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Pachamac to Quetzalcoatl

Pachamac A community in Peru where Tupac Amaru and his family live. -Avengers#370

Packet Rocket Deviant missile which can contain objects inside of it. Nuncio Klarheit used one to send the Vial back to Ghaur, after recovering it at the Pyramid of the Winds. -Eternals (v.2)#7

Palik The "Perfect" leader of the alien Chosen. Palik possesses the ability to blind others. Despite his hatred for the Rejects, Palik was ultimately convinced by X-Factor to join with them in defeating the Celestials who had come to judge their world. -X-Factor#44-45, 48-50

Pandara Deviant woman who serves Lord Tantalus. In ancient times, her name was often confused with that of Pandora. Pandara possesses a box allows her to drain the life forces of others and release a smoke-cloud or an army of demons. Besides that, she has superhuman strength. In modern times, Pandara worked in various health clubs, secretly killing customers to replenish her own strength, but she was discovered by the hero Thunderstrike, captured by Tantalus' son Blackwulf, and arrested by the elite police force Code: Blue. One of Tantalus' human agents, a double agent within SHIELD named Simon, freed Pandara, and she killed Code: Blue member "Jock" Jackson before being re-captured by Thunderstrike. Thunderstrike#4-7

Pandora's Box In Greek Mythology, the gods released the evils of the worlds by delivering them inside of a box to the woman Pandora. Sersi recovered them, and sealed them back in the box. -Strange Tales#109

Pangea Plateau of the Savage Land. Pangea was destroyed by the Deviant Jorro, wearing the armor of Terminus, but was later re-created by the High Evolutionary. Just before returning to the planet Armechadon, Tantalus conquered Pangea, and launched his vessel the Vinama from there. Pangea is the home of the city Lemura, which was possibly a Deviant outpost from before the Great Cataclysm. -Avengers#257, Blackwulf#6

Pangoria Planet whose native population had been usurped by a pirate-like race, and, over time, become a desolate world. Arishem judged Pangoria for 50 years, and found it unworthy. Exitar then terraformed it into a New World, removing all of its damaging composites, including the pirates. -Thor#387-389

Mrs. Papp Landlady of Zakka under his "Mr. Zachary" alias. Believing him to be an actor, she was very impressed with his patronage. -Eternals Annual#1

Terry Parker NASA astronaut sent to take pictures of the Mothership of the Celestials, but returned in the advanced craft used by the Forgotten One. -Eternals (v.1)#13

Jeffrey Parks SHIELD agent who was sent to investigate the City of the Space Gods, and was captured by Gamemnon. Under the direction of his leader, Michael Stevenson, he aided in their attack on the Celestials, and was ultimately put into molecular storage. -Eternals (v.1)#7

"Pather" Term used by the alien Rejects and Chosen to describe those with telepathic powers. -X-Factor#44

Peacekeepers The elite forces commanded by Lord Tantalus in Lyonesse. They are presently led by Khult. Members have included Blackwulf, Blackwulf II, Bristle, Lady Trident, Schizo, Toxin, Wraath, and an unnamed Deviant Skrull. -Thunderstrike#6, Blackwulf#1-2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Peacemakers Name the Peacekeepers are called by in Blackwulf#10.

Lord Pegas Member of an alien pirate race that took control of the planet Pangoria. Lord Pegas ruled Pangoria, but found that he did not possess the might to withstand the Celestials. He attempted to flee the planet before Exitar could terraform it, but he was caught and destroyed along with the rest of his men. Thor#387-389

Pegasus Winged horse of legend, said to have sprung from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa. The Forgotten One claimed to have ridden Pegasus before, but found her too jumpy. -Avengers#300

Lord Pelops See Blackwulf.

The Pentagon Capital of defense in the United States. Warlord Kro made the Pentagon his base of operations for the Delta Network. -Avengers#370

People's Assembly Meeting place in Lemuria where proclamations are issued to audiences. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

"Piggy" Peroni Member of Kro's "Murder Mob". He was to have participated in the attempt on Tim O'Leary, but Makkari caught him first. -Captain America Comics#1

Perse Mother of Sersi. In Greek Mythology, Perse was a Neried. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#9

Peter Pan Literary character that dwelt in Never-Never Land, and never grew up. Sprite has been compared to him. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Phaedar An Inhuman outcast who was an enemy of Agon, ruler of the Inhumans. After fleeing from Attilan, Phaedar came to Deviant Lemuria, where the Deviants, who appreciated his vast knowledge of genetics, welcomed him. Eventually, he mated with the Deviant woman Morga, who was also an outcast for her human-like appearance. She gave birth to a son, Maelstrom, who aided Phaedar in his work. Phaedar and Maelstrom offered their genius to many of earth's greatest geneticists, but Phaedar finally succumbed to old age, though Maelstrom unsuccessfully attempted to prolong it through cloning. -Marvel Two-In-One#72

Phastos Eternal who was often mistaken for the Gree god Hephaestus, (known to the Romans as Vulcan) in the past. Phastos has built most of the Eternals' devices, including the sword of Kingo Sunen, and the flight harness used by Icarus. He is officially referred to as the "Master Technologist" by the Eternals. Phastos was also the mentor of Sigmar, and watched over his laboratories after he departed earth in the Uni-Mind. At some point in his long life, Phastos became disenchanted with his existence, and is today nearly suicidal. He believes there is only one thing worth living for, though he has not said what it is. Phastos does not participate in violent confrontations, and when they do arise, he deals with them in a peaceful manner. Normally, he lives and works in the Ruhr Valley of Germany, where he owns a major engineering plant. During Ikaris' war with the Deviant fleet, he provided technical assistance, but did not engage in battle. As part of his plan to gain revenge upon the Eternals, Dr. Daniel Damian sent a forged scroll to Phastos which detailed information on the "Ordained Ones", but ultimately, the Eternals uncovered the deception. He recently helped revive Virako, and serves as a member of the "New Breed" as "Ceasefire". The hammer Phastos carries has the power to manipulate machinery in ways the Eternals' own matter control powers do. Although he is a brilliant engineer, Sprite has opined that he has little imagination. -Eternals (v.2)#1, 3-5, Avengers#308, 310, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, New Eternals#1. It is likely the character Vulcan seen in Red Raven Comics#1 was actually Phastos.

Phineas Alias Phobius assumed while posing as Maelstrom's servant. -Quasar#21

Phobius Agent of Maelstrom's of unknown origin. Phobius possesses the power to cloud his opponents' minds with fear, and can also create illusions to disguise him and others. Phobius has been killed at least once, but was resurrected by Maelstrom's cloning technology. He created disguises for himself, Gronk and Helio when they invaded Olympia to capture Karkas and Ransak, and oversaw the re-creation of Maelstrom. -Marvel Two-In-One#71-72, Avengers#250, Quasar#21-23, 25, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Phraug Emperor of Lemuria during the 2nd Host. Phraug ordered his people to attack the arriving Celestials, resulting in the Great Cataclysm. Phraug died battling Atra for the Serpent Crown. -Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23

Phyla Half-Kree half-Titan daughter of Elysius, created using Titan's Gestation Chamber, as like her brother Genis-Vell, from genetic material of Captain Mar-Vell. Phyla shares the identity of Captain Marvel with her brother. -Captain Marvel (v.6)#16

Pixie Pixie is a former member of the forgotten super-hero team, the First Line. She first joined in the 1960's, alongside Oxbow, who was only 18 at the time. She and Oxbow had a close, possibly romantic relationship, and it was she who convinced him to become a super-hero, so that he could be her "partner". At one point, she was able to convince her fellow Eternal Makkari to join the First Line as "Major Mercury". Pixie is a member of the Eternals, and possesses the powers of flight, virtual immortality, and the generation of "pixie dust" that transforms living matter into stone. The psychic barriers that surround her mind are so powerful that not even her teammate the Eternal Brain could read her mind. In 1985, when the super-hero the Yankee Clipper arrived from the year 1963, she and her fellow Eternals helped him find a new home in their time, and they have been good friends since. Although Pixie appeared to perish in the explosion that slew a fleet of invading Skrulls, she survived, and still exists in the 22nd Century. -Marvel: The Lost Generation#12-3, 1, X-Men: Hidden Years#16, 21

Ms. Pixley Alias used by Pixie during her mission to Petralova. She claimed to be the secretary of Robert William Paine, AKA the Black Fox. -Marvel: The Lost Generation#8

Plato Famous Greek philosopher who lived from 428-348 BC. Makkari was one of his students. -Quasar#28

Plokohrel Famous Deviant artist from the 100th dynasty. Ghaur thought Yrdisis' work resembled his. -Eternals (v.2)#5

Pluto In Roman Mythology, the god of the dead. Kro used his name as an alias during the 1940s. -Red Raven Comics#1, Captain America Comics#1-11

Polar Eternals Branch of Eternals who live in the city of Polaria. Typically, Polar Eternals are not held in high regard by the Eternals of Olympia. Many of the Polar Eternals have maintained identities in the Soviet Union. Known Polar Eternals include Aginar, Ajak, Amaa, Arex, Druig, Ikaris, Rakar, Sigmar, Tulayn, Valkin, Virako, and Zarin.

Polaria Home city of the Polar Eternals, hidden in the Ural Mountains near Siberia. Sigmar kept a laboratory here. -Eternals (v.1)#17-19

Power-Rod Weapon used by Deviant gladiators. Ransak favored this weapon, even after leaving the arenas. -Eternals (v.1)#8-9, Quasar#12, New Eternals#1

Elvis Presley Popular 20th century entertainer. Makkari met him once, and taught him a few tricks with the guitar. -Quasar#28

Prime Celestial The One Above All's title as leader of the 4th Host. -Eternals (v.1)#7

Prime Eternal The title of the leader of the Eternals. In cases where there is not an apparent heir, or the title of the Prime Eternal is questioned, the Hall of Eternal Judgement allows the Eternals to choose their new leader. The Prime Eternal also has access to the Alpha Craft, the most powerful of all the Eternals' vehicles. Only the Prime Eternal possesses the power to summon the Ritual of the Uni-Mind, for only he/she can produce the Blue Flame. The first known Prime Eternal was Kronos. Following his destruction, Kronos' sons Zuras and A'Lars held the first Uni-Mind to determine who should lead. Zuras won. Following Zuras' death, Thena became leader, though for a time, she gave some of the leadership to Valkin, due to his seniority. After falling prey to a Brain-Mine, Ikaris questioned Thena's worthiness, and faced her in the Hall of Eternal Judgement, where he became the new Prime Eternal. Ikaris still holds this title. -Eternals (v.1)#5

Prime One Alternate title for the Prime Eternal. -Eternals (v.1)#5

Prime Overthot Title held by the highest-ranking Deviant technician. -Fantastic Four#340

Prism of Knowledge Crystal Zuras left in his quarters to be viewed by Thena after she became Prime Eternal. It told the story of how the Dreaming Celestial's essence was placed within the Vial and sealed below the Pyramid of the Winds. However, Thena did not hear the message, and it was only later that Ikaris, having become the new Prime Eternal, found the Prism. -Eternals (v.2)#1, 9, 11

Professor Name adopted by the sentient computer program that had formerly been the Celestial vessel called Ship. Professor served upon the mutant rebel Cable for years, both in the future, and in the 20th Century, where he operated the space station Graymalkin. After Graymalkin was taken over by Magneto, Cable downloaded the Professor into himself. Finally, in a new robotic body, the Professor took the alias "Prosh" and returned to the stars. -Cable: Blood and Metal#1, Cable#3-5, X-Force#13-14, 20-22, 25-26, 29, Askani' Son#1-4

Project Freedom Name for Mentor and ISAAC's plan to enable Iron Man and Drax the Destroyer's rescue from Thanos. Mentor had ISAAC forge a link with Iron Man's armor, and transmit an immense blast of energy from his uni-beam to defeat the Blood Brothers. -Iron Man#55

Prosh Name adopted by the Celestial computer program that is an amalgamation of Ship and Professor. Prosh was imprisoned within the Celestial Oneg The Prober, and while inside, learnt of destructive artifacts called "the Cataclysm Keys". Escaping Oneg, he has solicited the aid of Iceman, Juggernaut, Toad, Mystique and the Phoenix in finding and neutralizing these objects by sending them backward through time. -X-Force#39, X-Men Forever#1-3

Prussland European country ruled by Kro in his guise as Rudolph Hendler. Kro's staff in Prussland included Heinrich Goertz and Thea Silhausen. Kro used the country's resources to wage war against other nations. -Red Raven Comics#1

Psionic-Refractor Device created by Dr. Doom which can turn the mental powers of the Over-Mind against him. In combat, however, the Over-Mind proved capable of destroying the device. -Fantastic Four#116

Psyche Alias used by Psykos as a member of the "New Breed". -New Eternals#1. Should not be confused with Danielle Moonstar, who briefly used this alias.

Psykos Eternal who holds the human identity of "Ronnie Sykes", a negotiator in Toronto, Ontario. Psykos uses his psychic powers more than any other does in battle and his first resort is often to take over the mind of his opponent. He does not like Sersi. -New Eternals#1

Puck Popular character in many plays and poems. William Shakespeare used Puck in his play A Midsummer Night's Dream, but was it was Sprite who inspired him. -Eternals (v.1)#10

"Purify!" When Warlord Kro's attack on the First Line proved unsuccessful, he activated detonators in his men's armor, killing them all so that they would not contaminate the Deviant gene pool any further. -Marvel: The Lost Generation#10

Purity Time The time when Deviants who are grotesquely deformed must submit themselves to the priesthood, and put to death in the Fire Pits. Such victims are called, "Rejects". In fact, victims of Purity Time were actually placed into suspended animation within the Hidden Throneroom of Lemuria, where they were placed under mental control of the priesthood, to one day serve in the "Fifth Host". Kro exposed the truth, and the entire Fifth Host were put to death. -Eternals (v.1)#8, Eternals (v.2)#1, 7, 10-12

Pyre Female Deviant who served in Sword, the defensive arm of the Damocles Foundation. Pyre possesses the ability to control the elements. The Gatherer controlled by the Black Queen devolved her into a lizard. -X-Force#84, 97

Pyramid of the Winds Golden pyramid, built by Valkin, and guarded by the Bridge of Terror. It contains many of the most powerful artifacts the Eternals have gathered. The "Weapon" used to destroy the Dreaming Celestial, and the Vial in which his essence was placed inside of were both sealed inside, with the Vial held far below where it could not be destroyed. Both were sealed behind doors marked by the symbol upon Ikaris' chest. Only Ikaris could open the room with the Vial, and when it was unsealed, Ikaris' chest symbols changed to alert him. When Druig tortured the location of the Weapon from Ikaris, he attempted to steal it, but Ikaris slew him, just as the Weapon fired. Only the intervention of Ziran the Tester prevented the Weapon from ravaging the planet. The lower vaults still existed, and Kro was sent by the priesthood to steal the Vial for them. After losing the throne of Lemuria, Kro returned to the Pyramid, which had somehow been completely restored. He used this as his home for an indefinite period of time. -Eternals (v.1)#19, Eternals (v.2)#5, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Quasar Protector of the Universe and member of the Avengers. Quasar befriended the Eternal Makkari, and helped him establish his "Mike Khary" alias, and shared an apartment with him. Quasar has also fought the Deviants and Thanos on occasion, and is a good friend of Starfox. -Quasar#1-60

Queen of Darkness Alias used by Erishkigel. -Thor#284

Quetzalcoatl Aztec god who Ajak and Virako were both mistaken for. -Eternals (v.1)#7, Thor Annual#7

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