Ultimus to Utnapishtim

Ultimus The only Kree Eternal still known to be alive. 3000 years ago, Ultimus was buried below Stonehenge by the Deviant Lord Tantalus, and remained there until modern times. He was called the "Demon Druid" for a time after being awakened, until the Supreme Intelligence told him of his origins, assigned him the name "Ultimus", and made him a member of Starforce, the team of Kree super-heroes. With Starforce, he aided the Underground Legion in an assault upon Tantalus at Armechadon, using his powers to track Tantalus there. -Thor#209, Excalibur#20, Wonder Man#7, Captain America#399, Avengers#346-347, Thor#446, Avengers West Coast#82, Quasar#35, Blackwulf#7-8

Ulvar In order to drive off the undersea invader Gigantus, film-maker Mr. Baxter constructed a giant, moving statue named Ulvar, who claimed to be from the planet Centaurus II. Frightened by the statue, Gigantus withdrew his plans for attack. -Journey into Mystery#63

Underground Legion Team founded by Blackwulf, with the aid of the United States government, and made up of Deviants and humans who oppose the "Holy War" of Lord Tantalus, and wish to see Deviants integrate with human society peacefully. Members include Blackwulf, Blackwulf II, Oliver Broadhurst, Caitlin Maddox, Mammoth, Sentry#459, Skrull-Prime, Sparrow, Touchstone, Toxin, and Wildwind. -Blackwulf#1-10

Uni-Mind The collective energy of the Eternals, born of the Ritual of the Uni-Mind. Eternals, Humans, Deviants and Brethren have been a part of Uni-Minds. It is not known how long a Uni-Mind can be held together, but there is one which left earth following Zuras' death, and apparently still exists. It comprises most of the Eternals' population, though Ajak, and possibly others, have left its joining. Zuras was the first Eternal to form a Uni-Mind, after they attained cosmic powers, and used it to determine if he or A'Lars should become Prime Eternal. Since then, the Prime Eternal alone has the power to summon the Ritual, and produce the Blue Flame through which the Eternals fly, their forms physically becoming the Uni-Mind. Varua of the Young Gods is also able to create a joining with her fellow Young Gods which is similiar to the Uni-Mind. -Eternals (v.1)#12, 14, Thor#291, 300, What If (v.1)#25, Avengers#247-248, Eternals (v.2)#12, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Fantastic Four Annual#23, Avengers#339, 370-371, Marvel Comics Presents#109

Unifier Device operated by Domo which summons Eternals to the Ritual of the Uni-Mind. Until the 4th Host, it had not been used since the Great Flood. -Eternals (v.1)#10

Unisphere Mysterious orb which Thanos gave to Super-Skrull while he was left in charge of the armies occupying Titan. Thanos claimed that the Unisphere was the source of all his power, and would protect the Super-Skrull. He lied. -Captain Marvel#27

Universal Eye Eye-like device located on Eson the Searcher's hand. With this eye, Eson examined the interior of Lemuria, destroying most of it in the process. -Eternals#10

Universal Language Equalizer Device installed on vessels that served in Thanos' fleet. It allowed his mercenaries, which included Badoon, Aakon and Skrulls, to communicate with each other. -Avengers#125

University of Berkely University in San Francisco where Professor King teaches. -New Eternals#1

University of San Diego University Donald and Deborah Ritter were heading to when they became involved in the attempt to revive Maelstrom. Deborah took psychology courses there. -Avengers#370, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation Wrestling organization which enlists superhumans as performers. Ikaris enjoyed his time wrestling as "Ike Harris", until Cataphrax infiltrated the UCWF as "Enigmo". Another Deviant calling himself "Enigmo" later joined the UCWF as well. -Eternals (v.2)#1, Avengers#370

Ural Mountains Mountains near Siberia where Polaria is located. -Eternals (v.1)#19

Uranos Brutal Eternal who brought war to Titanos, until he was defeated Oceanus and Kronos, his brother. Uranos was exiled to space with 24 of his followers, who ultimately arrived upon Uranus, establishing an outpost there. They next moved to Titan, after their craft was damaged by the Kree. Uranos died on Titan when his own people went to war incited by the Dragon of the Moon, but his cruelty lives through Thanos, son of his follower Sui-San. -Captain Marvel#29, What If (v.1)#26-28

Uranus Planet which the Kree built a small outpost upon, guarded only by Sentry#213. The followers of Uranos came here, and defeated the Sentry. While Uranos left with some of the followers, the remaining Eternals remained there for the rest of their lives. Eventually tiring of immortality, they contacted Dr. Horace Grayson, and gave him the means to fly there, hoping to learn the secrets of mortality from him. But ultimately, they allowed Deathurge to slay them by shattering the protective dome around the planet. Their dead city still stands upon the planet. -Marvel Boy#1, Astonishing#5, What If (v.1)#26-27, Quasar#2

Urshnabi Ferryman who would lead men across the River of Death to Utnapishtim, to seek his advice. -Captain America Annual#11

Uruk City of ancient Mesopotamia which Gilgamesh was king of. He found his kingly duties to be dull, and so was introduced to the beast-man Enkidu by his subjects that he might find new adventures. Gilgamesh's departure from Uruk has not been recorded. -Captain America Annual#11

USS Daring American submarine that was on an exploratory mission at the bottom of the ocean, when Apocalypse took control of its systems and fired atomic missiles at Lemuria. Ghaur retaliated by destroying the submarine, and its entire crew. New Eternals#1

Utnapishtim In Bablyonian Mythology, Utnapishtim was the man who led what remained of human civlization to safety during the Great Flood, thanks to his immense wooden ark. What Utnapishtim believed to be a bird leading to him to dry land was actually Ikaris of the Eternals. Utnapishtim lived a long life, and a young Sersi wondered if he might be an Eternal. When Gilgamesh sought immortal life, it was Utnapishtim who informed him of the flower containing the the secrets of immortality. -Captain America Annual#11

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