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Jan 04 Angie Hernandez-
Santiago and              Cecille Hernandez Pamamul
Jan 08 Chita Almeda (BSC 69)
Jan 10 Trinidad Yupangco-Sendaydiego and Avelina Arellano-de la Rosa (BSC 69)
Jan 12 Teresita domingo-Ng
Jan 14 Mely Calma-Sol, Eca Que-Gonzales and Ms. Marionette Ocampo-Martinez (Eng. Teacher)
Jan 15 Socorro Ramoso-Gomez
Jan 26 Aurora Fama (BSC 69)
Jan 30 Juliet Llagas-Cruz (AB 69)

HOME HS DAYS (GOLDEN GIMMICKS: BEF 2001 2001 2002 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2003 1 2 3 4 5   2004 1 2 (DC 1 2 3 4) FAM ALBUM  I 2 3 Vigil House 1 2 3
  December 13 - Christmas party  at Beth Sison-Tagle's
  residence in White Plains.  The class also  welcomed Yoly Cruz-
  Eisenstein who in town for a short visit,, and toasted the Oct.,
  Nov, and Dec. birthday
  September 10 - dinner get-together at Cocoi Andal's United
   Paranaque residence, for the
August and September birthday
and also to toast our balikbayan classmates, Iris and
We request our
classmates to join the
intercessory prayers of
daily at 9 PM.
e the raer to help us      
Angelina Balce,Corazon
Isidoro Repollo,
Navas Coscolluela,
Flordeliza Orquiola
Escobar and Lulu
Siochi- Aberion(AB69)
Nancy Guevarra
Arleen Baylon (BSC69)
Estrella Gomez-Lopez
Help build a dream....
We pray for our
Heavenly Father's
choicest  blessings for
October Feast Days
June 01 - Some FilGGs Joined Agnes Torres-Condez and her
family, for a breakfast meeting with Cardinal Rosales at his
residence in Arzobispado.  
May 26-29 - US GG's "Memorial Day Weekend Mini Reunion"
at Yoly Cruz-Eisenstein's residence in Long Beach, California.
organized and coordinated by Lynn Umali-Ledesma. 
    Nancy Guevarra-Narciso -- President
    Millie Braganza ------------  Vice President
    Eca Que-Gonzales ---------- Treasurer
    Malu Reynoso ---------------  Secretary
    Mercy Ochoa-Opinion ----   Auditor
    Maria Lansi-Cohon -------    IT Officer
We pray to God to bless
you too, our website
We also pray for God's
blessings for family,
friends, and for you too
our website visitor.
"We were all teary-eyed upon seeing our dear sisters helpless and really wanting for attention.  Sr. Josefa would not let go my hand and kept asking me to come back to visit her.  I had a hard time fighting back tears as I remember how she was when she was our Dean of the commerce Department.  I strongly suggest to all of the Paulinians to plan at least a half day visit to the Vigil House whenever they are in Manila. You will understand and see the reason why it really is important to work together and build the new Vigil House."
-Sol Balda Ilagan, Pres., Paulinian Global foundation, Inc.
USA Donations: 2328 Deckman Lane, Silver Spring MD 20906
Philippine Donations:
Sisters of St. Paul of Chartes, Our lady of Chartes Convent, P.O.Box 1065, 1870 Antipolo City
  We also pray for
  classmates  who have 
  gone home ahead....
           News Updates

  Feb 6                 Feb 7
  First                   First
  Friday                Saturday

Our Class EGROUP was born on 22 June 2001, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We started with just a few members.  It took a lot of detective work to locate missing classmates, but after a spell, the efforts paid off, and email volume within the loop swelled to as high as 50++ emails per day!  What else would you have expected - some of us haven't seen or heard from one another in thirty-odd years!  Eventually, this tapered to a more sedate level, but not before complaints were heard about "tidal waves" of emails flooding members' inboxes.
Our classmates have been having a swell time revivifying their glorious youth, and swapping stories, jokes, recipes and photos through the loop. Discussions dwell on just about anything and everything under the sun,, but prayer and intercessions always take special priority.

Off the loop,too, us Golden Girls, have been holding regular reunions, get-togethers-cum-prayer-sessions... (please see Golden Gimmicks or Chronicles).  Seems we just can't get enough, especially with Lahla Pascual Laforteza around. She has brought a lot of joy and laughter to our get-togethers, for she can certainly outdo some of our  better known stand-up comediennes.
Our heartfelt gratitude to Ana Agdinaoay Tadena of SPCM-HS75 who's been a real godsend and who came along at just the right time to give me much needed encouragement and technical support, not just at the onset of our egroup but up to the present.  Many thanks too, to webmaster Jen for allowing me to use her logo and banner in our Alma Mater's website.

For our CLASS DIRECTORY ,which is incorporated into the egroup website, a major part of the credit must go to Socorro (Corrie) Mendoza Dichoso, who painstakingly did the basic spadework over a number of years, tracking down, locating and recording the addresses and phone numbers of classmates - all this well before the advent of the internet and email.  Mention may be made of the fact that, for the longest time, Corrie has also been our resident reunion director, town crier and walking-obituary-cum-medical-bulletin rolled into one.
The database compiled by Corrie was expanded and encoded by me  and uploaded into our egroup website.  Since then, many of our clasamates have been pitching in to help locate missing classmates, update and adjust entries, and so forth.  Particular mention may be made of Elizabeth Pineda- Concepcion, whom we fondly refer to as our very own Sherlock Homes, for tracing some of our classmates overseas.  Her enthusiasm and gung-ho spirit have over the months infected the whole class. Nancy Guevarra Narciso, our Maurice Arcache aka Barbara Walters aka celebrity reporter of the tres chic SPCM65 socialites, followed suit and was able to trace more or less 24 of our missing classmates in just a matter of weeks.
Susan de Jesus Ongoco, tagged as our Recipe Queen because of her being able to come up with recipes at a moment's notice, came in and took care of our Recipe Files, The In-Between-Years File and the Resume File.

Meantime, on account of space limitations in the Photo section of our egroup, Beth initiated the establishment of a website in MyFamily.com, to accommodate more of our vintage photos as well as more recent pictorials.

Our Class WEBSITE was supposed to have been created together with our egroup.  But I did not realize that the egroup alone would occupy most of my time from its inception to the present.  So I decided to defer creating the website.
Ana was privy to this, as she had been encouraging me to do the website.  So, gracious as ever, she created for us a beautiful '65 webpage in their '75 website.
Even as I am grateful for that, I felt that it might put undue pressure on her to maintain it for us.  So again with the Sacred's Heart's inspiration, on His feastday, 07 June 2002, I was  able to conceptualize and launch our website homepage.
- Maria L.Cohon, ocds
April 27 - PhilGGs joined Sol Balda-Ilagan and Sr. Nieves in
visiting the new wing (guests' wing) of the
SP Pasig's nuns'                 quarters, the nearly-finished Vigil House in Taytay and the                beautifully conceptualized museum (Heritage Center) at the SPC   novitiate in Antipolo (a must-see).
Oct 23 - PGFI's 2nd Annual East Coast Fundraising Event,
Dinner/Dance/Basil Valdez Concert. 
It was a well-attended event
and  honored with the presence of
Amabassador Alberto del
Rosario and Sr. Mary Magdalene.
Sr. Cyril would like to
thank everyone in our
class who had been
helping her sustain her
scholars (the children of
poor farmers) at the
Bogo-Medellin, Cebu,
all these years.
Sr. Cyril has recently been
transferred to
, 432 Quirino
Ave., La Huerta 1700
Paranaque, c/o tel. no.
820-6943 or 826-3116.
Sept 26 - Sol Balda-Ilagan HS65, president of the Paulinian global Foundation, Inc., led the SPC East Coast alumnae in their fundratising drive for PGFI projects, via their first Inter-Batch dinner/Dance Reunion which was held a the Ft.Myer community Center in Arlington, VA.
(Feedback from PGFI Pres., Sol Balda-Ilagan and VP, Florina
.) View messages from Sr. Mary Magdalen Torres
Phil. Ambassador Albert del Rosario.
'80 Webmaster and PGFI
Chona Dizon
, invites you
to visit the

for the
latest updates on the
foundation's projects.
Phil News: MB   Inq7.net ABS-CBN
HOME HS DAYS (GOLDEN GIMMICKS: BEF 2001 2001 2002 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2003 1 2 3 4 5   2004 1 2 2005 1 (DC 1 2 3 4) FAM ALBUM  I 2 3 Vigil House 1 2 3
Thank you for visiting our website.  Please don't forget to sign our guestbook to let us know you were here. 
-Maria (Marilyn Lansi) Cohon ocds,  webkeeper. 
Copyright 2002-2005. All rights reserved.
Mira Bulchand
Rosario Caparros
Nora Completo
Jane Ruth Galan
Teresita Jaucian
Clotilde Kabigting
Carmen McFerran
Ma. Rosario Mempin
Milagros Munoz
Daranee Ngernwichit
Evelyn Pedro
Rosemarie Querubin
Perla Rafael
Mercedes Suarez
Ida Sudojo
A meeting was held at the J Building Auditorium of the World Bank with Sr. Mary Magdalen Torres, SPC Phil. Provincial Superior;  Sr. Eva Fidela Maamo, President of the Foundation for Our Lady of Peace Mission, Inc.; and Sr. Zeta Rivero, Cebu Perpetual Help Hospital Administrator. They are visiting the US 6 Sept to 3 Oct, to solicit help  1. to set up an out-patient clinic with counseling center in Baguio City, 2. to establish a pastoral center in  Quezon City for sexually abused children and women and 3. to build a new Vigil House for the old SPC sisters.  This affair was coordinated and arranged by Sol Balda Ilagan and the WB/IMF Filipino Association, and IN TANDEM WITH the rest of the Paulinian family.
Our classmates who attended the meeting, unanimously opted to support the project to build a new Vigil House. Voted to head  this undertaking  were: Pres.-Sol Balda Ilagan, VP-Nina Galang Reynoso, Sec-Susan de Jesus Ongoco and Treas-Delia Hernandez Alladin.     Vigil House Updates:  HA65   Ana's Summary       
St. Paul College of Manila
High School 1965 and College 1969
We are proud to have June Keithley-Castro, one of the EDSA Revolution heroes, as our batchmate. But more so, because she is Mama Mary's champion.
Jan 04 - PGFI President Sol Balda-Ilagan and 3 other GGs joined
Sr. Nieves
in visiting the new Notre Dame Diagnostic and Pastoral Care Center in Baguio. It is one of the beneficiaries of the fundraising activities of the PGFI -Nancy Guevarra Narciso (below)
This WEBSITE and its precursor the Yahoo! EGROUP have been created to enable the members of the coolest graduating class from SPCM to re-establish communications and disseminate information, renew old ties, relive the best of times, and ultimately, move forward, fully alive in the present moment and securely confident of each other's unconditional friendship and support.
We entreat our classmates to help make this website a truly dynamic center for fellowship, support and common enterprise, relevant to the times and in accord with Christian and Paulinian ideals.
Dec 07 - Interbatch reunion at the Long Beach house of Yoly Cruz
Eisenstein f
or Sr. Mary George Siriban and Sr. Nieves Cueto.
Nov 23
- Cocoi Andal organized a get-together  at Irene Dumawal
Alzate's Handaan Phil. Cuisine Restaurant
to discuss arrange-
ments for the West Coast visit of
Srs. Nieves and Mary George.
22 Nov -Sr.Mary George Siriban and Sr. Nieves Cueto arrived in
Washington DC and stayed  at the residence of the
Ilagans, (who are
coordinating their activities) until their departure for New York  29
Soledad Balda Ilagan hosted an intimate dinner for them and
the DCGGs where they discussed their 22Nov-16Dec
Jesus meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine.
Novena  to the Sacred Heart and  the Immaculate Heart
Jul 29 - Sr. Mary   Magdalen Torres (Sr. Provincial Superior)  and
Sr. Fe Villanueva (sister of Patsy Villanueva) arrived in Washing-
ton, DC to dialogue with the
PGFI board members,  to illucidate
further on the  SPC projects. With them in the picture  is Sol and
Merceditas Ang
(a lawyer) whose trip coincided  with  the teleconfe-
rence of the PGFI  Board members.(
Photo taken at  Shrine  of the
ImmaculateConception, 7/29
Aug  9 - As president of the Paulinian Global Fundation, Inc., Sol
Balda- Ilagan
was invited by the officers of the SPC Iloilo East
Coast  Alumni
to grace their reunion.  She talked on the objectives of
the  PGFI and its continuing activities
. The reunion held at the Shera-
ton  Hotel in New Jersey
, was attended by some  300  Paulinians.
Jan 26 - SPCM General Alumnae Homecoming.    
June 2002
   September 20-22 Grand Reunion in Washington, D.C.
Philippine  Nat'l. Anthem
Paulinian Hymn from Paulinian Global.com
Catholic Classics   
The 22Nov-16Dec US trip of Sr. Nieves and Sr. Mary George to
set up the US chapter of the non-profit  SPC Global Foundation, was
a success due to the wonderful cooperation of the Paulinian family..
Photos/movies  of the
Paulinian Interbatch  get-togethers, may be
viewed at
65GG7, Vigil House1, Ana's75 and Chona's 11/22WDC,
11/30NJ, 12/01NYC 12/07LA. and her Vigil House Dream Project
Our Scholarship
Dec 27 - Visit of Sol Balda Ilagan and other GGs, upon the invita-
tion of
Sr. Magdalen and Sr. Nieves, to SP Antiopolo.
GOLDEN GIMMICKS 2002:   PART   1    2    3    4    5   6   7    
Dec 27 - Visit of Sol Balda Ilagan and other GGs, upon the
invitation of
Sr. Magdalen and Sr. Nieves, to the Vigil House.
CCEL's Bible Online
  Vigil House
Dream Project
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Jan 22-30 Ruby Jubilee Week: 22-24 Marian Pilgrimage to Lipa
and 1day retreat at Bishop Obviar's Shrine in Tayabas, Quezon.
28-Grand Dinner at Dusit Hotel. 30-Alumni Homecoming at the
SPUM grounds.
Dec 23 - Some HS65ersCol69ers joined Sol Balda Ilagan (PGFI
and husband Lito (accompanied by Sr. Nieves Cueto),
in visiting SPC Antipolo.
According to Nancy Guevarra Narciso,
Sr. Mary Magdalen Torres,
SPC Phil. Provincial  Superior, laid out
a feast complete with lechon and presents for all the guests.
Sep 27, 2004 - Representatives of HS65 Nancy Guevarra,  Socorro
Mendoza-Dichoso and  Maria Lansi-Cohon pose with Srs. Josephine,
Bernadette, Caritas, Mary Magdalene and Agatha in the chapel during
blessing of the new Vigil House in Taytay.  A concelebrated
Mass  with
Fr. Reuter as the main celebrant was held at 2:30 PM.
Class News Updates
.                               January 2005 HS65 Ruby Anniversary 
DC REUNION  1   2   3   4    
This page was last updated:
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Jan 24 - Hi to all GGs, especially to our college'69 classmates. 

Everyone is encouraged to join this Saturday's Paulinian
Homecoming at the SPU Manila.  The Col69ers will be
celebrating their Ruby year!  As in 2005, let's aspire to have the
biggest attendance. (
Details to follow)