Desert Eagle .50AE

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Desert Eagle .50AE.JPG (51769 bytes)

  Desert Eagle Mark XIX


Caliber   .50 AE   Barrel Length   6 inch
Overall Length   10.75 inches   Weight   4 lb, 6.2 oz
Rifling   1:18 inches RH   Magazine Capacity   7

A hand cannon.  That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this.  The second thing to come to mind is pain.  The day after I got this, I went out to the shooting range to get a feel for how it shoots.  I took a box of 20 (which cost $25 btw), and could only get through 10.  Even though this weapon is heavy, it still has an ass-ton of recoil.  After 7 shots, my wrists were killing me, and after 10, I decided to give in to the pain and stop.  But, push come to shove, if I ever have to wield this weapon (and it is my second choice in terms of home defense, see Llama Mini Max for my first), I doubt I'll have to fire it more than twice.   If the guy doesn't run away screaming after he hears this cannon fire, he's either in shock or dead.