Gabriel to Gyrotronic Coordinator

Gabriel In the Bible, one of the two angels whose names were given. At the costume party at the Vanderpont Estate, Makkari dressed up as Gabriel, "One of St. Peter's Boys". -Captain America Comics#1

Gaea In Greek Mythology, the earth, mother of all earth's gods. Gaea has also been the earth goddess of many other religions, including the Egyptians, Native Americans, and the Norse, where she is the mother of Thor. When the First Host of Celestials came to Earth, Gaea guided them to the neanderthal people, upon whom the Celestials created the races of Deviants, Eternals, and men. To safeguard earth from the judgement of the 4th Host, Gaea began a search for the best of earth's people, following the 3rd Host. She was able to gain the aid of many other goddesses across the pantheons. At the time of the 4th Host, she presented the 12 Young Gods to Arishem, and he approved them. Cybele has also been mistaken for Gaea. -Thor#300-301, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13

"Gaea" The Eternals' word for "earth". -New Eternals#1

Galactus Originally Galan, a man from before this universe existed. As the old universe died, its essence bonded with Galan, and after a long period of hibernation, he emerged as Galactus and began devouring worlds to sustain his life. The first of his many heralds was the Silver Surfer, who turned against him when he came to earth. Other heralds have included the Air-Walker, Firelord, the Destroyer, Terrax the Tamer, Nova, Morg, and Red Shift. One of Galactus' greatest foes was Ego, the Living Planet. After one of their battles, Galactus placed a disk upon Ego which propelled him hopelessly through space. Though Galactus' height and armor have caused some to wonder if he bears any connection to the Celestials, there is no proof that he does. However, after Odin first sent Thor to investigate Galactus, he feared that Galactus might be a Celestial, and that contact with him would violate a pact he had made with the 3rd Host. Some have also speculated that if the Celestials may each be the survivor of a previous reality, and that when the universe ceases to exist, Galactus will become the new universe's Celestial. Galactus has recently perished after a bout of addiction to life energies, though it remains to be seen if he is truly dead. -Fantastic Four#48-50, Thor#134, 160-162, 167-169

Galaxy Plaque Engraving of the Celestials found within the City of the Space Gods. -Eternals#1

Gammenon the Gatherer Golden Celestial who joined the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Hosts on Earth. During the 4th Host, he captured 3 SHIELD Agents who were surveying the City of the Space Gods with his Gather-Rod, and gave them to Ajak to deal with. When they ultimately chose to assault the Celestials, he reduced them to a cube of basic atomic matter. Later during the expedition, he examined Central America. He also captured an airplane to be studied, and brought it to the City of the Space Gods, but the Asgardian Thor rescued it from the City. He also took note of Tyrannus' manipulation of El Dorado's Flame of Life, recognizing it as Deviant technology. During the attack of the Destroyer, it was Gammenon who destroyed the Uni-Mind with a single blast of energy. Gammenon once brought Ship and X-Factor to an alien world, both to examine the data Ship had collected for the Celestials on Earth, and to force X-Factor into aiding the people on the surface. Gammenon, along with many other Celestials, confronted the alien Rejects and Chosen, and were ultimately successful in forcing them to make their own judgements. Gammenon also served with the delegation of Celestials who waged war against the Watchers. -Eternals (v.1)#4,6-7, 18, Thor Annual#7, Thor#283-284, 300, What If (v.1)#23, Incredible Hulk#243, Secret Wars II#5, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Fantastic Four Annual#23, X-Factor#43-46, 48-50, Quasar#25, Fantastic Four#400

Gann Josin Bonding that occurs between Eternals and their lovers that is similiar to the Uni-Mind process. It gives them an intimate connection, that includes telepathy. Fearing that she might be going mad, Sersi made the Black Knight her Gann Josin, hoping it would save her sanity. -Avengers#350, 361

Gather Rod Instrument used by Gammenon to collect samples. Samples are stored within cubes on the head of the rod, and can be restored to their original forms by Celestial technology. After being collected, the Rod samples are given to Jemiah to be placed in his Receiver. It was with his Gather Rod that Gammenon collected the three SHIELD agents, Tyler, Parks and Stevenson. -Eternals (v.1)#7, X-Factor#43-46, 48-50

Gatherers Artificial constructs built by the Celestials, and used to seek out genetic material for them during the First Host. Some Gatherers were left behind on Earth following their departure, and two fell into the hands of the Damocles Foundation. The first was destroyed by the Deviant Sledge ten years ago, and the second, powered by the remains of the Mutant Reignfire, was taken over by the Black Queen, and made to use its gene-altering powers to transform the Deviant members of Sword into lizards. The second Gatherer was destroyed by Arcadia Deville and Danielle Moonstar. -X-Force#96-97

G.B.C. Television network in New York which Walter Reasoner was a reporter for. -Eternals (v.1)#15

Gehenna A Deviant equivalent of hell. -Blackwulf#9

Genii Jason Kimball, a 26-year fashion designer from Harlem, was one of the last Young Gods recruited by Heimdall in modern years. He gained his power to manipulate matter from exposure to Ego-Prime, but it requires him to use a portion of his own life-force, and runs the risk of being killed if he should strain himself too hard. After being presented to the Celestials by Gaea, Genii was brought to the Celestial Mothership with the other Young Gods, and was made a pupil of Katos. Being one of the newest Young Gods, he tends to reflect his human upbringing moreso than his other companions. -Thor#202-203, 291, 300, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#102, 104-105, 107-109

Genis-Vell Son of Elysius and Captain Mar-Vell, created from Titan's Gestation Chamber. Genis has assumed his father alias of Captain Marvel, and become a hero in his own right. He has occasionally dwelt on Titan. -Silver Surfer Annual#6

Georgie Little boy who met Karkas in his human guise and wondered if he was a giant. Karkas enjoyed telling the boy some stories of his adventures. -Eternals Annual#1

Gestation Chamber Technology used on Titan for cloning. Moondragon's new infant body was grown through a Gestation Chamber, as was Genis, the cloned son of Captain Mar-Vell and Elysius. -Solo Avengers#18, Silver Surfer Annual#6

Priestlord Ghaur Deviant head of the priesthood whose name is pronounced, "gore" in the human tongue. Ghaur's line was specially bred to give him the maximum powers of any Deviant- he can manipulate the minds and actions of any Deviant, save Kro, whose genetic make-up is a mystery. Ghaur plotted to gain the power of the Dreaming Celestial and challenge the power of the other Celestial Hosts, and to this end, manipulated Kro into recovering the Vial containing the Dreamer's essence. Though Ikaris attempted to stop him, Ghaur successfully gained the Dreamer's powers, but found that the Dreamer had taken over his actions to force him into freeing him from his crypt. Ghaur was killed by the Uni-Mind when it assaulted his Celestial-form. However, Ghaur continued to exist as a cloud of psychic matter in space, and was able to trick the Silver Surfer into re-forming his body. Returning to earth, he forged an alliance with Llyra, and attempted to conquer the planet by forming a pact with Set, but upon releasing a new Serpent Crown, he was killed by the spirit of Naga. Ghaur was later resurrected by his followers and attempted to force a Uni-Mind, but was unsuccessful. At some point, he was slain yet again, and resurrected in the form of a giant, animate, golden statue. In this form, he attempted to create an "Anti-Mind" with which to assault the Celestials, but was defeated by the Heroes For Hire. After's Lemuria's destruction by Apocalypse, his statue-form was recovered by a salvage crew. He has since regained his original physical body, and returned to his title as Priestlord of the Deviant people. Although Kro is the official head of state in Lemuria at present, it is still the priesthood, through Ghaur, who truly rule Lemuria. Recently, Ghaur mated with a Deviant woman, who bore a normal-looking daughter- a Reject- in Wakanda. In his attempt to regain his daughter so that he can slay her, Ghaur declared war against Wakanda, but was ultimately convinced by Everett K. Ross to falsify the child's death, and allow her to remain in the custody of Namor, the Sub-Mariner. -Eternals (v.2)#2, 5, 7-12, Silver Surfer Annual#2, Iron Man Annual#10, Uncanny X-Men Annual#13, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#9, Avengers West Coast#52, Avengers Annual#18, New Mutants Annual#5, X-Factor Annual#4, Web of Spider-Man#5, Avengers West Coast Annual#4, Thor Annual#14, Fantastic Four Annual#22, Avengers#370-371, Heroes For Hire#5-7, New Eternals#1, Black Panther (v.3)#26-29

Ghib-Ran Hyperion's true name as an Eternal. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#10

Gigantians Inhabitants of Gigantus, a once-peaceful planet that was assaulted by the empire of the Eternals of Eyung. The Gigantians turned to war in order to defeat the tyrants, and ultimately, both planets were destroyed. The Gigantians were able to preserve one member of their race, and place all their might within him, but while he was still in suspended animation to await the Over-Mind, he was found and accidentaly slain by the Stranger, who then masqueraded as the Gigantian survivor to atone for this. -Fantastic Four#115, Quasar#16

Giganto Large green Mutate used to attack the surface world by the Mole Man on several occasions. Giganto has a mate, whom he has raised a Skrullian robot with. -Fantastic Four (v.1)#1, 264, Avengers West Coast#52, Fantastic Four#348-349 X-Men: Hidden Years#20. It is unknown if either of the Gigantos used by the Sub-Mariner (Fantastic Four (v.1)#4, 149) were also Mutates.

Gigantus Large orange Mutate who resembles a fish. Gigantus once made an unsuccessful attempt at conquering the earth, and later guarded Monster Island for Kro. After the Mole Man took command of Monster Island, Gigantus became his servant. -Journey Into Mystery#63, Fantastic Four#349, Warlock and the Infinity Watch#7, Marvel Universe#7. You can read an in-depth profile of Gigantus at Snood's Appendix.

Gilgamesh In Babylonian Mythology, the King of Uruk and friend of Enkidu. The Forgotten One was apparently Gilgamesh in the past, and used this alias as a member of the Avengers. As Gilgamesh, he was unaware of his nature as an immortal Eternal, and after his friend Enkidu was slain after battling the Bull of Heaven, Gilgamesh fell into despair, and sought a way to prolong his life, seeking out Utnapishtim for some means of immortality. During his adventures, he fought the alien Kronans, met Sersi as a child, and also met Captain America, who had time-traveled to the past. -Avengers#300-310, Captain America Annual#11

Gladiators Gladiators are the only known athletes in Lemuria. Gladiator matches are one of their methods for eliminating the undesirable Rejects, but allow them to perish with honor. Ransak and Karkas first met in the gladiator rings as opponents. The most infamous of all Deviant gladiators was Tutinax, the "Mountain-Mover", whose very name strikes fear into the Deviants. Gladiator fighting is also popular in the Olympic Games held by the Eternals. To the Eternals of Eyung, combat was the most important event in their society, and the Over-Mind was selected due to his being the "Champion of Champions" in battle. The alien Chosen also make use of gladiator competitions, not only to pit their Rejects against each other for amusement, but as a means of profit for those who wager on them. - Fantastic Four#115, Eternals (v.1)#8-10, Eternals Annual#1, Thor#287, Quasar#12, X-Factor#45, 49-50

Glomm Deviant follower of Dulpus. Glomm's body contains only one organ, and he can re-shape himself, usually to smother his opponents. Dulpus sent Glomm into battle with the Avenger Warbird to defend his honor, but Warbird defeated him by assaulting his single organ. Later, Glomm joined the Deviant army that aided the Avengers in repelling Kang's invasion force. -Avengers (v.3)#42-44, 52

Goads Robotic barbs, coated with a drug. Goads are used in the gladiator games held by the alien Chosen in order to force the combatants to attack each other. -X-Factor#45

Godstalker Construct designed by the Celestials. The Godstalker's first mission was to destroy Tantalus, but it mistook Tantalus' son- the hero Blackwulf II- for him. Ultimately, it allowed his essence to bond with Blackwulf II's staff, the Shadowlance, so that he could use it's power to slay Tantalus. At some later date, it separated itself from the Shadowlance and took over guardianship of the Desecration Annex. The Godstalker's energies come from the bodies of all those contained within the Annex. It has the power to fold space and time, making it nearly impossible to harm. It also wields a staff that fires energy blasts. -Blackwulf#6-9, Captain Marvel (v.2)#4-5

Heinrich Goertz Served as Kro's propoganda minister while he ruled Prussland. -Red Raven Comics#1

"Golden One" Apt nickname Ransak gave to Thena. -New Eternals#1

Golem Another name for a Gatherer.

Goliath Name that Gigantus was first called by in his attack on the surface world. -Journey into Mystery#63

Robin Goodfellow Popular character in fictional literature of the Victorian era, inspired by Sprite. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#12

Gorgilla Large Mutate resembling a gorilla, released by the Deviants on Midnight Mountain in Borneo. Gorgilla is actually a kind primate, but has been influenced by Brain-Mines in the past. Dr. Druid befriended the creature after Kro forced him to rampage on New York City, and Gorgilla aided the Monster Hunters against the Lizard Men. Recently, Gorgilla was teleported to New York City by the sorcerer Yandroth, where he fought the Avengers. -Tales to Astonish#12, 18, Weird Wonder Tales#21, Marvel Universe#4-7, Defenders (v.2)#1

Gor-Tok Leader of the Gortokians who led them into revolt against the Deviants, and later mated with Thera. His descendent, Grotesk, is the only Gortokian still living. -X-Men (v.1)#41, Avengers Annual#20

Gort Deviant Mutate with large teeth. Brutus sent him to battle the Hulk, but the Hulk was less than impressed.

"Klaatu, Barada, Nitko!"
-Incredible Hulk Annual#17

Gort Neanderthal experimented on by Taras Vol 20,000 years ago, giving him a greatly enhanced lifespan. Gort follows his fellow neanderthal One-Eye, because he doesn't like thinking for himself. He participated in the theft of Cole's most valuable treasure, but was defeated by Cable. -Cable#96

Gortokians Race of slaves bred by the Deviants as workers following the fall of Lemuria. They ultimately revolted against the Deviants, led by Gor-Tok. The Gortokians split again, when part of their number turned to worship the demon Cha'Sa'Dra, becoming the Lava Men. In modern times, almost all of the Gortokians were killed when human scientists tested an atomic weapon above their kingdom. Grotesk is the only Gortokian still living. -X-Men (v.1)#41

Gouger Deviant weapon of war. A "Gouger" uses waves of energy to drill through substances, permitting Deviants to assault the surface world. Warlord Kro employed one in his attack upon the Carmody Institute. -Marvel: The Lost Generation#10

Gracelet Advanced form of Deviant mind-control, far superior to a Brain-Mine. It has the appearance of an ordinary bracelet, and puts the wearer completely under Deviant control. Ghaur used a Gracelet on Sersi to make her assume the form of Margo Damian. -Eternals (v.2)#11

Grant Institute of Medical Research Laboratory which employed Dr. Ruth Holden and Dr. Ralph Rand. -Captain America Comics#2

Grav Rocket Engine used in propulsion for vessels used by the Eternals. A discus thrown from Olympia by an Eternal participating in the Olympics destroying the Grav Rocket of Zuras' Flagship, causing its destruction.-Thor#287

Graw Alien Reject, member of the Njeak Clan. Graw fought Marvel Girl during a war between the Rejects and the Chosen. -X-Factor#43

Michael Gray Name Makkari assumed for the expedition to find Dr. Clay in Matto Grosso. -Captain America Comics#2. Dr. Rand, however, thought his alias was "Michael Jupiter".

Dr. Horace Grayson Brilliant scientist of the 1930s who, fearing the rise of Adolf Hitler, looked for a way to escape his planet. After contacting the Eternals of Uranus, who wished to study his mortality, Grayson was given the technology needed for building a rocket ship which he flew to Uranus alongside his little son, Robert. On Uranus, Dr. Grayson was welcomed with open arms, and his son Robert became the hero Marvel Boy, with the Quantum Bands they had found. Years later, but wishing to die, the Uranians allowed Deathurge to slay them, and Grayson died at the same time. -Marvel Boy#1, Quasar#2

The Great Abyss Deviant equivalent of hell. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

The Great Cataclysm The destructive attack of the Celestials which sunk Atlantis and Lemuria, and led to the Great Flood. -Eternals (v.2)#1, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, Cable#96

The Great Flood Catastrophe that turns up in many of earth's myths and legends. It was caused during the time of the 2nd Host of Celestials, when, offended by the attack of the Deviants and their lording over the humans, they sunk Atlantis and Lemuria and flooded most of the world. Only an ark full of humans, led by Utnapishtim, escaped the holocaust and were led to dry land with the aid of Ikaris, whom they mistook for a bird. Thena believed Kro to have been slain by the flood. -Eternals (v.1)#2

The Great Hall of Hurot Location in the Deviant kingdom of Lyonesse where the Peacekeepers often met. Tantalus served them the remains of Blackwulf there. -Blackwulf#2

The Great Mother Alias Cybele and Gaea are both known by. -Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3.

The Great One Alternate title used in reference to the Prime Eternal. -Eternals (v.1)#5

The Great Rift Refers to the time when Thanos began to led his armies against the people of Titan, causing Mentor to exile him from that sphere. -Iron Man#55

The Green Death Plague that Kro brought to Matto Grosso. -Captain America Comics#2

General Greshkov Soviet General and associate of Colonel Vulcanin. As Nezarr passed through Russia, Greshkov determined to launch an attack. Anticipating their intentions, Nezarr created an illusion in the minds of Greshkov and his men, making them believe that their atomic missile fired, then turned back at them. The resulting trauma put all them into comas. -Eternals (v.1)#11

Gronk "Is that your name, or a stomach disorder?" Karkas, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

A pale, yellow humanoid of unknown origin, possibly Deviant. Gronk possesses superhuman strength, and the ability to adhere to objects with his touch. Gronk served as one of Maelstrom's minions, and perished at least once, but was saved by Maelstrom's cloning techniques. He participated in the capture of Karkas and Ransak from Olympia and the successful attempt at reviving Maelstrom. -Marvel Two-In-One#71-72, Avengers#250, Quasar#22, 25, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10

Groovy Ghoulies 1970's animated television program featuring humourously grotesque monsters. Everett K. Ross compared the Deviants to them. -Black Panther (v.3)#26

Grotesk Gor-Tok, prince of the Gortokian people. Following the test of an atomic device above his home realm, all of Grotesk's people were slain, including his father King Krono and his wife Princess Ingar. Enraged against the surface world, Grotesk has fought the X-Men and Ms. Marvel. During the Mole Man's war with the Deviants, Grotesk led the Lava Men alongside him, but ultimately switched sides. Grotesk possesses superhuman strength and resistance to injury far greater than that of his people. -X-Men (v.1)#41-42, Ms. Marvel#6, Avengers Annual#20, Avengers West Coast Annual#6, Thor#481

Grottu Enormous ant produced through the Deviant Mutate stockpiles. Grottu possessed the power to command other ants, and attempted an attack on Mombasa, but was slain by the intrepid Monster Hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone. -Strange Tales#73, Fantastic Four Unlimited#7, 9, Marvel Universe#4

Gyrotronic Coordinator Computer console used aboard vessels created by the Eternals, including Zuras' Flagship. Sersi turned the Gyrotronic Coordinator in Zuras' flagship into a display of roses, an act Thena did not appreciate. -Thor#287

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