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Monday, September 26, 2005

I've got rashes on my chest! it's so damn itchy and red. sigh.. think it's because of the heat in Singapore~ Just hang up w dearie. Miss him so much. i'm reallie glad he's nice to me. I'll make sure he'll not regret his decision to be w me. hehe.. anyways, i Went parkway with my mummy today. Went to buy some food stuffs to bring back to aussie. Bought a polo tee too! cheap cheap! After that i headed down to TMCC for a short swim! dearie was the cause of it! i chatted w him online that's why i ended up arriving the club late! hehe. Came back and took a 3 hour nap!
Yesterday stayed home the whole day. lucky foen called me out at 1am ask me to go out have supper! hehe. so his friends and i went to the nearby cafe for drinks.. chatted till 3am before leaving. Its great to catch up w friends you havent seen a long time! =)
Tomorrow's my last day in Singapore! gotta meet up w Fabian's mum and chinaman's sister to get stuffs from them. I have a hair appointment at 4pm. Then maybe meeting teeyu for dinner. gotta print some notes as well.. sigh.. so much things to do! oh, valuair has closed down i think. They cancelled my booking!! so i had to rebook my flight today for SQ! well, at least im arriving earlier! hehe. can see dearie earlier.. =)) alrights, i gtg take a shower and a smoke. see ya guys! muacks!

Love me ... * 10:45 PM

Saturday, September 24, 2005

AT LAST!!! i went Swimming! went to TMCC for a 2 hour swim and tanning session! haha.. Went to Bugis w mummy today.. bought a few stuffs!! Met up w Pearl lin and Teeyu yesterday in town! was fun.. i bought lotsa stuffs!! Bought a new voodoo dolls bikini~! expensive but nice. heh.
Gonna wake up early tomorrow to catch the afternoon sun! GOnna tan at the lawn~! hehe.. i wanna be tanned!!
Last few nights have been talking to my baby on the phone. Miss him so much~! Call him once in a while in the day when i reallie wanna hear his voice. heh. But i just wanna make a public apology to him. think i made him upset just now.. sigh.. I trust you my baby. =) huggies!
gonna cut my hair, aint sure if i should colour.. maybe i shouldnt. hehe. and FABIAN, you jia you! haha. Stop peeking at my blog too!! hahahahaha! *kiddin* miss you guys there at aust.. =p *huggs

Love me ... * 10:51 PM

Thursday, September 22, 2005

i hate the rain. I cant go swimming, cant go out shopping, cant go Sun-tanning! this is reallie a waste of my time! I wanna go back to PERTH! right now! I just cant wait to meet up w Tee yu and Pearl lin tomorrow for shopping and chat!! heh. i wanna go get lotsa dresses!! Difei told me where to get pretty Dresses. hehe! shit i cant wait to get new clothes! havent been shopping. sigh..
and i miss my boy. =(

Love me ... * 8:58 PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Welcome myself back to Singapore! I'm so tired. Didn't really Sleep well on the plane, turbulence and shit. Gonna take a nic elong nap soon! but kinda have the urge to go swimming!! hopefully i can enjoy myself here.. =) i'm missing someone now.. sigh.. cant wait to go back..
Well, yesterday around 10pm, Chris, Adrian, CIndy, Chris Ang, Darryl, Justin and David went to the airport with me! the flight was delayed for more than an hour. I'm grateful to them cos they accompanied me for so long. had a hard time packing up my room again! Left all my softies with Chris. Hope he will take good care of them!
Went to the beach w Justin on Monday. Yes, just the 2 of us. how boring you must say! but we both got tanner!! hehe. After that, i went back home, bathed and went down to Tiamo to meet CIndy. Then Louis came, then Chris Ang came down too. After that, Chinaman came to pick me up for dinner at northbridge! oh well.. missing Perth now. heh.
cant wait to go to the nearest shopping centre! i wanna go get alot of stuffs later after my nap! nights peeps!

Love me ... * 9:46 AM

Sunday, September 18, 2005

My stomach feels unwell! sigh. Slept at around 7Am last night and woke up at 3 Plus in the afternoon. Took a bath before heading down to Hungry Jacks with Chris to get early dinner for the rest. Came back watched Full Metal Alchemist while munching in my delicious dinner! hehe. I feel like going back to Singapore!! gonna call to book my flight soon. hehe. Miss sunny singapore.
Anyway, last night was fun! a big group of us headed down to king's park to celebrate Mooncake Festival! HEaded down around 12AM and went back about 2 plus.. But the weather was unpredictable! rained and stopped a couple of times. But still the lantern carrying was fun. hehe. And not to mention, the beer was great. =))
Enjoy the pics..

Love me ... * 10:39 PM

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm so tired. Just got back from "Makan Makan" with CHinaman, justin, Fabian, Chris, Isaac, Adam and Chris Ang. This afternoon went to the beach with a big group of pple.. it was so hot. the water was Freezing! it was fun!! hehe.
Went for Dinner with Kong. Then went King's park for a while.. Went back to Trinity to have a chat then went to find Louis and Chris Ang.
Tomorrow might be going Dim Sum. Then at night ain't sure going where. Hopefully go somewhere to chill w drinks. hehe.. Holidays are here!! yeahhh!!!

Love me ... * 1:57 AM

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Been a long time since i last updated. hehe. Here Goes:

Sunday : Missed Lunch again! Went out for Dinner and Bubbletea w Kong. Came back, chatted a while then he left.

Monday : Went Golf in the evening w Leon. Saw kong there too. Came back to college, Had Dinner! Thenw ent over to Trinity to find Louis, Aaren and Kong Individually. then went to Tiamo with Aaren to meet Adam, Chris, Isaac, Darryl and Chris Ang. Sat till about 11am then we walked back.

Tuesday : Went out for Dinner with Chinaman, Chris, Adam, Nic, adrian and Jean. Had a filling chinese dinner. Then Chinaman and Nic went to play a round of Billard. Then the rest of us went Gelare for Ice-cream! Then came back to college, slacked around. I watched Grey's anatomy. Its an alright Series. Watched Some stupid movies as well. Not worth mentioning titles. heh.

Wednesday : WOke up super late. Missed Dinner. Watched Jeeper creepers 2 and 2 guys and a girl Series.. Then went to sing KTV with Chris, Adrian, Charlene and Adam. Sang till about 12 plus, came back to college then went to help Push Chris's car back to college. Was fun. Came back, Chinaman went to Macs to buy Supper for all of us.. Ate and watch Final Fantasy Anime for a while then continued my Grey's Anatomy series. hehe. Sleeping after the show.. tired.. sigh. I've been sleeping to much.. I think it's time for me to start muggin! =) to end, Life sucks.

Love me ... * 1:33 AM

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ball was great fun! Took alot alot of pics man!! I've got so much to share! Well.. Yesterday afternoon, Isaac, Fabian and I went to do our hair near by! then we went back to college to dress up. I went over to Cindy's room to do make up for myself and the others! Then when the time was here, all of us went to the bus which sent us to Novotel Hotel. Had some pre-drinks too. The whole night there was dancing and drinking and photo-taking! cool Scene. Everyone was pretty and handsome! haha. Then At midnight, we took the bus back to college.. Chinaman and the others went to the Casino after that. but i stayed in COllege! i was too tired.. Had a chat w some other friends. Then had Macs for supper at around 5am in the morning. Slept from 6 till 1pm today. Wasn't tired at all!
Then Chris an I went to the supermarket and went Broadway to have our lunch cum dinner. Came back, i realised my door was locked!! i thought it was Shiwei who played a prank on me! but no. My door was reallie spoilt!! My dress for my formal dinner was in my room! the guys Tried banging my door open but it didn't work! In the end, Chris, David and Shiwei Screwed open the window and i climbed through it. The whole process took like almost 30 mins. Lucky i had my make-up w me, so i did my Make-up first. hehe. Then went down to have Dinner. Took some pics again!! hehe.. After the formal dinner, Adrian, CHris, Adam and I went down to Tea-cafe for coffee. Till about 11pm ,then we finally came back. =) Going to joint he guys for a movie now.. tata. and Enjoy the pics..

Love me ... * 1:33 AM

Friday, September 09, 2005

Woo hoo! ball's today! cant wait.. hehe.. But i still dun like the Gown i'm gonna wear. eeks. Oh well.. no choice.. Just had some noodles and played Golf on Play station with Douglas. hehe, i'm good at this game ok. Then delivered noodles to my lazy neighbour, Chris! Was over at Cindy's room earlier on looing at the girls do their Nails and Wax their legs. hehe.. Went to the City w Chinaman, Chris, Isaac and Jean. Had Korean food for lunch.. Then Jean and i Went shoppin on our own.. I tried alot of dresses again! i love them all!! man, i reallie love the cute black cocktail dress i saw. thining of getting it. Bleah. Even the guys think its nice. hehe.. Went to bodyshop to have a look at Make-up and got a eye make over! haha.. it was pretty nice..! Came back to college and had dinner.. Then slept from 8-10Pm. Then Jean and Ruth came over to my rom to have a chat and look at stuffs.. Now ita almost morning!! and i still cant slp.. sigh..
Wednesday afternoon, the few of went to the city again.. The guys needed to get a suit.. so we just tagged along. Had Jap dinner. It was the most filling dinner!! I had a sashimi all to myself.. hehe.. Greedy me. =( Then came back.. Adrain jio us go drink coffee in town.. So Chris, Adam and I went down together.. chatted till about 11pm then we left. Came back, Watched SpaceBall. Reallie stupid old show..
While smokin, Adam, Isaac and I were making fun of someone and making up reallie funny stories. We laughed till we had cramps.. haha.. silly Adrian is one funny guy too.. heh. okies.. gonna do some other stuffs.. tta..

Love me ... * 5:20 AM

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

its so late already. sigh. Havent been sleeping early.. argh.. I just cant Sleep. Did my Laundry just now at 1AM. haha.. what a time right? Well, chatting to Pearl Lin on MSN now.. We've got so much to update each other!! *miss you babe.
This afternoon i had Laksa for Lunch! haha. Then went Northbrudge with Chris, Adrian and Adam. to return the VCDs. Then went to Tiamo again for food. I had the nest Mus cake! not forgetting its warm w Ice cream too! hehe. Chris, cindy and Darryl Joined us afterwards.
Gonna get my hair done at a salon for the ball this friday. now i'm only thinking about how im gonna do my make up.. kekez. alrights its getting reallie late... gotta slp., hugzz

Love me ... * 3:52 AM

Monday, September 05, 2005

my whole body is aching!! Missed Lunch today. =( So i waited patiently for dinner to come while playing Zoo Tycoon. Pretty addictive in the beginning but now i'm totally sick of it. trying to find something new to play. I vacuumed my room just now. WHen i opened up the Cleaner, it was full of dirt. it was a disgusting sight. I didn't noe my room was so dirty!! oh well, its pretty clean now. hehe.
Last night, i went down to Tiamo for coffee w the 2 Chris and Aaren. Then Chris and i went to Macs to tabao for the fat Chris(Cindy's Chris) hehe! Then came back to college.. Cindy came to my room. We chatted while waiting for Chris to come eat his food. And that was nearly 1.30AM when he finally reached!! Then both of the Chris Plus me and Cindy watched "Whose line is it anyway". IT was damn FUNNY!!!!! gonna catch another movie before i sleep. Huggies. -gonez for a smoke-

Love me ... * 10:26 PM

Sunday, September 04, 2005

owww.. Went SHopping with Cindy, Aeris, Jean and Fabian yesterday! I had plenty of morning calls from them!! and i slept for only 4 hours!! =( well shopping was good. I bought a pair of Heels which cost $60! ex. but anyway i needed a pair of heels. Bought a mink pants and a cheap top! hehe.. Then Jean and i went to the City to look for our ball dress. She got hers but i didn't. the dresses i were attracted to was too expensive.. but beautiful! Sigh. Then Chris, Nicholas and Darryl came to the city to look for us. Walked around.. Then the guys went to eat, we continued shopping! Then i decided to pierce my already closed navel again. It didn't hurt as ususl, but it bleed! That piercer was horrible! She was so rough, she didn't talk to me, she was so unfriendly and lastly she didnt do a good job!! how can my navel bleed? it didnt happen the first time i did it! but yeha, the pain and bleeding's all gone.. and i'm one happy girl again. Next up, i'm gonna tattoo! lalala.. yes you heard me! my babes all have pretty fairy tattoo. i wanna join the "fairy club"! =)) We slacked at a bubble tea house for a while before heading back home.
Today: Awakened By Chinaman's phone call. He asked us to go for Dim Sum! so i woke up immediatally, tried so hard wakin up the lazy pig.. he refuses to wake up! but finally managed to get him up. So we had a quick shower (which i still felt super dirty after the shower) and then we left. It was a great lunch, i had my fill.. =) all of us did. AFter that, Chris and I went to play golf. Then headed down to Osbourne Park wanting to shop at Suupre for a while but it was closed already! Not forgetting, we lost our way. Obviously the street directory wasn't of much help. =/ oh well.. then we went to a Petrol Kiosk. Vacummed his car and sprayed some nice smelling thingie.. it was so fun!! then I pumped petrol! at last i could pump petrol! The last time i did, i failed. *Bleah* Then we headed down to the Supermarket. I got some rubbish.. I'm just trying to waste my money on unneccessary stuffs. Then went to take-away hungry Jacks for dinner! Came back home and watched The rules of Attraction. Its a really stupid show with no story line at all. BUT some parts were interesting and hilarious.
and i forgot to mention this. Last night, i played this film that we borrowed few days back. Its kinda like a porn film. and guess what. i fell asleep like after 15 mins of the show? it was mundane! Boring! made me sleepy!!! and i fell asleep about 830am and i woke up at 2AM!! My gastric was actin up again! so i had to get supper! called almost everyone, but some were busy playin games and mahjong! Luckily Chris, being a nice man, agreed to get supper for the few of us. hehe. So we went Chinatown to take away some chinese food.. yummy.. Watched another chinese show when i was back then slept at about 7am.. =) and yes i slept only 5 hours! i need my sleep. I intend to sleep at 2am or 3am today. hehe.. Did my nails just now.. gettin prep for the ball which is 6 days away! yeah! Alrights, think i've mentioned enough.. and please visit www.rockson.blogspot.com! its a good blog!!! laugh your hearts out. nights.

Love me ... * 12:51 AM

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