Samson to Symbo-Nullifier

Samson In book of Judges in the Bible, a man who received superhuman strength from God by not cutting his hair. The Forgotten One was sometimes mistaken for him. -Thor#288

Sanctuary I Original warship of Thanos. -Warlock (v.1)#11, 15

Sanctuary II Enormous warship used by Thanos during the time he lead a band of space pirates. Following his seeming-death, Nebula claimed Sanctuary II as her own, and initially used it to support her Skrull allies. Following her defeat by the Avengers, Starfox destroyed the vessel. After Thanos was returned to life by Death, he re-created the vessel to serve in his fleet. -Warlock (v.1)#15, Avengers Annual#7, Avengers#257-261, Silver Surfer (v.3)#45

Geraldo Santos Student who was taping a graduation ceremony, when the monstrous Ajak slaughtered two students. Geraldo got too close to Ajak, and was slaughtered himself. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Satan In the Bible, the name for the Devil, the fallen angel and head of the Demons. Kro has often claimed to be Satan in order to spread chaos. -Red Raven Comics#1, Captain America Comics#1-11, Eternals (v.1)#3-6

Paul Sayden Alias Kro occasionally used in the 1940s, as when he was the head of "Murder Mob". -Captain America Comics#1

Scathan The Approver Celestial of high standing, who has witnessed debates held by Eternity and the Living Tribunal. When the alien child called Protege duplicated the power of the Living Tribunal, Scathan retaliated by destroying him, restoring the cosmic balance. -Guardians of the Galaxy#46-50

Schizo Female Deviant, sister of Touchstone. Schizo's mental faculties are istribute "mood-minders" among their people. -X-Factor#44, 50

Scorch Alias assumed by Major Ross Jonas after injesting a chemical derived from Skrull adrenaline which gave him the ability to control and generate blue flames. He fought and was defeated by the Underground Legion. -Blackwulf#2-4

Sea Witch Birdget O'Hare, an Irish girl from the 12th century. She joined the Young Gods when she was 17. Sea Witch is in love with her fellow Young God, Highnote. She has precognition, the power to telekinetically manipulate water, and has scales and gills for surviving in the water. After being presented to the Celestials by Gaea, Sea Witch was taken to the Celestial Mothership with the other Young Gods, and was made the pupil of Juniper. Sea Witch was once visited by nightmares of a rogue god in Ireland, which ultimately resulted in the Young Gods visiting Earth and battling Nuada, the rogue god, whom they defeated. -Thor#300, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#101-103, 105, 107-109

Seera The "Most Perfect" member of the Chosen, held in an almost religious esteem by her people. Seera was raised by the robot ZZ-105, and from her, learnt of the "old ways", before the Chosen were ruled by science. She aided members of X-Factor in opposing her people, and later, opposed the Celestials when they attempted to judge her planet. She possesses the telepathic powers of a "jammer". -X-Factor#43-46, 48-50

Sensia Titan craft commanded by Moondragon on her earliest voyages to the Earth. It was later replaced by the Sensia II. -Daredevil#108, Avengers#133-135, 137

Sensia II Advanced Titan craft commanded by Moondragon. Contains a platform which can drain superhuman lifeforce from those who are caught within it. Solo Avengers#20, Quasar#26-29, Warlock and the Infinity Watch#2, Avengers Infinity#1-4

Sentry#213 Kree Sentry stationed at an outpost on the planet Uranus. Sentry#213 was found and destroyed by a band of exiled Eternals who took up residence there. The defeat of Sentry#213 became a defining moment in the history of the Eternals of Uranus, and they placed the Sentry's head in a museum, where it still lies. -What If (v.1)#26-27, Quasar#2

Sentry#459 Kree Sentry stationed on an island in the pacific to observe the progress of the Inhumans. Sentry#459 was discovered in recent years by Dr. Daniel Damian, who was searching for clues to Kree involvement on Earth. Since its reactivation, Sentry#459 has aided Ronan the Accuser in Kree plots, and been subverted by the Super-Adaptoid and Ultron. During its time of servitude to Ultron, Sentry#459 was re-constructed to a smaller size. Following Ultron's defeat, the rebel Underground Legion had Sentry#459 reprogrammed to serve them. It aided them in battle against Starforce, and the forces of Lord Tantalus before being destroyed in battle by Wraath. -Fantastic Four#64, Thor#147, Marvel Super-Heroes#13, Captain Marvel (v.1)#1-2, Avengers#89-91, Captain Marvel (v.1)#47-49, Avengers#288-289, Captain America#354, Blackwulf#3-8, 10, Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine#2

Serpent Men Race of serpent-like humanoids created by the Elder God Set. The Serpent-Men attempted to prove themselves worthy to be experimented upon by the Celestials, but Arishem drove them away. The Serpent Men were ultimately slain by King Kull. -Uncanny X-Men Annual#13

Sersi Daughter of Helios and Perse. Sersi is fond of dancing, and is the only Eternal who is a fifth-level adept at matter manipulation. As a child, Sersi accompanied Utnapishtim, hoping to learn if he was an Eternal. She had a brief encounter with a time-travelling Captain America and the Forgotten One at that time. Sersi became famous in Greek Mythology through her encounter with Odysseus, when he landed upon her island, Aeaea, and she turned his men into pigs. Sersi fell in love with Odysseus, and he spent several years with her. Years later, Telemachus came to Aeaea, on the trail of his father. Sersi fell in love with him as well, and centuries later, still hadn't forgotten him. During the reign of Nero, Sersi visited Rome, and was caught in the fire that ravaged the city, but Makkari rescued her. She visited Camelot at least twice, while she was practicing stage magic. She taught a few tricks to Merlin there, and also uncovered Maha Yogi when he impersonated Merlin. She also visited France during the French Revolution, and witnessed the use of the guilotinne. She met the poet Thomas Chatterton at some point, and gave him some pointers in forging his supposed antiquitarian poems. She considered his suicide a tragic waste.

In recent years, Sersi's participation in the affairs of the Eternals have been limited. She had to be forced to attend a Ritual of the Uni-Mind, and initially refused taking part in Ikaris' battle with the Deviants. Of the remaining Eternals, Pyskos, Ikaris and Thena have all experienced some friction working with Sersi, though she herself has few prejudices. After Captain America requested Sersi's aid in going undercover as a teenager, she became involved the Avengers' affairs, and ended up joining the team, mainly to be around the Captain. But after somehow forming a Uni-Mind with the Brethren, Sersi began to slowly go mad, thanks to the manipulations of Proctor, who in an alternate reality, was married to Sersi. Sersi temporarily put herself into exile, but has since returned to her home dimension.

For a complete chronological list of Sersi's appearances, plus additional facts & details about Sersi, please visit the rest of this site.

Sersi's Loft Sersi's home in New York. The address is 13-G, and it is located on the tenth floor. Sersi holds many of her famous parties here, which usually include a variety of prominent persons, often super-heroes. -Eternals (v.1)#3-5, Thor#285, Avengers#246, Eternals (v.2)#3, 8-10, Captain America#355, 357, Avengers#325, Thor#437

Sersi's Mirror Communication device located in Sersi's Loft. While it normally appears to be a mirror, Sersi has also disguised this computer as a variety of paintings. Sometimes a message from the mirror is accompanied by musical fanfare. The mirror can also serve as a recording device. -Eternals (v.1)#4-5, Thor#285, Avengers#246, Eternals (v.2)#3, 10

Sersy Mis-spelt version of Sersi's name that appears throughout Eternals (v.1)#3.

Shadowlance Weapon initially used by Lord Tantalus, but used primarily by Lucian, alias Blackwulf II. With the Shadowlance, Lucian can focus his rage and channel the Black Legacy he inherited from Tantalus at others. The Shadowlance was destroyed in battle with the Godstalker, but was re-built by Khult, who granted it the power to cleave between dimensions. With this new power, Lucian destroyed the Godstalker, and it bonded with the Shadowlance, making it more powerful. -Thunderstrike#6, Blackwulf#1, 6-10

Servo-Mechanisms Artificial beings used as servants on Titan. Several served ISAAC during his take-over. - Captain Marvel#60

William Shakespeare Famous playwright whose plays included A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which the character of Puck was inspired by Sprite. Another play, Macbeth, included an appearance of the witch Hecate. Karkas and Thena are both very fond of Shakespeare's writing. -Eternals (v.1)#10

Shannon Student at the Universtiy of San Diego who was briefly the girlfriend of Donald Ritter. -Avengers#370

Shao-Lom Monastary on Titan, founded by a sect closely linked to the Priests of Pama (pacifist Kree). It was here that Heather Douglas was raised to perfection in mind and body, becoming Moondragon, under the guidance of the priest Emlot. The monks of Shao-Lom attempted to re-claim her after she was cloned, but she refused. -Daredevil#105, Captain Marvel#34, Giant-Size Avengers#4, Solo Avengers#18

Shastra Female Eternal who joined the band of exiled Eternals following Uranos. She was one of the founding members of the colony of Eternals on Uranus and Titan. -What If(v.1)#26-28

She-Hulk Member of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. She-Hulk met the Eternal Sersi at an exotic bakery shop, and won an invitation to one of her parties. She-Hulk has occasionally been a guest since, as a fellow member of the Avengers. She has also served with Eros and the Forgotten One on the Avengers, and was responsible for giving Eros his alias "Starfox". She and Eros once slept together, early in his career as an Avenger. -Avengers#246, 325

Shelmar Gunner aboard Kro's flagship who fired the Shock Howitzer at Ikaris and Margo Damian's expedition plane. -Eternals (v.1)#3

S.H.I.E.L.D. The Supreme Headquarters of International Espionage and Law-Enforcement Division, the ultimate covert operations agency in the western world. SHIELD sent three agents to the City of the Space Gods after military planes took pictures of a dome in the Andes Mountains. Later, they sent an agent aboard an airplane who was ordered to infiltrate the City and recover the lost agents, but he was unsuccessful. Years later, SHIELD became aware of the civil war below the surface between the forces of Blackwulf and Lord Tantalus, and attempted to keep this information secret from the general public. One SHIELD agent named Simon turned out to be a double agent working for Lord Tantalus, who freed Tantalus' servant Pandara after her capture. He was slain by Pandara as a "reward". Yet another rogue SHIELD agent, Jordan Holiday, works for the Damocles Foundation, and was responsible for recovering Reignfire's corpse for them. -Eternals (v.1)#6-7, Thor#283-285, Thunderstrike#5-7, X-Force#79-80

Ship Celestial vessel which was appropriated by the External Apocalypse, and made to serve him for centuries. Ship was finally liberated by the mutant heroes X-Factor, and served as their home for a time. Ship remained unaware that it had once served the Celestials, until Gammenon the Gatherer undid the de-programming Apocalypse had performed on its systems. After being destroyed by Apocalypse, Ship downloaded its program into the infant Nathan Summers as he was taken into the future, to eventually become the hero Cable. In the future, Ship re-named itself "Professor", and returned to the 20th Century with Cable to run his space station, Graymalkin. Currently, Ship's program re-sides inside of Prosh, an amalgamation of Ship and Professor. -X-Factor#15, 21, 25-35, 40-41, 43-44, 46, 48-56, 59-60, 63, 65-68, Uncanny X-Men#243, 264, New Mutants#74, 89, X-Men Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, Ghost Rider (v.3)#9, X-Factor Annual#3, 5, Uncanny X-Men Annual#14, New Mutants Annual#5, X-Factor: Prisoner of Love, Marvel Comics Presents#85, X-Force#37

Shock Howitzer Powerful canon carried on Deviant Raiding Crafts. Kro fired one on Ikaris. -Eternals (v.1)#3

Shock-Pistol Handgun Zakka armed himself with. He attempted to slay Karkas with it, but while he injured him gravely, he could not permanently damage Karkas' strong hide. -Eternals Annual#1

Shroud Gun Popular Deviant weapon which ensnares targets in a blanket-like cloth. Kro brought one on his mission to the City of the Space Gods, and apparently left it behind, as Ajak later employed one there. -Eternals (v.1)#1, Thor#284

Shroud of Death Curtain of energy which enfolds a planet while Exitar is terraforming it. The Shroud is drawn when the world has been successfully altered into a more lush, green environment. -Thor#389

Sigmar Polar Eternal with an elderly appearance. Sigmar was instructed by Phastos. He had at least two laboratories on earth, one in Polaria, and one deep below New York City. Among his creations were the Molecular Reassembler, Dimension Cloud, and, apparently, the Nerve Beast. Sigmar was forced by Druig into helping him uncover the location of "the Weapon", but he later aided Ikaris in catching him. Sigmar was one of the Eternals who left earth in the form of a Uni-Mind, but Phastos watches over his laboratories. -Eternals (v.1)#17-19

Thea Silhausen Agent L-5 of Prussland, and servant of Kro. Silhausen assisted Kro by concocting the means to capture Makkari by baiting him with vital plans, but Makkari thwarted her scheme. -Red Raven Comics#1

Agent Simon Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who was working as a double-agent for Lord Tantalus. When Pandara was captured by the Code: Blue police force, Agent Simon freed her, expecting a reward. She "rewarded" him by draining his life-force to replenish her own energies. -Thunderstrike#7

Siphon Beam Device Maelstrom used to drain the energy of the Uni-Mind, with the intent of harnessing its power to crush the Earth. The device was destroyed by the Vision. -Avengers#248

Skragg Skrull mercenary who served Thanos during his mission to capture Rick Jones. When Skragg's plot to kill the Thing failed, Thanos petrified him into stone as punishment. -Captain Marvel#25-26

Skrull-Prime Sole surviving member of the original race of Skrulls. Skrull-Prime crashed on Earth in 1947, while pursued by a Deviant Skrull. He was brought to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and experimented on for years by scientists such as Dr. Caitlin Maddox. From studying him, Maddox produced an adrenaline compound which when injected by Major Ross Jonas, transformed him into the villain Scorch. Maddox also injected herself with this adrenaline, and later found herself immune to the effects of Tantalus' Black Legacy. Finally, she awoke Skrull-Prime herself using the chemical, and he developed the ability to manipulate the molecules of others. -Blackwulf#2-8, 10

Skrulls Alien race which has been experimented on by the Celestials. All but one of the original race of Skrulls were slain by their Deviant counterparts, inspired by the "Holy War" of Lord Tantalus, and they are now the only Skrull race. Skrull Deviants have the ability to change their shape, though they lost this power for a time. Normally, they have green skin and ridged chins, resembling that of Thanos. Their homeworld was devoured by Galactus, but they continue to thrive on other worlds. Their greatest hero is the Super-Skrull. Another deviation of Skrulls are the Dire Wraiths, rogue Skrulls who slay the people they assume the form of. One member of the Skrulls, sent to pursue the surviving Skrull-Prime in 1947, was revived in modern times by the Peacekeepers, and joined Tantalus' forces. -Silver Surfer (v.3)#5, Blackwulf#2-8, 10

Sky-Ship Flight vehicle used by Elysius on Titan. It resembles an ancient earth sailing vessel. -Captain Marvel#61

Sky-Sleds One-man vehicles flown on Titan. -Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1

Sledge Large, elderly Deviant inventor. In the 1950's, Sledge aided the State Department, and was granted American citizenship. Although in his prime he was a capable fighter, in recent years, he has taken on crutches to support his emmense frame. His base of operations is a junkyard in Detroit, where he has constructed many high-tech instruments, some based on technology left behind by the Celestials. 10 years ago, Sledge destroyed a Gatherer that had been recovered by the Damocles Foundation. This altercation was witnessed by Samuel Guthrie, later to become the hero Cannonball, but Sledge removed the memory from his mind. In recent years, Sledge has benevolently aided criminals such as Risque, Blob, and Mimic, as well as the team X-Force. Arcadia Deville and Ulysses Dragonblood have made use of him for sanctuary, and he helped them prevent the Damocles Foundation from re-activating another Gatherer. -X-Force#66, 68-69, 81, 96, 99

Slicer Guillotinne-like device that Brother Visara introduced to Lemuria. He encouraged the Deviants to put all leaders and their followers to death by decapitation, but many of them were rescued by Khoryphos and Yrdisis. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Sluice Short, blue, Deviant administrator who was part of Brother Tode's council. She was not fond of Warlord Kro. -Eternals (v.1)#3, 8

John Smithers Newspaper publisher who was running a protection racket. Smithers was shut down by Makkari. -Captain America Comics#9

Sovereign Alternate title of respect for the Prime Eternal. Ikaris also used this as his alias as a member of the "New Breed". -New Eternals#1

Soviet Helicopter Zarin piloted a Soviet helicopter to Olympia with his fellow Polar Eternals aboard. Whether or not he returned it is open to debate, but the Delphan Brothers enjoyed mocking it. -Eternals (v.1)#11

Space Gods Name that , a mutant with powers of enhanced agility, vision, and flight. O'Damia was originally an agent of the CIA before joining the Underground Legion to be with her lover Blackwulf. After Blackwulf was killed, she blamed his brother Lucian, but eventually came to terms with him. -Blackwulf#1-10

Sparx Alias Aurelle assumed as a member of the "New Breed". -New Eternals#1

Spike Deviant with spike-covered body sent by Ghaur along with Coal and String to steal the Horn of Proteus from Atlantis. Namorita later mistook Warlock of the New Mutants for Spike. -New Mutants Annual#5

Spire of the Third Host Tower constructed in Olympia during the visit of the Third Celestial Host 1000 years ago. From this tower, the Eternals would monitor all Celestial activity on the planet. The spire stands to this day, as a symbol to the Eternals. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9

Splice Chandra Ku, an African girl of the 18th century Zulu tribe who joined the Young Gods when she was 13. She has the power to animate objects and create weapons. After being presented to the Celestials by Gaea, Splice was taken to their Mothership with the other Young Gods, and made a pupil of Juniper. Splice lives apart from the other Young Gods, preferring to take meditation over their company. -Thor#300, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#101-102, 106-109

Spore Mutate created by the Deviants during the era of Uranos. The Spore was specially bred to literally absorb Eternals into its mass, and was nearly impossible to slay. It was only due to the intervention of the Celestials that the Spore was made dormant. It was revived again in modern times, and attempted to absorb the body of the mutant Wolverine, but another mutant, Sister Salvation, destroyed the Spore with her healing touch. Wolverine postulated that the Celestials had forseen the Spore's eventual return, and were responsible for her mutation. -Wolverine#21-23. You can read an in-depth profile of Spore at Snood's Appendix.

Sprite Eternal who has the appearance of a young boy. Sprite is terrificly adept at manipulating matter. He was often mistaken for Robin Goodfellow, and inspired the character of Puck in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. When Zuras called for the Uni-Mind to examine the Celestials' Mothership, Sprite remained behind with Domo's Central Processor. Seeing that the Deviants meant to destroy the Mothership, Sprite broke Zuras' commands and informed the Forgotten One. Sprite gave him a silver spacesuit and made his hut into a spacecraft. With it, the Forgotten One was able to defeat the Deviants. When Zuras ultimately learnt what had happened, he made Sprite serve as the Forgotten One's aide, and the two of them became great friends. While trying to improve Olympia's systems, Sprite accidentally sent Olympia into the Negative Zone once, but they were able to restore it to its proper place. Sprite advocated the appointment of the Black Knight as Sersi's Gann Josin as a settlement to Ikaris, who wanted her killed. -Eternals (v.1)#9-10, 13, Thor#288-289, 291, What If (v.1)#29-30, Eternals (v.2)#1, Avengers#299, 308, 310, Avengers Spotlight#35, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Avengers#361, 374-375, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Sprites Tiny humanoid creatures who tended to Dionysus. They were apparently grown in Titan's Life-Baths. - Captain Marvel#60, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#3

Spy Eyes Small spheres used by the Fool to spy on others. They record holographic images of whomever the Fool sends them to trace. -Avengers#338

Staff of Power Shepherd's staff Zuras briefly carried. -Thor#287-289. Considering that many fans believe the Eternals to be inferior mirror images of the New Gods, I wasn't happy to see this detail added.

Starfox Alias given to Eros as a member of the Avengers, inspired by She-Hulk, because he is from the stars, and is a pretty foxy guy. Eros used this alias throughout his time with the Avengers, which ultimately came to an end when he learnt that the criminal Nebula claimed to be the granddaughter of his brother Thanos, and he made off to search for her. -Avengers#232-238, 240-261, Avengers Annual#12, 14, 19, Thor#332, 334, 350-351, Fantastic Four#256, 265, Captain America#289, 292, 295-296, 299, 301, 310, Incredible Hulk#300, Marvel Team-Up#142-143, Marvel Graphic Novel#17, 27, Uncanny X-Men#190-191, Rom#65, Spectacular Spider-Man#106, Amazing Spider-Man#270, Vision and the Scarlet Witch (v.2)#1, Fantastic Four Annual#19, Silver Surfer (v.3)#19-20, 37, 40, 44, 49 Avengers#301, 305, 311, 314, 316-318, Avengers Spotlight#21, Marvel Comics Presents#22, 65, Avengers West Coast#48, 82, Infinity Gauntlet#1-6, Warlock and the Infinity Watch#2, 19, Quasar#32, 59, Wonder Man#7-9, Avengers#345, 347, Thor#445-446, Captain America#401, Infinity Crusade#6, Silver Surfer Annual#4-6, Cosmic Powers#4, Captain Marvel (v.2)#2, 5, Avengers (v.3)#1-4, Warlock (v.3)#3, Avengers Infinity#1-4, Thor (v.2)#30, Avengers (v.3)#35, Maximum Security#3, Avengers: Celestial Quest #4-5, Captain Marvel (v.3)#27-30, 32, Captain Marvel (v.4)#17-18, Avengers (v.1)#501-502

Statue of Liberty Famous statue in the harbour of New York. One of Kro's agents attempted to escape Gorgilla by climbing the statue, but Gorgilla scaled the statue easily. -Marvel Universe#5

H.D. Steckley Alias first used by Moondragon when she infiltrated Quasar's office as part of her bid to win his affections. When she later abandoned the identity, Erishkigel assumed it, claiming to be the real H.D. As H.D., Erishkigel forged a friendship with Kayla Ballantine, in order to steal the Starbrand from her. -Quasar#11-15, 19, 21-22, 30, 35-49

Stellaris Alien woman of unknown origin who cannot recall her own past. Her world was judged unworthy by the Celestials, and destroyed. With her advanced suit of armor, she has attempted to slay Celestials, although she has ever managed to accomplish this. She pursued the Celestials' Replicoid to earth and slew it, then later attempted to prevent the Celestials from creating a new Celestial from the Black Galaxy, but all her attack accomplished was to provide them with the final dose of energy they needed. After that, Stellaris dwelt on Earth for a while, and befriended Eric Masterson, the hero Thunderstrike. She assumed the alias of "Leah Princess" as his room-mate. When last seen, Stellaris had decided to return to outer space. -Thor#419-424, 438-439, Thunderstrike#1, 3-7, 12-13, 15-19, 21

Stellarax One of ISAAC's agents created in the Life-Baths who aided him in his take-over of Titan. Stellarax treated ISAAC as his father, but secretly desired to usurp him, and plotted to make the Earth his base just as Titan was ISAAC's. He was finally destroyed on Titan by Drax the Destroyer. -Captain Marvel#59-60, 62, Marvel Spotlight(v.2)#1-2

Michael Stevenson Leader of the SHIELD agents sent to examine the City of the Space Gods. Stevenson was armed with a Tactical Nuclear Device, which he attempted to use to slay the Celestials. When this failed, he allowed himself to be transformed into his molecular components and put into storage. It is not known if he was ever restored to normal. -Eternals (v.1)#6-7, Thor#285

The Stranger Alien of unknown origins who once claimed to be the combined might of all the Gigantians, just as the Over-Mind is the sum of all the Eternals of Eyung. In fact, the true survivor of the Gigantians was found by the Stranger while he was still young, and he accidentally injured it fatally. To atone for this, he masqueraded as the Gigantian survivor to stop the Over-Mind. The Stranger maintains a laboratory world upon which he studies many unusual life-forms. Among them is an alien named Jakar, who bears a striking resemblance to the Stranger. The Stranger fills some important role in the cosmic hierarchy, but the exact nature of this role has not been disclosed. -X-Men (v.1)#11, Fantastic Four#116, Quasar#13-16

Stranglehold Deviant member of Sword, with superhuman strength. Stranglehold was devolved by a Gatherer into a lizard, at the command of the Black Queen. -X-Force#84, 97

String Furry Deviant sent by Ghaur to steal the Horn of Proteus from Atlantis alongside Coal and Spike. Namorita later mistook Wolfsbane of the New Mutants for String. -New Mutants Annual#5

Malcolm Stromberg Wealthy New York gentleman who was slain by Maelstrom, who then adopted Stromberg's name and mansion as his own. As Stromberg, he tricked Quasar, Makkari and Moondragon into entering his home and capturing them. The mansion continued to be used by Maelstrom's agents after his death. -Quasar#21

Sub-Mariner Prince of Atlantis and member of the Avengers. Namor accepted an invitation to Sersi's party, but found he had to fight off a drunken Ransak. -Eternals (v.2)#8

Subterranea Area beneath the world which is ruled by the Mole Man. The communities of Subterranea were originally constructed by the Deviants after the 2nd Host, when they were driven underground. Their projects included the creation of the Gortokians, Moloids and Tyrannoids, but they ultimately rebelled against them, and the Deviants abandoned Subterranea. Under the rulership of Brother Brutus, the Deviants attempted to reclaim their technology in recent years, but the combined forces of the Mole Man, Lava Men, Tryannus and the Avengers drove them back. -Avengers Annual#20, Incredible Hulk Annual#17, Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual#1, Iron Man Annual#12, Avengers West Coast Annual#6

Sui-San Follower of Uranos who was the only survivor of the war on the surface of Titan. She was found by A'lars, who with her, founded the new Eternals of Titan. Sui-San's children included Eros and Thanos. She was slain by Thanos during his attack on Titan, when he dissected her with a medical kit, hoping to learn why he was different from other children. -Captain Marvel#29

Kingo Sunen Eternal from the island of Hokkaido. Kingo has the appearance of a Japanese man. He was a samurai during the 16th century, and today, has become a famous movie star in various martial arts movies, such as Revenge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Vampires. He carries a sword forged by Phastos, which can slice through nearly any material. Kingo took charge of Ransak for a time to taught him patience and insight. He also gave him and Karkas acting parts in his movies. His address is 342, Soren Lane, Tokyo, Japan, 31156. -Eternals (v.1)#11, Eternals (v.2)#1, 3-12, Avengers#310, 370, New Eternals#1

Sunrise Pyramid Bright light holding chamber in Olympia, used for analysing specimens. -Silver Surfer Annual#1

Sunset Pyramid Dark-light holding chamber in Olympia, used for analysing specimens. -Silver Surfer Annual#1

Super-Skrull K'Lrt, a Skrull who has been artifically enhanced with all four powers of the Fantastic Four- the Thing's strength, Mr. Fantastic's elasticity, Invisible Girl's invisibility, and the Human Torch's flames. He served as one of Thanos' lieutenants during his time as Emperor of Titan, but was abandoned by him. Leter, when he appeared in the orbit of earth, the Eternals captured him for study, recognizing him as a Deviant, but the Silver Surfer set him free. -Captain Marvel#25-27, Silver Surfer Annual#1

Supreme Titan Title used by citizens of Titan when referring to their patron god, Kronos. Captain Marvel#31

Truman Swartz Reporter who commented on the attack of the Hulk Robot. -Eternals (v.1)#15

"Sweet Prince" Name given to Ransak by the women of Olympia. Thena, Karkas & Kingo Sunen were all fond of this alias, though Ikaris saw nothing sweet about him. -Eternals (v.1)#12

Swen Warrior serving the alien Chosen. Swen was killed in battle by Zharkah, who blew up his head. -X-Factor#43

Sword Defensive arm of the Damocles Foundation, made up of superhumanly powerful Deviants. Their leader is Zona, and other members are Argos the Hunter, Pyre, and Stranglehold. They were previously led by Ulysses Dragonblood, before he quit the Damocles Foundation. All four members of Sword were transformed into lizards by a Gatherer being controlled by the Black Queen. -X-Force#84, 97

Ronnie Sykes Alias used by Pyskos in his identity as a police negotiator in Toronto. -New Eternals#1

Symbo-Nullifier Piece of Titan technology that weighs eight and a half tons. Thanos used this device to drain the symbiotic energies of the Blood Brothers, into to ensure their loyalties. -Avengers (v.1)#253 l">K L M

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