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The Best Fake Gundam Site
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This Kid's a Queer
The Enigma - Ranny Forsythe
2001: A Year In Review
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Clarke and Garrett:
We are mentally retarded.
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Webcam Conference 2002!
B-Day Pics!!

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Click here to try to win the award
We Won Awards Because We Are F***ing Hilarious, That's Their Words Not Ours
And if they didn't say that 'per say,' that's what they meant to say.  Say-say.
eXposed Homosexuals
Garrett's Metal Detection Academy
The Specialized Olympics
Clarke's roommate Gweg
The Gang Wars
Hymen Times 3
Olympics Opening Ceremonies
Olympic Updates:
*Olympic snowboarders are impressed with the addition of Electrified barbed wire to the half pipe.
*Vince McMahon has begun his campaign to create the X-Olympics which he claims, "Will be just like the normal Olympics, except a lot of people will die."
*Olympic announcer Bob Costas has been arrested for declaring last Friday 'Porn Day,' because he, "watched a butt-load of porn that day."
*With the whole scandal that is taking place in ice skating, we here at Too Far To Care have taken a stance: less figure skating, more Tonya Harding whacking people with crowbars.
* The winner of this year's gold medal for hotness has got to go to the Mexican Bobsled team.  Spicyyy!!!
* For those who haven't already heard, the Olympic gold medal for figure skating was given to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of Black History Month.
Here's some awards that we wanted to win but they wouldn't let us.  So...we stole them.
Entertainment News 3
Garrett's Job Update
Site Updates:
The Clarke and Garrett are taking a break from making pages for a while.  For our fans, this doesn't mean taht we don't love you.  It means we hate you.  We will be back someday...with the greatest new pages you have ever seen.

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