Arnold Radische to Ryest

Arnold Radische Student at City College who did not believe the claims made by the Deviants and Eternals who visited them. Sersi changed his face to look like the Thing to make him think otherwise.-Eternals#6

Ragar Prime Minister of the Deviants, and advisor to Brother Tode. Ragar had quite a bit of contempt for Warlord Kro. He was part of Brother Tode's invasion of Olympia, and was put to death with the rest of the invaders. -Eternals (v.1)#3, 8, Iron Man Annual#6

Raiding Craft Popular class of Deviant vessel, which features twin guns, the Z-Ray, and the Shock-Howitzer. Kro used one as his flagship for the invasion of New York. -Eternals (v.1)#3-6, 8, 10, Marvel Universe#6

Rail-Jet Subway car-like transportation used by Deviants below the surface. New Lemuria, Monster Island, and Cataphrax's outpost were all equipped with Rail-Jets for quick escape. After the Deviants abandoned Monster Island, the Mole Man made use of the Rail-Jet networks there. -Thor#286, Eternals (v.2)#1, Marvel Universe#7

Rakar Father of Ajak and Arex, husband of Amaa. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#1

Ramrod An offshore oil rig foreman who was bionically enhanced by Moondragon with the advanced technology of Titan to serve as one of her agents. Ramrod fought Daredevil, the Black Widow and Spider-Man for her, before becoming a mercenary for hire. The enhancements Moondragon made to him gave him superhuman strength and resistance to most injuries. -Daredevil#103, 105-107

Brother Ranar Son of Brother Tode. Ghaur was present at Ranar's birth, and witnessed the death of his mother. Fascinated by how Ranar came into the world as a murderer, Ghaur studied him for many years. As an adult, Ranar was responsible for helping to re-builed Lemuria and re-establish the economy. After his father's death, he attempted to claim the throne of Lemuria, and kidnapped humans to carry him triumphantly to the temple. Ghaur, however, was not amused. Using his control over Ranar's own body, he made him cry tears that covered his mouth. One of Ghaur's men then stabbed him in the back, and his corpse was thrown into the Fire Pits. -Eternals (v.2)#2

Dr. Ralph Rand Associate of Dr. Ruth Holden. He accompanied her and Makkari to Matto Grosso, and, along the way, fell in love with Ruth when he realized she was a woman. -Captain America Comics#2

Randac The first major leader of the Inhumans, and developer of the Terrigan Mist. It was Randac who first overthrew the Kree's control over the Inhumans, and established Attilan as an idependent colony. -Thor#147

Ransak the Reject Deviant son of Maelstrom and Medula. Ransak was raised in the gladiator arenas of Lemuria, where his verocity earned him the nickname "Killing Machine". Because he bore the features of an ordinary human, Ransak was labelled a Reject by the Deviants, and the gladiator games were his only chance at glory. Ransak was pitted against the Mutate Karkas to serve as entertainment for the visiting Eternal, Thena. His costume, made of flexible steel, has been a favorite of his since, as has his weapon, the Power-Rod. Ransak defeated Karkas by seeking out his weak spot, but was unprepared to deal with the kindness Thena showed him. Warlord Kro recognized Ransak's genetic stability as a good sign for the Deviant people, and Thena was persuaded by Karkas to give sanctuary to the both of them. The women of Olympia found Ransak attractive and nicknamed him "Sweet Prince", but his inner ferocity kept them away. Ransak and Karkas accompanied their patron, Thena, on many adventures, including the hunt for Zakka in New York and the scouting mission to New Lemuria. Ransak also stood against the Olympians when they invaded Olympia.

After most of earth's Eternals left the planet, Ransak was tutored by Kingo Sunen, who also gave him parts in his movies. During Ransak's attack on the Deviant fleet in the Pacific Ocean, he slew 137 Deviants, glad to see his own kind die. Eventually, Ransak joined "Delta Force" and Kro's rebellion against the new rule of Ghaur. He was briefly mind-controlled by Ghaur during the Anti-Mind affair, but the Heroes For Hire restored his control. Recently, Ransak was mutated by Apocalypse into a creature resembled the Lava Men. The Eternals successfully restored him to normal, and he helped the Eternals defeat the also-mutated Karkas. For a brief while he took the alias "Warhead" as a member of Ikaris' "New Breed", but when Kro regained Lemuria's throne, he left with Karkas to serve as his aide. -Eternals (v.1)#8-10, 12, Eternals Annual#1, Thor#285-287, 289, 291-292, Eternals (v.2)#3-12, Avengers#310, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Quasar#12, Avengers#370-371, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes For Hire#5-7, New Eternals#1, Black Panther (v.3)#27

Lord Rask Warrior of the alien Chosen, possessing the ability to fire energy blasts and create energy fields. Rask was largely disliked and mistrusted, due to the birthmark upon his back. Lord Rask made various attempts to win the favour of the Most Perfect Seera, but when this failed, attempted to use the captured super-heroes Archangel and Iceman in a gladiator bout, in order that the winnings he made from them would allow him to buy the throne of the Chosen. Rask was killed by Archangel in battle. -X-Factor#43-46, 48-50

Rat In order to spy on the Deviant priesthood, Kro employed a robotic rat with crystaline eyes, which transmitted images back to his hideout. -Eternals (v.2)#2

Reaction Bombs Weapons used by both the Eternals of Eyung and the Gigantians during their devastating war that destroyed both their planets. -Fantastic Four#115

Walter Reasoner Reporter for the G.B.C. who attempted to interview Ikaris during his battle with the Hulk Robot. -Eternals (v.1)#15

Receiver Device used by Jemiah which allows him to analyze objects collected by Gammenon. -Eternals (v.1)#7

Red Celestial Massive Celestial who directed the transformation of the Black Galaxy into a new Celestial, using energies taken from Hercules, Eric Masterson, and Stellaris. -Thor#407, 422-424

"The Red Bull" English translation of El Toro Rojo's name. -Avengers#370-371

Reflector Screen Device located within the Chamber of Gods which displays incoming transmissions. It alerted Ikaris to the swiftly approaching 4th Host. -Eternals (v.1)#1-4

Commissioner Regan Police commissioner who was trying to stop the "Murder Mob", but was saved that trouble by Makkari's intervention. -Captain America Comics#1

Corporal Reilly Soldier stationed at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He did not recognize Major Ross Jonas after his tranformation into Scorch, due to him being on fire. -Blackwulf#3

Reject Term used for Deviants who are to be sent to the Fire Pits at "Purity Time". Ransak was always referred to as a "Reject" by the Deviants, rather than his true name. Reject is also a term used on an alien world for those who do not possess a human-like appearance. -Eternals (v.1)#8, X-Factor#43-46, 48-50

Replicoid Duplicate of Thor created by Exitar after encountering him on Pangoria. The Celestials later sent the Replicoid to earth in order to inform Thor to journey to the Black Galaxy. After delivering this message, the Replicoid was slain by Stellaris. Another Replicoid was created by Exitar to communicate with the Invisible Woman as she fought the Celestials. This Replicoid was made to resemble the Invisible Woman. -Thor#389, 416-420, Fantastic Four#400

Revenge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Vampires Film Kingo Sunen was starring in when Ikaris enlisted him to join in the battle against the Deviants. It featured Kingo as the last samarai, and Ransak as the leader of his disciples. Their opponents were vampiric ninjas. -Eternals (v.2)#3

Rhea In Greek Mythology, the mother of Zeus, and a goddess of the earth. Cybele was sometimes mistaken for her in the past. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3

Vic and Janet Rhodes Pair of twins from Pennsylvania who were slain by Ajak, searching for the "Ordained Ones". -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Rite of Cleansing Method used by the Eternals to "cure" those who have fallen to the Mah'd Wy'ry. It involves total molecular dispersal. Ikaris suggested this as a solution to Sersi's seeming madness. -Avengers#361

Donald and Deborah Ritter Twin children of Thena and Kro, conceived during the Vietnam War. Donald and Deborah have the ability to join themselves together into a single being, sometimes called Dark Angel or Tzabaoth. Until recent events, when Dr. Damian attempted to have the twins killed, Donald and Deborah were not aware of their true parents. Since learning of their existence, they tried to live a normal life for a time, but after being stolen by Ghaur in his plan to form an Anti-Mind, they have remained with Thena during her time with Heroes For Hire and the High Evolutionary. -Eternals: The Herod Factor, Avengers#370-371, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes For Hire#5-9, 11

Ms. Ritter An infertile woman who Thena used as a surrogate mother to carry her twins. Ms. Ritter's exact whereabouts since Thena and Kro revealed themselves as Donald and Deborah Ritter's true parents is not known. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Ritual of Ascendency Ritual in which the new ruler of the Eternals is formally inducted into his or her office. At Thena's coronation, only Karkas and Makkari attended in person, with all other Eternals opting to appear as holograms. -Eternals (v.2)#1

Ritual of the Uni-Mind Ritual in which the Prime Eternal creates a Blue Flame, into which the Eternals, or any other species, fly, producing in their place a creature of massive mental powers. Though Deviants, Humans and Brethren have all taken part in Uni-Minds, there must be at least six Eternals in the joining. -Eternals (v.1)#12-14, Thor#291, Avengers#247-248, Eternals (v.2)#12, Avengers#339

River of Death River of acid-like water which separated Utnapishtim from the mainland. In order to reach him and seek his counsel, visitors had to rely upon the ferryman, Urshanabi. -Captain America Annual#11

Rockgnashers Creatures bred by the Deviants to create the tunnels under Subterranea. -X-Force#97

Everett K. Ross American senator presently attached to Wakanda, and close aide of T'Challa, the Black Panther. Senator Ross was sent by T'Challa to Lemuria to negotiate with Priestlord Ghaur, and learnt there that Ghaur was the father of the infant Deviant in T'Challa's custody who had sparked an international incident. Ross convinced Ghaur to fake the child's death, and place her in the custody of Namor, the Sub-Mariner. -Black Panther (v.3)#26-29

Michael Rossi CIA Agent who was a former associate and friend of Sparrow. Rossi was captured while on assignment by Ultron, and transformed into a partially-robotic creature, but the Underground Legion restored him to normal. -Blackwulf#3-5

Ruhr Valley Area of Germany where Phastos has a massive engineering plant. The computers there can link to Olympia's system. Phastos and other Eternals wear workclothes while there, and none of the workers are aware of Phastos' true identity. -Eternals (v.2)#4

Rusty Student at the Maryland Institute of Technology who, with Arthur, built a robot of the Hulk to serve as a team mascot. -Eternals (v.1)#14-15

Ry'lor Alien of the Vyg'lgm'sh Dynasty who crashed upon a deserted island on Earth, and was worshipped by a tribe of natives as a god. The Damolces Foundation attempted to use Ry'lor's technology to capture the powers of Danielle Moonstar, but he aided Moonstar in defeating them. -X-Force#93

Dr. Timothy Ryan Professor at the Maryland Institute of Technology who taught Arthur and Rusty. He strongly objected to their construction of the Hulk Robot. -Eternals (v.1)#14-15

Ryest Leader of the Beginagains, an alien Reject with telepathic powers. Ryest is the father of Dykom. Upon meeting the super-hero Cyclops, he became determined that Cyclops would spare his planet from the judgement of the Celestials, and was ultimately proven right. -X-Factor#44-46, 50

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