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  1. Put rooster in freezer to get stiff cock.
  2. Baseball wrong; man with four balls cannot walk.
  3. Virgin like balloon; one prick, all gone.
  4. Secretary becomes permanent fixture when screwed on desk.
  5. Takes many nails to build crib, but one screw to fill it.
  6. Is good to learn to masturbate; may come in handy.
  7. Man who lay woman on ground have piece on earth.
  8. Man who bounce woman on bedspring this spring have offspring next spring.
  9. Man who pull out too fast leave rubber.
  10. Girl laid in tomb may soon become mummy.
  11. Girl who marry detective must kiss dick.
  12. Passionate kiss like spider web; lead to undoing of fly.
  13. Man with holes in pockets feels cocky all day.
  14. Many men smoke but Fu Manchu
  15. Man who take lady on camping trip have on intent.