, then later began sending out Mutates, but was opposed by Makkari and the Monster Hunters. He and a squad of Deviant soldiers also attempted to capture Pixie from the super-hero team the First Line, but when they failed, Kro slew all his men with "Purifier" detonators. During the Vietnam War, Kro and Thena met admist the battlefield, and consummated their passion, resulting in the twins, Donald and Deborah Ritter.

At the arrival of the 4th Host, Kro was sent to the City of the Space Gods to prevent the Celestials' arrival, but he was unsuccessful. Kro then disguised himself as "Satan" again, and led his "Demons" on a rampage in New York, hoping to lead the humans to the Celestials so that they would destroy them. But when Thena arrived, Kro called a truce, and visited City College, where he introduced his species to humanity. He then brought Thena to Lemuria again, to show her Ransak. Impressed by Ransak's stability, Kro wanted to preserve him from harm, but feared what might happen to him in the arena. Ultimately, Thena gave Ransak sanctuary in Olympia. Kro was among the Deviants who aided in the New Lemuria project, which was ultimately a failure. He also participated in Brother Tode's plan to steal the Eternals' immortality, against his better judgement, and ended up turning against his people. While he was in Olympia, he placed a Brain-Mine on Thena, allowing him to subtely influence her. Thena released him from Olympia, and he returned to Lemuria, hoping to take over the nation. However, he found that the Priesthood had taken command, and while he became ruler in name, he had no true power. Ghaur sent him on a mission to the Pyramid of the Winds to retrieve a Vial. Kro was successful, but was saved from death at Ikaris' hands only by Thena's intervention. In Lemuria, Kro and Thena learnt the truth of "Purity Time", and of Ghaur's intention to become a Celestial, and they helped bring about his defeat. Kro then resumed leadership, but it was short-lived, and he retreated to the Pyramid of the Winds to escape his people. He was eventually re-united with Thena and their children, who he later made join his "Delta Force" against Ghaur. While leading his rebellion against Ghaur, Kro was caught in an explosion caused by Apocalypse, but survived, and has been restored to the throne of Lemuria- but with Ghaur once again manipulating events behind his back. -Red Raven Comics#1, Captain America Comics#1-11, Eternals (v.1)#1-6, 8-10, 13, Thor#285-286, Iron Man Annual#6, Eternals (v.2)#2-12, Avengers Annual#17, Quasar#12, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Avengers#370-371, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes For Hire#5-7, Marvel Universe#4-7, Marvel: The Lost Generation#10. Black Panther (v.3)#27-28, Avengers (v.3)#45, 49. A alternate reality version of Kro appears in the world created by Morgan Le Fay in Avengers (v.3)#3.

Kro's Flagship Raiding Craft Kro brought to New York during his invasion. It also had an Air Shuttle which docked on the side. -Eternals (v.1)#3-6, 8

Krona Misspelling of Kro's name on the cover of Eternals (v.1)#8

Kronans Alien race also known as "the Stone Men of Saturn". The Kronans attempted an invasion of Earth in 3,000 B.C., but were repulsed by Gilgamesh and Captain America. -Captain America Annual#11

King Krono Ruler of the Gortokians in modern times, and father of Grotesk. King Krono was preparing for an assault on the surface world, until an atomic test by scientists above destroyed his kingdom. -X-Men(v.1)#41

Kronos 1st Generation Eternal who led the rebellion against his brother Uranos. Following Uranos' defeat and exile, Kronos shattered his sword to mark the new era of peace for the Eternals. With his wife Daina, he had two sons, Zuras and A'Lars, but while experimenting in his lab one day, he was atomized by a blast of cosmic energy. However, this same energy imparted cosmic powers to all the Eternals within a 200 mile radius, and Kronos has continued to exist as a cosmic being, one of the embodiments of time. Kronos devoted centuries in the pursuit of Infinty, the true embodiment of time. In recent times, Kronos has been defeated by his grandson Thanos on two occasions, but created Drax the Destroyer from the remains of Arthur Douglas to oppose him. After Maelstrom lost his coporeal form, he met Kronos in space, and learnt of the Anomaly from Kronos. As a result of this, Maelstrom became the new Anomaly, and a representative of Oblivion. It was because of Oblivion and Infinity's subsequent battle that Kronos finally glimpsed Infinity. -Iron Man#55, Captain Marvel#29, 31, What If (v.1)#25, Quasar#19, 25, Infinity Gauntlet#3-6, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4

Harry Krunkeit Reporter who commented on the rampage of the Hulk Robot. -Eternals (v.1)#15

Kukulcan Incan god whom Virako claimed to be in order to educate the Incans. -Thor Annual#7

Kulkulk Deviant from the planet Armechadon who did not believe Tantalus was who he said he was. Tantalus killed him with his "Black Legacy" to prove his identity. -Blackwulf#8

"Kung Fu Smash" Fighting technique Ike "Iceberg" Harris learnt in the orient. -Eternals (v.2)#1

Kurt German engineer at Phastos' factory in the Ruhr Valley. Kurt does not know that his employer is an Eternal. -Eternals (v.2)#4

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